Sexual Techniques, Be A Hero In The Bedroom

May 9, 2010

Only  30% of women can have an orgasm on intercourse alone. Many women of course fake it, but it is not in their best interest. Using my techniques, a woman can have an orgasm while engaging in intercourse. You simply bring a friend to bed in the form of a vibrator. The one that I recommend overwhelmingly is the Hitachi Magic Wand Vibrator. She can get into a position where she can apply the vibrator while she is engaging in intercourse like the doggy style, or the woman on top facing away from the guy. This enables her to apply the vibrator without it being in the way.

Another thing that I recommend is to SLOW DOWN. Sex feels good, I never understand why you guys want to get it over with in a couple of minutes. Women are especially resentful with your wham bam thank you maam techniques. 

While you are slowing down, be stroking her body. Great chefs like to do what they call building layers of flavor into their meals. Barry Gordy was a famous record producer who pioneered the “Wall of Sound” concept. The bottom line is that you guys tend to think in one dimension. Women like multiple simultaneous sensory inputs. You could be stroking her butt while simultaneously be sucking on her breast while having sex with her. You could be giving her a hickey and fondling a breast while having sex with her, You could be stroking her hair. Think multiples. This distracts your mind from finishing quickly.

Change positions, this also helps to keep you from going into your finish mode. Put her into the doggy position and be stroking her clitoris at the same time. Pull completely out of her and go back down on her and get her off again with your tongue. She will gladly welcome you re-entering her afterwards. Utilizing these techniques, I have been actively involved for up to two hours without coming myself. In the mean time I have given my partner the time of her life and up to 20 orgasms. Use my techniques, and you will truly become a Hero in The Bedroom. You might even become legendary.

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