You Can Find Your Own Answers In The Bible With These Study Reference Books

March 19, 2010

Many people struggle to understand the Bible and how to search out answers to their questions. I am here to tell you that it is easier than you think if you have the right keys to the book. To unlock a lock, you need a key or in this case a set of keys. I am going to show you how to unlock the Bible for yourself.

The first key is a book called Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible. This is a great book. It contains every word printed in the Bible. Better yet, it contains every place in the Bible where it is printed. It gives you part of the verse where the verse is found. In this way, you remember a part of a verse and can’t remember where it was, you can find it in this book. Here is where it gets even better. Every word has a number in the margin. This number is the number where the word is found in the dictionaries in the back both Greek and Hebrew. You can understand the Bible better when you go to the dictionary and look up the original language and all of the shadings of the word.

There is another great book called Naves Topical Bible. It is not actually a bible per se but it contains numerous bible verses about particular topics. For example, you could look up the subject of prayer and you could find numerous verses pertaining to prayer there. It makes Bible study much easier.

Then there are commentaries. Commentaries are books that explain difficult passages. The one that I recommend is a 6 volume set called Mathew Henry Commentaries. It is a thorough commentary on the whole Bible. There are more commentaries that are good and you can certainly make the case for having more than one commentary.

Finally, a good bible dictionary is worthwhile. There are many dictionaries out there. Let the store clerk in the religious book store explain their personal favorites.

If you will invest in these basic bible research tools, you can find answers for yourself and the Bible will be opened up to you. You no longer need to feel lost. The more comfortable that you get with the tools, the better you will be at researching issues in the bible. Let me close with a biblical admonition for your consideration.

Study (the bible) to show yourself a workman that need not to be ashamed rightly dividing the word of truth. II Timothy 2:15

Should Christians Allow Abortion For Rape

March 18, 2010

 Should Christians Allow For Abortions Due To Rape

    I have talked to so many Christians including pastors and deacons who have made statements similar to this;  I don’t care what the Bible says, if my daughter were raped she would have an abortion.  Our hearts go out to these dads and raped daughters. On the surface it would appear a “no brainer” that a girl who is raped and impregnated should not have to carry the child of the rapist.

     This illustrates the problem with Situation Ethics.  It puts seemingly impossible situations where the only seemingly appropriate answer is to turn against God’s law and make another value judgment.  Certainly a girl impregnated by a rapist would seem to qualify.

     Let us look at the facts and separate out the emotion.  An abortion would not make the girl un-raped.   This is really what is at the bottom of the thought process on the part of the dads.  They want to fix it and restore her and make her whole and un-raped.  Seems logical but does it really make her un-raped.  She is suffering unbelievable trauma as the result of the rape.  Becoming pregnant does not overcome her maternal hormones which kick in rather quickly. 

     What really happens is that she is traumatized all over again by the abortion process.  Having her feet in stirrups, legs spread wide apart and dilating her uterus and shoving a suction hose attached to a curette and hearing the scream of the suction machine and the slurping sound that the chunks of baby makes as it is systematically sucked from her uterus rapes her all over again.  It is an unnatural act and goes against nature.  The dads think that they are doing what is best for their daughters.  Most women have lifelong guilt over killing their unborn babies which also contributes to her being raped all over again.  Dad feels better but the daughter suffers the rest of her life. 

     A better solution would be to have the baby and give it up for adoption.  In this way good can come from the evil that was foisted upon her against her will.  It can be part of the therapeutic process where she regains control over her own body and makes choices for herself.  In this way she does not have to have the baby around to remind her of the horror that happened to her but she can take comfort in knowing that this baby is being loved by another couple.

     Finally, the Bible has guidance even for this horrible experience.  The fathers shall not die for the sins of the children, neither shall the children be put to death for the sins of the father, let every man die for his own sins.  Deut 24:16

     There can be no other explanation that we are putting an innocent baby to death for the sins of the father.  Rape used to be a felony death penalty crime. Now it is reduced many times to a misdemeanor and very short jail time is served if any.  This is wrong, making an innocent child die because of the crime of another.  Come on Dads, do you really want to sell this to your daughters.  Show some biblical leadership while supporting your daughter.

Satan’s Favorite Tool For Defeating Christians

March 17, 2010

     Got your attention with that title didn’t I?   Well it is really not a funny piece, it is a deadly serious piece. Do you know what the favorite tool is? It is getting a Christian to say: “I think” rather than, the Bible says. That is right, giving your opinion on a moral issue is Satan’s favorite tool. Think about it, that is how he introduced sin to the world. Adam and Eve were living in Paradise and having it great. God only put one commandment on them. That’s right, they didn’t  have to know ten commandments, they only had one commandment to remember. And yet, Satan got Eve to think for herself and reason for herself and she sinned and then got her husband to join in her sin.
     Back in the late seventies and early eighties after the Roe V Wade decision, I talked to other Christians including pastors and they were all pontificating and giving their very important opinions, none of which was based upon the Bible. They all expressed their opinions. Now if ever there a reason to resort to Biblical principles, killing innocent unborn babies should definitely be one of them.
    The Bible gives very clear instructions to depend entirely it rather than our wisdom.
     Trust in the Lord with all your hear and lean not unto your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths. Proverbs 3:5
Every word of God is pure. He is a shield unto them that put their trust in Him. Add not unto His words, lest He reproveThee and thou be found a liar. Proverbs 30:5-6
 I could give you a whole lot more scripture backing this up but the bottom line is, when it comes to moral issues, Go to the Book of instructions. Otherwise you fall victim to Satan and instead of serving the Cause of Christ, you are being used as a tool for Satan. “Choose you this day whom you will serve.”

Stop Having Wam Bam Thank You Maam Sex, Do it Better

March 16, 2010

Too many of you guys out there have the notion of getting it over as quickly as possible. This leaves your women angry, resentful and unsatisfied. For you women reading this, have your guy read it and tell him that you want him to step up to the plate.

First of all, it is women first when it comes to climaxes. Too many of you when you are done want to roll over and go to sleep. Women need to feel like you made love to her and hold her, talk to her and cuddle with her afterwards. If you omit this, she just feels like you used her like a piece of meat and that any vagina would do. She feels like you don’t really love her when you do this.

Women need romance and foreplay to get into the mood. You need to take your time and tease her and stroke and fondle her and make her crazy. The best foreplay is long enough that she begs you to take her because you have driven her crazy with desire. This takes time and foreplay and getting her off manually and orally, but wouldn’t sex be better if she was begging you to take her?

Once the intercourse starts, SLOW DOWN and give her slow motion sex. She will love it. Look into her eyes and tell her that you love her and how good she feels to you inside. Stroke her breasts and nipples and suck them at the same time. Stroke her hair. Guys, sex feels good, why do you want to rush through it? If you feel the urge to climax, pull it out of her and go back down on her and get her off again with your tongue or a vibrator. Then climb back on and start again. By starting and stopping like this, you can make sex last for a couple of hours. You will be a hero in the bedroom and become a legend with all of her friends and relatives if you make love to her for two hours without stopping. Think how much better it will feel to you and how much more pleasurable it will be to you as well. If you follow my advice, she will be coming to you and asking you to do her, and she will definitely give it to you when you want it. Isn’t that what lovemaking should be

Great Sex Recipes, Easy Pro Tips for Making Hollandaise Sauce

March 14, 2010

Most of you reading this have probably never made Hollandaise Sauce. It is guaranteed to impress your friends and family should you serve them this wonderful sauce and tell them that it is scratch made. This sauce adds a real depth of flavor to your dishes as well as sophistication to your cooking. If you can stir a pot, you can make this sauce.   It is a great addition to that romantic dinner, whether you are a man trying to seduce a woman, or a woman trying to impress a man.  Using this sauce will get you rave reviews from those who partake of it.

If you review cookbooks in the bookstore or your own including the master cookbook from The Culinary Institute of America all talk about pouring melted butter into egg yolks in a blender. Most of them then talk about how to repair a ” broken sauce ” which is of course quite common using their technique. The other problem is, even if the sauce works, cleaning that blender afterwards is hard work because the thickened sauce really clings to the inside of the blender.

The traditional recipe calls for lemon juice only. Many people find that lemon juice only in the sauce is too tart for their palette. You can borrow a technique from Barnaise Sauce which is sister version of Hollandaise Sauce. That recipe calls for reduced wine. You might find a good compromise will include lemon juice and reduced white wine. The traditional recipe does not call for garlic but a little garlic powder (author’s note: please not here that is garlic powder and not garlic salt) adds a nice flavor layer to the sauce.


2 egg yolks well chilled

1 stick butter well chilled

1 tbsp lemon juice

3 tbsp white wine (not cooking wine, good table wine)

One half tsp garlic powder


In a sauce pan, add the white wine and reduce down to 1 tbsp approximately. This should only take 2-3 minutes. Place pan in the freezer to chill the pan and the reduced white wine for about 5 minutes. Add the lemon juice and the egg yolks to the reduced white wine. Now drop the chilled stick of butter into the sauce pan. Place pan over low heat and stir constantly while the butter melts and the sauce ultimately thickens. This should take 5-7 minutes. As the sauce begins to thicken, toss the garlic powder in and continue to whisk the sauce until nicely thickened. Serve immediately. In other words, this is the very last thing that you do before you serve your dish. The chilled butter does what is called ” tempering ” the egg yolks. If you add hot butter into the yolks, they tend to separate instead of forming the emulsion that you want.

It is very rare for this version of the sauce to break. Sometimes when you get distracted and have to stop stirring, the pan can over-heat and cause the yolks to separate and ” break ” . If that happens, take the pan off of the stove and add another chilled egg yolk into the sauce and continue whisking. It will re-constitute back into an emulsion as if by magic. You then place the pan back on the low heat and continue whisking until it is nicely thickened. You want to do this as the very last thing and pour over your vegetables just before serving while everything is hot

Before You Get Divorced, Read This

March 12, 2010


  People who get divorced just want the pain to stop.  Too often they think that getting away from an offending spouse will lessen the pain.  You think that it will simplify your life.

The answer to all of these notions is no it won’t, particularly when you have kids.  Many of you have considered getting divorced from your mate at some time in your marriage.

     Many of you have tried marriage counseling and it got you no where near resolving the problems.  Well that was not your fault.  Traditional marriage counseling fails 75% of the time.  This is the fault of the therapist and of the style of traditional marriage counseling.  When a marriage is in trouble, one hour once a week is not enough.  Would you go to a doctor with Strep throat and he told you that he would give you just a little bit of antibiotic now and  come back in a week and he would give you just a little bit more and to keep coming back for 28 weeks and he would have you all better.  That is of course a rhetorical question.  Marriage counseling is the only discipline that attempts to resolve the problem using this paradigm.

     The reason is that he can only see you once a week because that is all the insurance will pay for.  They have bean counters called actuaries who figure these things out and make rules accordingly.  The deal is that couples can’t stand the stress for that long and drop out long before the problems are resolved. 

     You need to seek out the services of a marriage coach.  They will see you in multi- hour sessions and help you to resolve your problems in a short period of time.  They can also deal with you on the phone or IM so that you don’t even have to go to their office.

     The reason that I am asking you to  reconsider is because of your kids.  Judith Wallerstein did a long term study on the effects of divorce upon kids.  They are devastating, even into adulthood.

     Dr. Ken Canfield is the President and founder of The National Center for Fathering.  He cites some sobering statistics of single parent families.  Kids are much more likely to drop out of school, do drugs and alcohol, and engage in sexual activity much sooner with girls often seeking out daddy love inappropriately with older men.  Boys seek out inappropriate father figures in gangs and drug kings.  There are subsequent divorces when parents with kids get remarried because of friction between step kids and other siblings causing stress between parents.

     Your best bet is to do your best to work things out.  I am willing to give you a half hour session for free to talk about things.  All you have to do is to drop me a line at my professional email address at

Happily Ever After is Still Possible For Couples

March 11, 2010


     Just as there is no “School for Sex”  to train you how to have great sex, there is no school to teach you how to have “happily ever after.”  I am here to tell you that you can truly have happily ever after if you are willing to invest in what it takes to get it.  What I can tell you is that you are guaranteed not to get it if you just wish for it and don’t invest what it takes to achieve it.  It is not free.  There is still no such thing as a “free lunch”.

     You need to understand that there tends to be personality differences that tend to crop up that keeps couples from achieving happily ever after.  Generally speaking there are two basic personality styles in how they perceive the world and how they process information.  For our purposes, we will give descriptive names to these personality styles.  There are “feeler emotional types”  and “logical thinker types”.  These personality types are also pictured in politics.  Feeler Emotional Types tend to best be represented by the Democratic Party.  Then there are the Logical Thinker Types.  These are best represented by the Republican Party.  There is a further sexual differentiation in that “Feeler Emotional Types” tends to be represented by women.  The “Logical Thinker Types” tend to be represented most by men.  It can also be represented by right handed or left handed.  This is also used to describe the political parties in that Democrats are portrayed as “left wing” and the Republicans are described as “right wing”

     The “logical thinker”  would say that: “2 + 2=4 and it will always be 4 and you can factually and logically prove that 2+2=4.”  The “feeler emotional” would say that:  “Who are you to try and cram your opinion down my throat.  My opinion is just as important as yours and I say that 2+2=5.  Just because you say it and you think that you can prove it, means nothing, my feelings say that it is 5 and you can’t change my mind”.  Can you see that these two individuals will never solve a problem?

     We can look to a few outside influences in order to reconcile these two personality types.  We can look to Mr. Miaggi from the      The Karate Kid.  We can also look to the Bible to resolve this and we can look to History as well.  Mr.Miaggi told Danielsan that the key to life is “focus and balance”.  Focus means that we need to give our full attention and talents to resolve the problems.  You can’t do it half way, you have to be fully committed to resolving the problem.  Balance means that you can’t resolve the problem when you are completely entrenched on your own side.  Problem solving means  a recognition of the other side and their position as well as the two parties coming the middle and both being willing to compromise.

     The Bible says:  There is a way that seems right to a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.  Proverbs 14:12  In other words, his feelings will lead him astray.  If you recall, sin came into the world based upon the feelings of Eve.  She was jealous, resentful and rebellious over God’s command not to eat of the Tree of the Fruit of the knowledge of Good and Evil.  Jesus was killed based upon the feelings of the Jewish religious leaders because they were losing their position of leadership because of Jesus calling the people to a higher morality.

     Feelings by the selves are very dangerous.  The reason for this is that feelings are very easy to manipulate.  You can manipulate the feelings of a two year old.  On the other hand you can’t manipulate nearly so easily sound decisions based upon facts and logic.  2+2 still equals 4.  There are tons of examples from history where feelings were manipulated to great harm to our society.  All of the wars in history were based upon feelings.  Hitler got the German society to agree to kill all the Jews based upon feelings.  We in our country declared that blacks were not legally defined persons based entirely upon feelings in the Dred Scott Decision.  While feelings are important and need to be considered, they should never take priority over facts and logic.  In other words feelings need to be checked against the standard of facts and logic.

     Now there are always exceptions to these general rules.  I list them because it helps to understand why couples fight and don’t get along.  It is why Democrats and Republicans fight and can’t get along.  The key is to understand these types and work to get along in spite of these differences.  The ideal situation is if you have two individuals in the relationship with the same personality type. When you don’t it is imperative for both parties in the relationship to move to the center as much as possible.

     Part of the problem is that each personality type has such a clear mental image in their mind about how they perceive things.  The feeler emotional has little interest in facts and logic, but their perception is about feelings and perceptions.  Facts and logic are a handicap and barrier for people “getting in  touch with their feelings”.   Once in touch with those feelings, then their feelings are clear and unambiguous and the solution is obvious because it is “felt”.  The feeler emotional type gets angry because the “logical thinker” types says, that those feelings don’t make sense and the feeler has not considered the logical implications to a complex issue.  The problem is, is that both types are speaking completely different languages and do not communicate well. 

     Imagine if you will, no matter what side you are on, if you are predominantly left handed and for some reason that you had to get your left hand amputated, you would be severely crippled.  The same holds true if you are right handed.  Therefore, it makes the most sense to be ambidextrous.  In that way, if you got one hand amputated, you  would not be nearly so crippled.  If both people meet in the middle and look at the big picture instead of just one side, then the problems can be resolved.

     This can also be explained that if you are truly looking to make your partner happy instead of just getting your way and the other partner is equally motivated, then you can resolve differences and achieve “Happily Ever After”.  The problem arises when one side gets completely entrenched in getting their own way and become self centered and self absorbed.  Again, I would remind you to review the movies The Breakup and War of The Roses.  These feelings and emotions are clearly demonstrated in these movies and life lessons are to be learned from these movies.  These movies reflect life and how couples get so entrenched in winning the battle that they lose their relationship.  Clearly learning to adapt to differing personality types is imperative in having the “happily ever after” that you seek.

A Writer’s Assesment of and

March 10, 2010

We all come to a writer’s site for different reasons and motivations. I had no history with writer’s sites and chose to post articles to two top sites according to Alexa. I chose to submit articles on Searchwarp and on Ezinearticles at the same time. To give a comparison a fair shake, I submitted identical articles at the same times. What I found is very revealing. Both sites are very similar at what they do, but oh what a difference there is in the two sites.

Immediately I found an extremely intrusive and very heavy handed censorship involved on ezinearticles. Searchwarp on the other hand was very open. The only thing that they did was to put my more overtly sexual articles on their sister site called Icepop. My articles were generally approved and published within the hour and frequently in under ten minutes. Every article that was published on ezinearticles took several days to get published even after negotiating the heavy handed censorship and making all of their changes demanded which made the article plain vanilla and watered down. I complained bitterly to the staff and demanded to talk to the owner of the site and never got an answer from him. I had some issues with searchwarp and Bruce contacted me and handled them promptly.

There was another immediate and noticeable difference in the two sites. I got up to 3 times the page views for the same articles on searchwarp that I did on ezinearticles. Admittedly they were not the same articles exactly because of the heavy censorship. I think that this contributes to lower page views on ezinearticles. I have long since given up on ezinearticles and now exclusively publish my articles on searchwarp and their sister sites. I have only been on the sites since December 2009 or 3 months I recommend searchwarp unequivocally. I would not recommend ezinearticles to anyone who is interested in publishing their writing on the web.

More Romantic Suggestions for Men and Women

March 8, 2010

Women: If you are having a problem with your husband getting off too soon, you can combat that by taking charge once in a while and initiating the sex. Tell him that you want to play a game and tie his wrists to the headboard and that he can’t do anything that you are going to do everything. He has to be your sexual slave. You get on top of him and straddle his face and demand that he eat your pussy. In fact, do pelvic thrusts on his tongue. When he is erect, you can sit astride him and impale yourself on him. You then can control the speed of the intercourse so that he does not come too soon. In fact slow motion sex is great. This is where you give him just enough movement to maintain his erection but no so much that he gets off. You can use a vibrator on yourself to get off numerous times. Alternate positions where you also face away from him so that he can see himself buried in side of you going in and out. He will love the view. Make sure to keep the lights on so that he can get a good view. That position is the best for having a vibrator between your legs on your clitty to get off while having sex with him simultaneously. For those of you who can’t climax during sex, this is a great substitute so that you are experiencing a climax during intercourse. Using these techniques, you can keep him going for an hour or so without him getting off. You then put him out of his misery by sucking him off or riding him hard and fast, slamming your pussy down on him telling him that you want him to fill you up.

Men: You can also order your wife chocolates instead of flowers. As a bonus, consider that a present of chocolates will be less expensive than flowers and yet will be just as appreciated if not more so. In fact you need to do that on somewhat of a regular basis. We suggest that you get her a present of A Year Of Chocolate. We have a program on our web-site where you can pre-order to have a pound of chocolate delivered to her every month. Can you imagine the good-guy credits you will get with such a thoughtful present? Again, for maximum good guy credits have them delivered to her at the office in front of her girlfriends and coworkers. If you really want to be a hero, order the bigger box so that she can share a chocolate with her girlfriends. For much less than the cost of taking her out to dinner at a nice restuarant, you can romance her with something that she really wants and enjoys. Isn’t this investment worth increasing the quality and quantity of your sex life? Chocolate releases endorphins in her brain, causing her to think more sexually. In fact you can make feeding her chocolates a part of your foreplay technique. Get her into bed and then surprise her with the chocolates. You then start to feed her a few chocolates where you literally hand-feed her. You might then take the opportunity to spread some chocolate syrup on your cock and get her to lick it off. She will then be ready for some hot passionate lovemaking.

Women: Order satin sheets for your bed. It will feel good on your skin and on your man’s skin as well. It will make your lovemaking very sensual.

Men: If you really want to be a hero celebrate her birthday or your anniversary by having a limo pick you up to take you two to dinner. Make sure to go to a place that will have dancing. Slow dance with her. Slow dancing with your woman is a great foreplay technique. Hold her tight against you. She will love feeling you get hard against her, reassuring her that you still desire her sexually. Then on the way home, start kissing her passionately, feel her up and then make love with her in the limo. Don’t be in a rush, lightly stroke her face, then her boobs. Follow that up by sliding your hand gently up her skirt or dress. Follow that by stroking her outside of her panties. She will get soaking wet, then slide your hand inside her panties where you finger her and stroke her clitty. Believe it or not, this is much more common than you think. If you really want to be naughty tell the driver what you are going to do in advance and let him watch instead of having him pull the privacy panel up. There is something that is exciting and naughty about being a little exhibitionistic and letting him watch.(be sure to get your wife’s agreement on this before doing it. Tell her that she can be a real naughty girl. If she is not up for it then have the driver put up the privacy window)

Women: If you are going to be in an elevator with your husband, back up to him and rub your butt and/or hand against his dick (penis). Or you could stand behind him and to the side and grab his arm and rub your boob against the back of his arm. If you really want to be naughty, take his hand and slide it up your skirt from behind. You can stand in front of him so no one can see you, but he can feel you. You will feel very naughty and it is sure to get him excited and your panties wet.

Secrets To Internet Dating For Women

March 7, 2010

     Many of you still have not tried internet dating.  You should.  It is a realistic way to meet people of the opposite sex in an easy and safe way. It also enables you to make pre screening easy.

     The idea is that you want to attract a few good men, not tons of guys bombarding your mailbox. You do that by giving a very specific description of the man of your dreams.  The more specific the better.  You want that description to blow off guys you are not interested in dating.

     The first thing that you want to do is to sit down and make a list of the have to haves.  This list is not negotiable.  Then you give very specific want to haves.  Once you have this list complete, you want to include it in your description on line.

     You also want to feature several flattering shots of yourself, not just one picture.  Be truthful here, no fair putting old pictures on the net.  It only pisses guys off because you mislead them.

    Once you have guys emailing you, persist in emailing back and forth before giving him your cell phone number.  You could even talk to him on the IM and go on camera with the guy.  If this goes well meet him for lunch at a very public restaurant.

     If a guy brings up sex, don’t slam him.  He has probably done without for quite a while.  Cut him some slack and explain that it is too soon to talk about sex.  Often, a guy will bring up sex because he is worried that he will end up with a woman who has little interest in sex.  As long as he is not too gross or offensive, try and cut him some slack.

    Once the dating begins, he will pressure you for sex but you don’t give in, tell him that there has to be a committed relationship before there is sex.  Too many women have given sex too freely too soon only to have it blow up in their faces.  You want to make sure that this relationship is going somewhere before engaging in sex with him.  Once the sex begins, you want to get over your little girl inhibitions about what you won’t do with a man in bed.  The last thing that you want in this budding relationship is for him to think about how much better his previous girlfriend was in bed than you. 

     Let me let you in a secret about men.  The secret to having happily ever after with one is to make sure that you take care of his version of romance and happily ever after.  For him, that is taking care of his sexual needs, willingly, lovingly and enthusiastically with no inhibitions.  Men are reactive rather than proactive in relationships.  So the bottom line is if you want romance from the guy, it is up to you to inspire it by how you treat him in bed and the respect that you will always show him.  Don’t do these two things, and the guy will move on.  I am available for consultation by dropping me an email to my professional email address at or on my blog at  Go out there and get yourself a man and then take care of him.

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