Women Have Legitimate Complaints About Men, Men Do it Better

May 1, 2010

             Women Have Legitimate Complaints About Men

    Any one who knows me, knows that I am an outspoken critic of women and their reverse sexism against men.  They tend to be self centered about their needs and brook no critique by their men.  They also are lousy as a rule at taking care of men’s sexual needs.  That being said, women have legitimate complaints about us guys.  We need to man up and do it better.

     The Bible says that we are treat our women as “the weaker vessel”.  They are not only weaker emotionally, they are weaker physically.  We must not use that to our advantage, but be protective of her.  We should never ever use our superior strength against the woman, God gave us that strength to protect women not beat on them, physically or emotionially.

     A lot of women have been suffering not necessarily in silence, but they have a very legitimate point.  Too many of them are required to work a 40 hour week to survive financially because we can’t make enough to support a family by ourselves.  That being said, why in the world do you get the notion that housework is a woman’s job and that she should come home and take care of all of the housework while you sit on the couch with the remote?  House work should be divided equally between husband and wife and when the kids get old enough they also need to pitch in.  I can understand a woman not being in the mood for sex because she is exhausted while you sit on your butt.

     Another thing is that you guys get too self centered about sex and getting off and leaving her unsatisfied.  You are also not very romantic and take her for granted after a while.  It is the equivalent of eating macaroni and cheese 3 times a day 7 days a week.  You would want to eat the very least that you had to  stay alive.  Women need romance for a chance to relax and reconnect with us emotionally and sexually.  You guys are not giving your women enough foreplay time and not giving enough imagination to mixing things up a bit. How about taking her against the kitchen sink or on the dining room table or in the back seat of the car parking.     You don’t do date nights anymore, you don’t slow dance with her.  Many of you just want to get it done and roll over and go to sleep.

When you do this, you kill your relationship a little bit at a time, because she begins to feel like nothing more than a piece of meat.  Guys, take a long look at how you have been treating your wives and man up to get more sex and romance.  You have changes to make before it is too late.

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Blessings on you and yours

John Wilder

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