For Happily Ever After, You Need To Cherish and Spoil Your Mate

     One of the biggest reasons for relationships breaking up is the feeling that you are being taken for granted and your needs are no longer important to your partner.  Relationships take work and maintenance.

     If you drive your car for long periods of time, without changing the oil, the engine will die from lack of maintenance.  The oil that was supposed to be a lubricant ultimately becomes poisonous for it when it is not changed.  I talked to a mechanic friend of mine who had to put in a new engine in a new truck with only 12,000 miles on it.  The company provided the truck and the gas and allowed employees to take the truck home and use it for personal use.  The only requirement was that the employees  had to change the oil in the trucks out of their own pocket.  One individual who felt special and did not feel like paying for the oil change and let it go for 12,000 miles.  The engine blew up and the only way that he was allowed to keep his job was to pay for the $5,000 new engine out of his own pocket.  Changing the oil would have been so much cheaper.

     Women are  you not taking care of your man’s sexual needs?  That includes wearing pretty frilly sexy lingerie for his eyes.  That includes giving him special treats in bed that he likes that might not be your favorite things but they are his.

     Men are you giving your woman enough romance, foreplay and cuddling. When is the last time you took her dancing and danced close with her?  When is the last time you took her to something that she wanted to go to that perhaps you didn’t like the symphony or to a play?  When did you turn over the remote to her for a day?

     Bottom line, relationships need to be maintained, greased, the oil changed, washing and waxing, vacuuming out the old stale dust and cowbells and crumbs.  You need to make your partner feel special and good about themselves.  Have you been the critic in chief in your relationship.  Have you made hateful comments?  Sometimes you need a do over like from playground days, and apologize to your mate and vow to do it better for them and make them feel special.  The Bibles says it best:  “What you sew, so shall you reap”.

 Blessings on you and yours.  If you are having trouble with your relationship give me a call.  I offer a half hour free consultation and a money back guarantee.  I do phone coaching as well as on Yahoo IM on camera.  Just drop me a note and I will call you back and chat.

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