I Wish I Had Known This Before I Got Married

May 18, 2010

This is another guest blogger that I have featured on here before.  She has a lot of good sense and I suggest that you subscribe to her blog  about marriage relationships

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What I Wish I Had Known Before I MarriedPosted: 16 May 2010 07:28 PM PDT

  1. It’s pointless to compare your marriage or sex life to others because there is no such thing as one ideal marriage or sex life.
  2. It doesn’t matter if you are a feminist who sought out an egalitarian man to marry. Chances are you will eventually come to the conclusion that you do most of the housework. For a while this will anger you. Eventually you’ll either reach a place of acceptance or you’ll have the means to hire a cleaning lady.
  3. There is nothing instinctual about birthing or raising a child.
  4. Babies stress good marriages and bring bad marriages to an end.
  5. Your husband won’t love you any less if you speak your mind. If anything, he’ll be relieved to finally know what you’re thinking without having to guess.
  6. Fair and happy are not necessarily the same thing. When you have a choice between the two, shoot for happy.
  7. Men snore more when they drink and when they have a cold. It’s best to sleep in the guest room on such occasions. You’ll actually get some sleep and he won’t wake with a sore arm.
  8. He loves when you ask for help. It makes him feel like a man.
  9. Lingerie isn’t for him. It’s for you.
  10. Bikini waxes aren’t for him. They’re for you.
  11. You are your own harshest critic. Whether or not you gain or lose those 10 pounds, he will always think you look as hot as the day he met you.
  12. He doesn’t talk down to you because he thinks you’re stupid. He does it because someone talked down to him as a child and now he’s modeling this behavior.
  13. Happiness comes from being understood, not from winning.
  14. If you wash his cycling clothes with your clothes, your clothes will smell like a teenage boy who hasn’t showered in three weeks.
  15. If you let him wash your delicates, he will put them all in the dryer. He will not do this out of spite. Rather, he will do it because none of his clothes require a gentle cycle and to be hung dry.
  16. If he doesn’t notice you got your hair cut, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you.
  17. He shuts down when you confront him not because he enjoys annoying you. He does it because he’s scared.
  18. He loves it when you compliment him.
  19. He has always loved you, and he always will.

What do you wish you’d known before you got married?

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