Should Christians Allow Abortion For Rape

 Should Christians Allow For Abortions Due To Rape

    I have talked to so many Christians including pastors and deacons who have made statements similar to this;  I don’t care what the Bible says, if my daughter were raped she would have an abortion.  Our hearts go out to these dads and raped daughters. On the surface it would appear a “no brainer” that a girl who is raped and impregnated should not have to carry the child of the rapist.

     This illustrates the problem with Situation Ethics.  It puts seemingly impossible situations where the only seemingly appropriate answer is to turn against God’s law and make another value judgment.  Certainly a girl impregnated by a rapist would seem to qualify.

     Let us look at the facts and separate out the emotion.  An abortion would not make the girl un-raped.   This is really what is at the bottom of the thought process on the part of the dads.  They want to fix it and restore her and make her whole and un-raped.  Seems logical but does it really make her un-raped.  She is suffering unbelievable trauma as the result of the rape.  Becoming pregnant does not overcome her maternal hormones which kick in rather quickly. 

     What really happens is that she is traumatized all over again by the abortion process.  Having her feet in stirrups, legs spread wide apart and dilating her uterus and shoving a suction hose attached to a curette and hearing the scream of the suction machine and the slurping sound that the chunks of baby makes as it is systematically sucked from her uterus rapes her all over again.  It is an unnatural act and goes against nature.  The dads think that they are doing what is best for their daughters.  Most women have lifelong guilt over killing their unborn babies which also contributes to her being raped all over again.  Dad feels better but the daughter suffers the rest of her life. 

     A better solution would be to have the baby and give it up for adoption.  In this way good can come from the evil that was foisted upon her against her will.  It can be part of the therapeutic process where she regains control over her own body and makes choices for herself.  In this way she does not have to have the baby around to remind her of the horror that happened to her but she can take comfort in knowing that this baby is being loved by another couple.

     Finally, the Bible has guidance even for this horrible experience.  The fathers shall not die for the sins of the children, neither shall the children be put to death for the sins of the father, let every man die for his own sins.  Deut 24:16

     There can be no other explanation that we are putting an innocent baby to death for the sins of the father.  Rape used to be a felony death penalty crime. Now it is reduced many times to a misdemeanor and very short jail time is served if any.  This is wrong, making an innocent child die because of the crime of another.  Come on Dads, do you really want to sell this to your daughters.  Show some biblical leadership while supporting your daughter.

8 Responses to Should Christians Allow Abortion For Rape

  1. It really is good post, but I do not see everything completely clear, particularly for someone not associated with that topic. Anyway very interesting if you ask me.

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  3. papijump says:

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  4. Olivia Ashe, writer says:

    How dare you! Who the hell do you think you are?? I really hop you never have a daughter!

    You have no FUCKING idea what you are talking about! You sit up there on your high horse preaching to everyone about a subject you know nothing about!!

    You know NOTHING about rape or anything so don’t you DARE say girls should give birth to a baby they didn’t want!

    I am going to get this horrible website full of shit taken down!

    • dabaudoin says:

      Olivia, freedom of speech, even if the speech is idiotic, misinformed and complete out of touch with reality, right?

      • Yes dabaudoin how out of touch with reality am I here. Do yo u know that it is a federal crime to destroy an eagle egg with 100,000 fine and a 5 year federal prison sentence? For a POTENTIAL EAGLE. Do you know that we still have the vehicular manslaughter laws on the books where if I hit you with my car and cause you to lose the baby that you are carrying I am charged with vehicular manslaughter if you wanted the baby but you can climb on an abortionists table at nine months of pregnancy and have a partial birth abortion where they turn the baby into the breach position, deliver the body and lieave the head in the birth canal and stab the baby in the skull and suction out its brains. The only difference between first degree murder and legal abortion is 4 inches, the width of the baby’s head. If the baby’s head slips out and the doctor does it then it is murder but as long as the head stays in the birth canal then it is legal abortion

    • Olivia, I have no idea what happened to my response to you but here goes again. Note that I allowed your hate speech to be published on my blog instead of deleting which is my option.

      First of all I don’t appreciate the vulgarity posted on my blog and I could have edited it out but again, I wanted people to see your comments. Liberals are notorious for railing against hate speech and yet ironically are the most EGREGIOUS OFFENDERS of this vile art.

      I know plenty about rape, my 16 year old sister in law was raped, my own daughter experienced date rape when I guy drugged her drink and I experienced statutory rape as a young teen by a gay priest.

      You want to put an innocent child to death for the sin of the father which I find morally reprehensible. Abortion does not make a woman unraped. It rapes her all over again where she is forced to spread her legs wide apart, place her feet in the stirrups, have her vagina forced open and then forcing open her cervix and then she has to listen to the scream of the suction machine and the slurping sounds it makes as it dismembers the innocent baby.

      If you can agree with me that we should be able to dismember an unwanted puppy then perhaps I can go along with your murdering an innocent baby.

      • Olivia Ashe, writer says:

        What ever! If you don’t like my comments, then delete them, like I do with yours.

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