Having a Sex Life With Erectile Dysfunction

March 2, 2010

  Maintaining A Sex Life With Erectile Dysfunction

    Research indicates the all too obvious to many marriages, that 50% of men between the ages of 40 and 70 suffer from Erectile Dysfunction to some degree.  In spite of the many TV commercials for pharmaceutical relief, a large percentage of men have not consulted their physicians about this syndrome.  It is if their manhood has been taken away from them and they are ashamed to seek help.  Since many physicians are also men, there is a good old boys network with the understanding similar to Clinton’s policy of; “Don’t ask, don’t tell.  As a result there remains far too little screening for ED.

     This is a shame because ED is like the canary in the coal mine.  It is an early warning precursor to heart disease and heart attacks.  One of the principal causes is low testosterone.  It works sort of like male menopause.  Like menopause, it can be treated with hormone therapy.  Testosterone can be administered by patch, gel or injections.

     In addition, to Viagra, there is Levitra and Cialis.  Cialis has the advantage of a longer open time for effective treatment.  In clinical Trials these drugs treat effectively 50-65% of men at about $10 per pill.  That still leaves a fairly large percentage of men for which the drugs don’t work for.

     There is a shot that can be administered directly to the penis with an ultra fine needle that works in about 10-15 minutes.  It is not very painful at all.  The injection claims about 65% effective rates. That still leaves about 35% of men who are not helped and feeling helpless and emasculated.

     I have designed a treatment that is for the rest of the men for whom treatments don’t work.  It is virtually effective 100% of the time in resulting in an orgasm with or without an erection. You buy the industrial strength power tool vibrator called the Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator.  You place the bulb of the vibrator directly on the penis directly above the testacies and turn the machine on to high.  It works even better if you have a willing and loving partner providing oral ministrations at the same time.

If used, this technique will provide a guy an ejaculation in less than ten minutes. 

     It is imperative that a guy continue to have some form of sex life because otherwise he tends to suffer from depression.  Sex is part of the quality of life.  Men consider sex part of their being and who they are.  It should be preserved as long as possible.

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Romantic Suggestions for Men and Women to Keep the Sizzle in Your Sex Life

March 2, 2010

     One of the key things both persons in the marriage should consider is keeping their marriage fresh and avoiding boredom.  Too many couples settle into humdrum sex that is boring.  They always do it the same way, with the same techniques and at the same time of day and in the same place.  Let me ask you a question; would you like the same food and same meal at every meal?  Of course not.  It is no wonder that so many couples end up not having sex very often.  There was a time in my life that I was in a very bad place financially.  Because of that I had very little money for groceries.  As a result, I ate a lot of boxed cheap macaroni and cheese.  I got so sick of it; I never wanted to eat mac and cheese again.  For many of you, that is what your sex life has devolved to.  You need to spice it up with variation and keep it interesting.  For ideas, I have devoted this  whole chapter on romantic ideas for both of you that you have not thought about.  Use my ideas to stimulate your imagination to keep your sex life interesting.

     MEN:  You can do things around the house to keep sex interesting for your wife.  Remember, she wants to be swept off of her feet.  You need to do things that are unexpected.  You might try grabbing her anywhere in the house and plant a kiss on her that will curl her toes fondling her in the process.  Then pick her up and carry her into the dining room and lay her out on the table.  Tell her that you are going to eat her for dinner.  You then proceed to unzip those jeans and pull them off of her or hike her skirt or dress up and then remove her panties, or better yet rip them off.  You then sit down in the chair in front of her and perform oral sex on her  for an extended period and get her off 2 or 3 times.  You then take her right there on the table standing up with her legs up over your shoulders. 

WOMEN:  Pretend that you are a cat and find excuses to come and rub up against your husband.  Rub your boobs against his arm and shoulder.  It makes him feel good and reinforces to him that you are glad that you are his woman. 

MEN  If your wife is at the sink, come up behind her and wrap your arms around her and pull her hair back off of her neck and nibble on her neck.  This is a very sensitive area for a woman that will cause her go weak in the knees.  Proceed to slide your hands down her boobs cupping them and caressing them.  Slide your hand up her skirt or unzip those jeans and slide your hands inside her panties and stroke her clitoris and get her off right there at the kitchen sink.  It is very romantic.  Lose the attitude that you have to get off every time she does.  She will more sexually willing if you just give her a freebie once in a while where she does not have to put out for you.  It makes her feel pampered and special.

Women:  When he is watching football, come and sit in his lap and cuddle with him rubbing your boobs against him.  Give him a oral sex during half-time to make him feel special. 

 Men:  The next time that you take your wife out for dinner and a movie, (and you need to do that more) ask her to wear a skirt or dress.  Without letting her know it, secretly get an extra pair of panties out her panty drawer and put them in your pocket.  When you get her in the movie, caress your fingers up and down her upper thigh up under that skirt or dress.  Tease her and then slide your hand inside her panties and get her off right there in the movie theatre.  She will have to bury her head in your shoulder when she comes so as not to attract attention to what you guys are doing.  After you get her off, her panties are going to be wet.  You then surprise her and pull out the fresh dry pair of panties so that she can change into them and be comfortable during the rest of the movie.  Believe me this is going to make memories for her that she will never forget.  She will be impressed with not only your imagination and romantic notion, but that you cared about her comfort to think ahead and have a fresh pair of panties for her  to put on afterwards. 

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