Secrets To Internet Dating For Women

     Many of you still have not tried internet dating.  You should.  It is a realistic way to meet people of the opposite sex in an easy and safe way. It also enables you to make pre screening easy.

     The idea is that you want to attract a few good men, not tons of guys bombarding your mailbox. You do that by giving a very specific description of the man of your dreams.  The more specific the better.  You want that description to blow off guys you are not interested in dating.

     The first thing that you want to do is to sit down and make a list of the have to haves.  This list is not negotiable.  Then you give very specific want to haves.  Once you have this list complete, you want to include it in your description on line.

     You also want to feature several flattering shots of yourself, not just one picture.  Be truthful here, no fair putting old pictures on the net.  It only pisses guys off because you mislead them.

    Once you have guys emailing you, persist in emailing back and forth before giving him your cell phone number.  You could even talk to him on the IM and go on camera with the guy.  If this goes well meet him for lunch at a very public restaurant.

     If a guy brings up sex, don’t slam him.  He has probably done without for quite a while.  Cut him some slack and explain that it is too soon to talk about sex.  Often, a guy will bring up sex because he is worried that he will end up with a woman who has little interest in sex.  As long as he is not too gross or offensive, try and cut him some slack.

    Once the dating begins, he will pressure you for sex but you don’t give in, tell him that there has to be a committed relationship before there is sex.  Too many women have given sex too freely too soon only to have it blow up in their faces.  You want to make sure that this relationship is going somewhere before engaging in sex with him.  Once the sex begins, you want to get over your little girl inhibitions about what you won’t do with a man in bed.  The last thing that you want in this budding relationship is for him to think about how much better his previous girlfriend was in bed than you. 

     Let me let you in a secret about men.  The secret to having happily ever after with one is to make sure that you take care of his version of romance and happily ever after.  For him, that is taking care of his sexual needs, willingly, lovingly and enthusiastically with no inhibitions.  Men are reactive rather than proactive in relationships.  So the bottom line is if you want romance from the guy, it is up to you to inspire it by how you treat him in bed and the respect that you will always show him.  Don’t do these two things, and the guy will move on.  I am available for consultation by dropping me an email to my professional email address at or on my blog at  Go out there and get yourself a man and then take care of him.

8 Responses to Secrets To Internet Dating For Women

  1. says:

    In the early days of online dating sites were filled-with online profiles of people who are thieves, con artists and fraudsters.

  2. Johan's Blog says:

    great post bro..please visit my blog

  3. Candice says:

    John is right in that men are highly concerned that their new partner is able to have and likes sex – often they have left a relationship where there was little or no sex. Online chat is good because you can discuss sensitive matters in total safety.

    Being very practical men often don’t waste time in mentioning they are functional and asking if the lady is also and perhaps for a few preferences. It is silly to take offense or be coy and it is useful to know these things before investing too much in a sexually unsatisfying relationship.

    I also recommend a clear statement of boundaries and when one is willing to consider kissing, sex etc, e.g. “I like sex and am willing to try most vanilla-type things, but I will not kiss on the first date, preferring to talk in a public place.”

    If talk becomes creepily smutty and it is obvious the man is looking for a hook up only, its easy to shut that subject down and not chat again.

  4. Hey Candice
    Thanks for the very pragmatic comments. We are all adults on here and should be able to converse with each other.

    There is nothing more disappointing than to get to the point of having sex and not having discussed it before hand and calling off any further relationship due to sexual incompatibility. Each time that you do this you become a little more jaded. I say talk about it ahead of time and if you are not compatible, then there is no harm and no foul and we will all be happier.

    thnaks again Candice

  5. Candice says:

    Ah yes – thanks – I am often very pragmatic!

    I agree totally – however, it must be realised that people may be shy or not even know their own preferences. We also adapt to the other person. That said, a general idea can be gained that is useful in screening potential partners. 🙂 Keep up the good work! Candce

  6. John Wilder says:

    Thanks for your support

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