Great Second Date Ideas for Men and Women

May 7, 2010

        Great Inexpensive Second Date Ideas For Men and Women

     You have reached that magical second date.  What to do, where to go.  Great possibilities are in the air, you don’t want to blow it now.  What do you do?

      Well the idea is that you want to do something that is fun, but you want to keep the conversation going because this is about getting to know each other.  You want to have fun, but you still need to get to know each other and that involves conversation, a lot of it.  The last thing that you want to do is go to the movies.  You can’t or shouldn’t talk in the movies.  So I have come up with some great ideas.

     Ideally the date should start with breakfast.  This makes for an early day and time for the activity and a natural stopping point if the date does not go well after the activity.  If the date goes well, you stop for lunch and continue the conversation.

ART SHOWS  These are great because you are outside.  This makes for walking and talking and viewing and discussing art.  It never hurts to add a little class to the date.  You get brownie points for suggesting it.

    STATE FAIRS OR LOCAL FAIRS  This has the example of also being outside, cheap and involves walking, talking and viewing exhibits.

     AIR SHOWS  Air shows are a blast that most people have never attended.  They involve static airplane displays and aerobatic maneuvers by planes in the air.  It is also either free or cheap.  They are free on military bases and very cheap at local airports.  They allow you to bring in food and drinks in coolers or the local food vendors are very inexpensive.  Again they are outside and involve walking and talking.  Do you see a recurring theme taking place here.

    ART AND CRAFT SHOWS  These tend to be inside when the weather is bad.  Again with the walking, talking and viewing things and discussing them.

   HOME AND GARDEN SHOWS   You get the idea, more inside walking, talking and seeing things.

   A LONG WALK preferably along any body of water.  Water naturally sparks conversations.

   A PICNIC  It sounds old fashioned and romantic.  It can be spur of the moment where you stop at a deli and order the makings for a picnic, fried chicken, potato salad, cold drinks and dessert like cheesecake wedges.

     A CAR SHOW  This could be inside or outside and again it involves walking and talking and looking at things.

     GO BOWLING  Lots of fun even if you are no good.  It works for inside when the weather is bad.

     FLEA MARKETS  Involves more walking and talking

     HORSEBACK RIDING Romantic and fun, does not involve walking but still doing something, going somewhere and talking.  Combine with picnic idea above.

If you are a man, women want men to take charge and lead so pick something and have a backup unless she does not like your first proposal.

If you are a woman, and the guy does not have any ideas, suggest one of these and cut him a little slack.  The key is that you are interviewing mr. or ms. right and you need time for lots of free flowing relaxed conversation in a fun environment.  Use my ideas or come up with your own and good luck out there.

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