Women Lose the Deadly Dull Underwear. Here are some Suggestions

April 12, 2010


I have been saying for some time that women need to understand that men are visual creatures.  They want to see you in frilly, lacy and sexy colored bra, panties and nighties.  I have had a fair amount of pushback from certain women who are clearly not comfortable with their sexuality.  I have had some extremely negative comments on another site recently over this idea.

Ladies, it is your relationship.  By refusing to wear what men like, you tell them that their feelings are not important to you and that you don’t care how they feel.  Are you really sure that you want to continue the man feeling this way?


Sexy Lingerie for Every Stage of Your Love Life

Whether you’re single, dating, post-breakup, pregnant or in a relationship, we’ve got hot lingerie picks for you.

-Faye Brennan, brought to you by PinpointsX.com

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It’s something that isn’t really talked about, but we know it’s true. There’s lingerie for every aspect of your life and phase of your relationships. After all, the lingerie you wear at the start of a love affair isn’t necessarily going to be what you wear when you’ve been together for five years and have a baby. And who hasn’t devoted a section of their underwear drawer to first-time-with-a-new-guy bra and panty sets?

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We consulted with Jennifer Carroll, co-author of the new book, Underneath It All: A Girl’s Guide to Buying, Wearing, and Loving Lingerie ($11.16, Harlequin), to come up with a guide to lingerie that matches your relationship status. Whether you’re single, seriously involved or happily married, here are your options:

Single and Not Seeing Anyone Right Now
So what if no one else will see your underwear? “Dress for the love life you want, not the one you’ve got,” advises Carroll. Here are some simple pieces that you can wear on a solo night at home to make you feel more sensual and in touch with your feminine side without feeling ridiculous. Looks like this will give you an extra boost of confidence, “just in case you meet Mr. Right,” says Carroll.

single and not seeing anyone

From left: Jenna Leigh Maroma Deep Red Nightie ($125, jennaleighlingerie.com). Alfani Chemise, Bralette ($24.98, macys.com). Kimchi Blue Polka Dot Slip ($48, urbanoutfitters.com)

Single and Dating
When you’re dating but not fully committed to someone, it’s a good idea to keep the more complicated items safe in your naughty drawer until things start getting serious. For the time being, stick with classy yet sexy separates. “Make sure your bra and panties match,” says Carroll. “Your date will appreciate the effort!” And in these styles, he’ll want to stick around to see what else you’ve got in your repertoire.

Single and dating

From left: Pin Dot Mesh Ruffled Bra ($7, charlotterusse.com) and Polkadot Boyshort Panties ($3, charlotterusse.com). Felina: Harlow Full Busted Demi Bra ($32, barenecessities.com) and Felina: Harlow Low Rise G-String ($14, barenecessities.com). Flirty Lace Balconette Bra in pink ($16.80, express.com)  and Flirty Lace String Thong in pink ($12.50, express.com)

In a Relationship
Now that you’ve found someone, it’s time to up the ante. If you’re in a relatively new relationship, don’t bother with complicated closures and ties because your guy won’t wait long enough to delicately take these pieces off of you. Instead, stick with pieces that are hotter than your average bra and panty set, but are just as easy to remove. Carroll likes the simple addition of a garter belt and stockings, too. “Add them to any bra and panty set to heat things up on date night,” she says.

In a Relationship

From left: Brazilian Lace & Mesh Flyaway Babydoll ($32, fredericks.com). Leopard Babydoll Set ($21.95, yandy.com). Cut-O

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Sexy Lingerie for Every Stage of Your Love Life

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He proposed! Or you proposed! Either way, now’s the time to show your fiancé what he’s committed to for the rest of his life – and that’s you in all your sexy glory. Carroll says, “Engage him with the promise of things to come in bustiers, corsets and thigh-highs.” He will instantly know he’s made the right choice when he sees you in one of these scandalous little numbers.


From left: Love Red Love Basque ($370, agentprovocateur.com). Reversible Satin Corset with Dot Net Ruffle ($49.90, lingeriediva.com). Lace Garter Set ($42.99, yumdrop.com)

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Married or Living Together
Sure, the honeymoon may be over, but that doesn’t mean you should retire your collection of negligees. The bedroom only gets boring if you let it, says Carroll. “Ditch the fun run T-shirt for sleeping and go for a silky chemise or gown. Also, invest in some lacy, racy bras and a fantasy outfit — like a naughty maid — for dress-up!”


From left: Farr West Lace Trim Full Slip ($80, nordstrom.com). Tickle Me Maid ($39.95, 3wishes.com). Elle Macpherson Intimates Dentelle contour bra ($51, figleaves.com)

When you’re expecting, there are going to be times when the last thing you feel is sexy. But you’d be surprised how cute little outfits like these can instantly lift your mood and make you feel like your pre-preggers self again. Plus, daddy-to-be will be happy to see that you’re embracing motherhood and the flattering glow that comes with it. “Look for babydolls that have support for your ample bust and room for your growing tummy” in order to look your best, suggests Carroll.


From left: Eve Alexander Maternity Lace Bralette and Boyshort Set ($26.99, target.com). Giselle Babydoll ($23.80, passionspice.com). KeKoqueta Edge Lace Maternity Camidoll Set ($69.95, stellamaternity.com)

Your relationship may not have lasted, but your sex appeal shouldn’t die along with it. As Carroll says, “Out with the old, in with the new! New lingerie, that is.” Be the sex kitten that you were destined to be and experiment with lingerie you never thought you’d wear in a million years. “Wear sexy boudoir pieces that inspire hot dates; embroidered lace bra and panty sets, sheer mesh chemises, or risqué teddies,” says Carroll. Life is short, so live it up!


From left: Sheer Dress with Attached Garters and Stockings ($14.89, glamorose.com). Romantic Lace Bra and Garter Set ($24.95, bodybyvenus.com). Chantilly Black Lace Deep V Halter Teddy ($27.95, flirtcatalog.com)

Faye Brennan is assistant editor at BettyConfidential.

How To Find Answers To Your Questions in The Bible

April 12, 2010

      How To Study the Bible and Find Answers To Your      Questions

      Many people struggle to understand the Bible and how to search out answers to their questions.  I am here to tell you that it is easier than you think if you have the right keys to the book.  To unlock a lock, you need a key or in this case a set of keys.  I am going to show you how to unlock the Bible for yourself.

     The first key is a book called Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible.  This is a great book.  It contains every word printed in the Bible.  Better yet, it contains every place in the Bible where it is printed.  It gives you part of the verse where the verse is found.  In this way, you remember a part of a verse and can’t remember where it was, you can find it in this book.  Here is where it gets even better.  Every word has a number in the margin.  This number is the number where the word is found in the dictionaries in the back both Greek and Hebrew.  You can understand the Bible better when you go to the dictionary and look up the original language and all of the shadings of the word.

     There is another great book called Naves Topical Bible.  It is not actually a bible per se but it contains numerous bible verses about particular topics.  For example, you could look up the subject of prayer and you could find numerous verses pertaining to prayer there.  It makes Bible study much easier.

         Then there are commentaries.  Commentaries are books that explain difficult passages.  The one that I recommend is a 6 volume set called Mathew Henry Commentaries.  It is a thorough commentary on the whole Bible.  There are more commentaries that are good and you can certainly make the case for having more than one commentary.

     Finally, a good bible dictionary is worthwhile.  There are many dictionaries out there.  Let the store clerk in the religious book store explain their personal favorites.

    If you will invest in these basic bible research tools, you can find answers for yourself and the Bible will be opened up to you.  You no longer need to feel lost.  The more comfortable that you get with the tools, the better you will be at researching issues in the bible.  Let me close with a biblical admonition for your consideration.

Study (the bible) to show yourself a workman that need not to be ashamed rightly dividing the word of truth.  II Timothy 2:15

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