More Romantic Suggestions for Men and Women

Women: If you are having a problem with your husband getting off too soon, you can combat that by taking charge once in a while and initiating the sex. Tell him that you want to play a game and tie his wrists to the headboard and that he can’t do anything that you are going to do everything. He has to be your sexual slave. You get on top of him and straddle his face and demand that he eat your pussy. In fact, do pelvic thrusts on his tongue. When he is erect, you can sit astride him and impale yourself on him. You then can control the speed of the intercourse so that he does not come too soon. In fact slow motion sex is great. This is where you give him just enough movement to maintain his erection but no so much that he gets off. You can use a vibrator on yourself to get off numerous times. Alternate positions where you also face away from him so that he can see himself buried in side of you going in and out. He will love the view. Make sure to keep the lights on so that he can get a good view. That position is the best for having a vibrator between your legs on your clitty to get off while having sex with him simultaneously. For those of you who can’t climax during sex, this is a great substitute so that you are experiencing a climax during intercourse. Using these techniques, you can keep him going for an hour or so without him getting off. You then put him out of his misery by sucking him off or riding him hard and fast, slamming your pussy down on him telling him that you want him to fill you up.

Men: You can also order your wife chocolates instead of flowers. As a bonus, consider that a present of chocolates will be less expensive than flowers and yet will be just as appreciated if not more so. In fact you need to do that on somewhat of a regular basis. We suggest that you get her a present of A Year Of Chocolate. We have a program on our web-site where you can pre-order to have a pound of chocolate delivered to her every month. Can you imagine the good-guy credits you will get with such a thoughtful present? Again, for maximum good guy credits have them delivered to her at the office in front of her girlfriends and coworkers. If you really want to be a hero, order the bigger box so that she can share a chocolate with her girlfriends. For much less than the cost of taking her out to dinner at a nice restuarant, you can romance her with something that she really wants and enjoys. Isn’t this investment worth increasing the quality and quantity of your sex life? Chocolate releases endorphins in her brain, causing her to think more sexually. In fact you can make feeding her chocolates a part of your foreplay technique. Get her into bed and then surprise her with the chocolates. You then start to feed her a few chocolates where you literally hand-feed her. You might then take the opportunity to spread some chocolate syrup on your cock and get her to lick it off. She will then be ready for some hot passionate lovemaking.

Women: Order satin sheets for your bed. It will feel good on your skin and on your man’s skin as well. It will make your lovemaking very sensual.

Men: If you really want to be a hero celebrate her birthday or your anniversary by having a limo pick you up to take you two to dinner. Make sure to go to a place that will have dancing. Slow dance with her. Slow dancing with your woman is a great foreplay technique. Hold her tight against you. She will love feeling you get hard against her, reassuring her that you still desire her sexually. Then on the way home, start kissing her passionately, feel her up and then make love with her in the limo. Don’t be in a rush, lightly stroke her face, then her boobs. Follow that up by sliding your hand gently up her skirt or dress. Follow that by stroking her outside of her panties. She will get soaking wet, then slide your hand inside her panties where you finger her and stroke her clitty. Believe it or not, this is much more common than you think. If you really want to be naughty tell the driver what you are going to do in advance and let him watch instead of having him pull the privacy panel up. There is something that is exciting and naughty about being a little exhibitionistic and letting him watch.(be sure to get your wife’s agreement on this before doing it. Tell her that she can be a real naughty girl. If she is not up for it then have the driver put up the privacy window)

Women: If you are going to be in an elevator with your husband, back up to him and rub your butt and/or hand against his dick (penis). Or you could stand behind him and to the side and grab his arm and rub your boob against the back of his arm. If you really want to be naughty, take his hand and slide it up your skirt from behind. You can stand in front of him so no one can see you, but he can feel you. You will feel very naughty and it is sure to get him excited and your panties wet.

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