Romantic Suggestions For Men and Women

Men:  Take a romantic shower with your wife and wash her hair for her.  It will make her feel pampered.  While you are in there, shave her legs for her.  Sure she can do it herself, but it is romantic that you do it for her.  While you are at it, shave her bikini line and armpits as well. If she has a thick bush, trim it with scissors before you get into the shower. In fact, be naughty and shave her pussy bald for some fun that will also make memories. 

Women:  Men love to look up your skirt or dress and see your panties.  Make excuses to do that often with your husband in panties that he likes to look at. (That means getting rid of those boring white nylon panties with no lace) Wear skirts and dresses often around the house.  Suppose you guys are watching TV at home.  Have a casual denim short skirt on.  Slide away and lean up against the couch arm opposite him raising your legs and spreading them giving him a great look up that skirt.  You then slide a hand down those  panties and start stroking your clitty and fingering yourself and letting him watch.  He will love it.  Go ahead and get yourself off. He is guaranteed to get excited and appreciate your efforts on his behalf.  Again it reinforces to him that you are a sexual woman and desire him.  Trust me, by the time that you have gotten yourself off, he is going to ravish your body right there on the couch.  Let him.  Change positions too.  Get up on your knees and let him stand behind him and do you doggie style.  Stop him and change positions.  By changing positions, he is not nearly so likely to come too quickly.  Get him to sit down and sit down astride him and impale yourself on his dick (penis).  You can then control the speed.  Ride him slowly so that he does not come too fast.  Pull his shirt off and lean forward and rub your naked boobs on his chest.  Change positions again where you are lying down on the couch and put your legs up on his shoulders for some really deep, hard pussy pounding.   Incorporate two of women’s favorite food groups in your love play.  Whipped cream and chocolate.  Take that chocolate syrup and squirt some on her boobs and lick it off, you can also top it off with whipped cream  for a booby split sundae instead a banana split sundae. 

Women:  For all of you who have a problem with sucking your husband’s dick (penis) this will help you to get over it.  Just imagine coating his dick with chocolate syrup, how much fun will it be to lick it off or better yet suck it off.  In fact if you keep recoating his dick with whipped cream and sucking it off, you can end up sucking him off and letting him come in your mouth and you will still be tasting the whipped cream in your mouth instead of his man cream.  You both win with this proposition. 

Men:  Send your wife flowers for no reason.  If she works, make sure that you send them to her at her place of employment.  She will not only feel special because you sent them but she will enjoy that she got them in front of her co-workers.  It will create memories give you brownie points for romance. 

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