Having a Sex Life With Erectile Dysfunction

  Maintaining A Sex Life With Erectile Dysfunction

    Research indicates the all too obvious to many marriages, that 50% of men between the ages of 40 and 70 suffer from Erectile Dysfunction to some degree.  In spite of the many TV commercials for pharmaceutical relief, a large percentage of men have not consulted their physicians about this syndrome.  It is if their manhood has been taken away from them and they are ashamed to seek help.  Since many physicians are also men, there is a good old boys network with the understanding similar to Clinton’s policy of; “Don’t ask, don’t tell.  As a result there remains far too little screening for ED.

     This is a shame because ED is like the canary in the coal mine.  It is an early warning precursor to heart disease and heart attacks.  One of the principal causes is low testosterone.  It works sort of like male menopause.  Like menopause, it can be treated with hormone therapy.  Testosterone can be administered by patch, gel or injections.

     In addition, to Viagra, there is Levitra and Cialis.  Cialis has the advantage of a longer open time for effective treatment.  In clinical Trials these drugs treat effectively 50-65% of men at about $10 per pill.  That still leaves a fairly large percentage of men for which the drugs don’t work for.

     There is a shot that can be administered directly to the penis with an ultra fine needle that works in about 10-15 minutes.  It is not very painful at all.  The injection claims about 65% effective rates. That still leaves about 35% of men who are not helped and feeling helpless and emasculated.

     I have designed a treatment that is for the rest of the men for whom treatments don’t work.  It is virtually effective 100% of the time in resulting in an orgasm with or without an erection. You buy the industrial strength power tool vibrator called the Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator.  You place the bulb of the vibrator directly on the penis directly above the testacies and turn the machine on to high.  It works even better if you have a willing and loving partner providing oral ministrations at the same time.

If used, this technique will provide a guy an ejaculation in less than ten minutes. 

     It is imperative that a guy continue to have some form of sex life because otherwise he tends to suffer from depression.  Sex is part of the quality of life.  Men consider sex part of their being and who they are.  It should be preserved as long as possible.

For consultation, I can be reached at marriagecoach1@yahoo.com

Or marriagecoach1.wordpress.com

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