Men Do Better At Making Love With Your Wife

I am a marriage, relationship and sexual coach.  In talking to my women clients, I am surprised at how many of you are lousy in bed.  The amount of sexual ignorance out there is staggering.  When you consider that there is no school for sex out there, I guess I can understand.

Men, what surprises me is that sex feels so good, so I don’t understand why you want to rush  it.  Women are tired of the wham bam, thank you maam version of sex.  Sex feels good, slow down and take your time.  You want your women to talk dirty in bed, you have to get them sufficiently aroused to be motivated to talk dirty in bed with you.

You know what a woman’s favorite 4 letter word is, it is time.  Time to give them the foreplay that they need to become sufficiently aroused to have an orgasm.  Too often you guys get off and leave your wife unsatisfied and frustrated while you turn over and go to sleep.  How would you feel if she got off quickly and turned over and left you unsatisfied?

I can help you with that.  I am coming out with a book entitled; STOP HAVING LOUSY SEX.  You can drop me an email at and I can help you become a hero in the bedroom.  Imagine your wife bragging on how good you are in the bedroom instead of complaining to her girlfriends about how lousy you are in the bedroom.

I will even give you a half hour session for free.  Think about it

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