Giving Your Man A Great Blow Job and Overcoming Your Inhibitions About It

June 29, 2010

I am reposting this article. Every day, it gets read by at least 4 or 5 people. In fact it is my number one read article. I write for women to get over their inhibitions over giving their men oral sex. A man feels cheated and rejected and unloved when a woman refuses him this sublime pleasure. A woman who refuses this pleasure is not giving herlself completely to her man. I suggest getting over your inhibitions about this and become adept at pleasuring your man.

This is an age old discussion. There are many women who refuse to give their husbands blow jobs. “Ugh, gross, I am not going to do that”. “Little girl” inhibitions are cropping up again here. Do you want to have a Bill and Hillary marriage where your husband has to go to other women or hookers to get a blow job? That is the number one thing men visit hookers for. A great percentage of men who frequent prostitutes are married. By your refusal, you are then a stumbling block for him as forbidden in the chapter on sex and the bible. Some of you will give your men blow jobs but won’t allow him to come in your mouth. Some of you will give him a blow job but then will spit out his semen. You claim that you don’t like the taste. Imagine if your husband went down on you but then spit out the vaginal secretions that he got in his mouth. How likely would you want him to go down on you again? What if he would not go down on you because he claimed not to like your taste? Really, when you tell your husband that, you are telling him that you think that he is disgusting and more of that age old sexism where women are good and men are bad.

If you really want to be cherished by your husband, and you want to show him your love, you need to learn to give him good blow jobs. Any woman can lay there with her legs spread and think about other things while her poor husband pumps away at her. It takes love and commitment to take his penis (dick) in your mouth and make love to him. It is intensely personal and loving. Without it, he feels profoundly cheated and disappointed.

For those of you who have a problem with getting semen in your mouth, you can take an intermediate step. You can put a condom on your husband’s dick (penis) and give him the blow job and you are not going to get any semen in your mouth. You can use it as a “baby step” to make progress. You can feel him ejaculate but not actually get the semen in your mouth. You should use this technique as a way to progress to a full blow job where you allow your husband to come in your mouth and swallow. At the very least, you should use this technique to give him a blow job. I know of women out there who won’t even take their husband’s dick in their mouth. I ask you if you are one of those women, why did you even bother to get married anyway? You need to get over this. You can if you have the right attitude. You can through a desensitization process called “successive approximations.” This basically means getting a little closer each time. Others would call it “baby steps”. The point being is that you are getting closer and making progress in moving forward in pleasing and loving your husband.

Now I know that many of you out there will complain about taste or consistency. Neither of those issues needs to be a problem if you have the right attitude and practice the right technique. It is really a simple matter to solve. When your husband’s climax is imminent, instead of trying to block his ejaculation with your tongue, you simply let him shoot to the back of your throat. You then quickly swallow. This solves both problems. You won’t taste his semen because all of your taste buds are on the front of your tongue. Following my technique you therefore don’t taste his semen. You also don’t have the consistency issue to deal with because again it is not hitting your tongue. Allowing him to shoot in the back of your throat, it simply feels like a little extra saliva in your mouth. If you spit out his semen, you get it on your tongue and have the taste and consistency to deal with. You can do this if you decide to.

For all you feminists out there who claim to espouse equal rights, how is it fair for you to expect your man to go down on you and you don’t return the favor? Where is his equal rights? Besides that, your vaginal secretions taste remarkably similar to his semen. Hillary is a feminist who obviously does not give Bill blowjobs and look what that got her. Do you really think that they have a happy marriage? Do you think that they are achieving “happily ever after”?

If you have not given your husband a blow job but have now decided to, it is not difficult. He will love you for attempting to please him. You simply go down on him and suck. If his penis is limp, you can generally take his whole dick (penis) in your mouth. You suck on it like you are sucking a milk shake through a straw. You also place your tongue firmly against his dick (penis). As his dick grows to a full erection, you go down as deeply on it as you comfortably can without gagging. You then wrap your hand around his dick (penis) at that point as a marker and don’t go deeper than that when you start vigorously thrusting up and down on the shaft of his dick. If your jaw gets tired or you need to remove your mouth to catch your breath, it is imperative that you continue stroking his dick with your hand or he will lose the momentum of getting to the point of ejaculating. If you stop, then you will have to start all over again.

There are other very obvious reasons to give your husbands blow jobs. Most of you won’t consider having intercourse when you are on your period. Why should your husband be deprived of sex just because you are on your period? If you really love him and care about his needs, you won’t deprive him of sexual relief. After childbirth, you are forbidden from intercourse for 6 weeks on average. Again, why should your husband be forced to masturbate? Many women feel that they have the right to deprive him after childbirth. In fact many of you deprive your husband sex for months after giving birth claiming that you are too tired. He feels rejected, lonely and resentful towards you and the new baby.

Let me give you a technique that requires little energy expenditure from you and yet gets your husband off fairly quickly and keeps him happy and satisfied. This would involve two props: a pair of your lacy and silky panties and our Power Tool Vibrator. (go to our website to order this fantastic product) You give him a little foreplay by stroking your nipples across his penis (dick). You then start sucking his dick and take those silky panties, (the satiny back panel of the panties) and lightly stroke them across the underside of his scrotum (balls, nut-sack) This area is extremely sensitive to him. You continue to rapidly stroke very lightly with those panties on the underside of his scrotum while you are sucking on him. The silkiness of your panties causes him to think in terms of how silky the interior of your vagina (pussy) feels when it is well lubricated. You then turn the Power Tool Vibrator on high and place the bulb firmly on the base of his penis (dick). You simply hold the bulb of the vibrator firmly against the base of his dick while you are sucking him. It is a very powerful stimulant to him and will cause him to get off much quicker, thereby conserving energy on your part. It will also give him a mind blowing orgasm because of the combination of the sensation of you sucking him, stroking him with your panties and the powerful vibrator. Don’t be surprised if he screams in ecstasy in the most intense orgasm he has ever had.

Now for you women who absolutely refuse to give your husband a blowjob or who won’t let him come in your mouth, there is a variation of the above scenario. You simply not only stroke those silky panties under his testicles, but you wrap the silky side of the panties around his cock and stroke them up and down his dick. You then place the Power Tool Vibrator at the base of his dick and let him ejaculate into your panties. He will fantasize about coming inside of you. It will take care of his urgent need for sexual relief and is so much better than making him masturbate. You should never ever make your husband masturbate to relieve himself. He will have a lot of resentment towards you because you are not taking care of his sexual needs. The above technique is not the best, but you should promise him that you will never ever deny him sex again, even if you have to give it to him less than what he desires.

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Feminists Are the Ruin Of Marriages, and Your Sex Life

June 28, 2010

It is appalling what feminists and feminist counselors tell couples about sex. They say that women should only have sex when they feel like it and disregard their husband’s feelings. The feminists would say that a woman should not allow herself to be a “sexual slave” to her husband. There are even some feminists claiming that any married sex amounts to rape. This is not conducive to resolving sexual conflicts in a marriage relationship.

Feminists and feminist marriage counselors tell women and men that women should only have sex when they feel like it and to disregard men’s needs. This message has become common in mainstream marriage counseling. In all sincerity, is this not the ultimate in self centeredness? Is not love defined as putting the needs of your partner above your own. It is widely reported in studies published in women’s magazines that about 60% of the married couples out there have sex about once a week. For most husbands that is tantamount to a starvation diet of sex once a week or less. Typically the woman gives her husband sex on Saturday night. The idea being, that she is now rested and relaxed enough to engage in sex, knowing that it is not a work night for her. Would any woman support giving kids a hug only once a week on Saturday night. Imagine when a child is feeling bad or sad and comes to mom for a hug and she says; “now you know that I only give hugs once a week on Saturday night.” Of course that notion is ridiculous and yet the feminists support the notion of doing it to their husbands. It is a logical and factual inconsistency and a continuing example of dominance demanded by the feminists. In what way does that resolve the issue of frequency in a marriage?

Most feminists are liars! That of course is an inflammatory statement. Before you dismiss that claim, allow yourself to read the ongoing evidence in this chapter with an open mind. At the end of the chapter, you must decide for yourself the veracity of that statement.

Feminists claim to desire equality. They don’t want equality, they want ABSOLUTE DOMINANCE.
If feminists truly wanted equality, that would include equality for men as well. Equality after all means that both men and women are equal and should receive equal treatment. Do men get equal treatment? Well the feminists claim that women should only have sex when they feel like it. If men and women were truly equal in a relationship, men would have the opportunity to have sex with their wives on one night, and the women would have the opportunity to not have sex on the next night. If men were equal, then the wives would be giving their husbands sex 3-4 times a week. If that were the case, then we would not be arguing about sex. After all, sex is one of THE BIG THREE that couples argue about. There is nothing equal in demanding the right for women to refuse sex to their husbands any time that they want to. After all, isn’t the ultimate definition of equality is sharing equally? Is not the definition of love putting your partner’s needs above your own? Would any woman support the notion that a husband should only be allowed to eat when his wife feels like allowing him to eat? This position violates the principle in I Corinthians 7 where it says that the wife is not to defraud the husband nor the husband defraud the wife, that their bodies are not their own.

If you reduce that demand to its logical consequences, it reduces men as nothing more than stud service on demand. The man does not get sexual satisfaction when he wants it. He has to wait until the wife is in the mood and willing whenever that might happen. Far too many men have complained not only in counseling but in letters to Ann Landers and Dear Abby, that they suffer from frequency of once or twice a month. Other men have complained about not getting sex literally in years. Explain how anyone can justify that as equality?

Remember that back in the 80’s women sportswriters sued the NFL because they were not allowed in the men’s locker rooms. They claimed that they were being unfairly discriminated against. The men’s right to privacy was completely abdicated and the women have been in the locker rooms ever since with naked men running around. The feminists argued that the right to privacy allowed them to kill their unborn children, but they did not see irony in denying a man to his right to privacy in the locker room. Now if there were equality, would it not stand to reason that male sportswriters should be allowed in women’s locker rooms? Do you see men sportswriters in women’s tennis player’s locker rooms? Of course not. Do you see men allowed in the locker rooms of women volleyball players? Of course not. Do we see men sportswriters in the locker rooms of women golfers? Of course not. I ask you, are we practicing equality? We are practicing reverse sexism and dominance on the part of women.

Women have successfully sued to join men’s clubs and golf clubs. Do we see women’s clubs opening up their clubs for male members? Of course not, we are seeing dominance and reverse sexism.

Women have successfully sued to have women allowed to attend all boy’s academies and colleges. Yet when an all girl’s school officials decided to open enrollment to men because of declining enrollments, we saw televised pictures of weeping women tearing out their hair and screaming and throwing themselves on the ground. Please…feminists don’t want equality, they want dominance. Their behavior and attitudes portray nothing but that.

In the city of Saint Paul, Minnesota, women successfully sued the Fire Department claiming that the physical testing requirements were designed to keep women out of the firefighter’s department. What the physical requirements were designed to do is to weed out weak men. After all, for example, a firefighter is called upon to pick up a 200lb unconscious man in a fireman’s carry and run down a flight of stairs so as to save his life. The requirements were watered down to satisfy the successful lawsuit where two female firefighters can now drag that same 200lb man down the flight of stairs. Now you have 3 people whose lives are at stake. What about the injuries incurred by the unconscious man as he is being unceremoniously dragged down the steps? Now we have two women taking the place of one man. What happened to equality? Feminists scream about equal pay for equal work and yet the two firefighters taking the place of one firefighter will get the same pay for half of the work. Is this equality? No, it is dominance and reverse sexism. Suppose a woman comes home and finds out that her house is on fire and her husband is trapped inside unconscious from smoke inhalation on the second floor bedroom. What emotions would go through a wife’s mind as she saw two female firefighters going in to get him out? How would she feel watching them dragging her husband down the flight of steps, his body and head banging on the steps on the way down? Would she not rather have a big strong man throw her husband over his shoulder and run down that flight of steps? According to the feminists, that woman would be guilty of sexism if she had wished it was a man carrying her husband or adult son down the steps. Is it worth risking his life in order to have social engineering? These are the kinds of attitudes and ideas foisted upon the public that causes men to have tremendous resentment towards women. Truly the battle of the sexes has not improved but gotten more entrenched. More and more we have a liberal court practicing political correctness and giving to the feminist’s dominance rather than equality.
If a woman gets pregnant, she can saddle the man for child support for up to 22 years. If the man does not pay, he can be jailed, have his driver’s license revoked, his salary garnisheed, his tax refund’s seized, etc. If the woman does not give the man court ordered visitation the courts do nothing to the offending mother. Is this equality? No, it is dominance.

If a woman gets pregnant, she can decide on her own to kill the baby in her womb. The father has absolutely no say so or any rights to the child. Is this equality? It is dominance.

If a woman gets pregnant and wants to keep the child and she is hit by a car, then she can have the driver charged with vehicular homicide if the baby is killed in the accident. Is this equality? No, it is not only dominance, it is playing God. It is a baby if she decides it is for lawsuit purposes, but not a baby if she chooses to kill it through abortion.

If a woman gets pregnant, she can go right to term and have the baby delivered feet first in the breech position. The whole body is delivered, but the head is still in the birth canal. The physician stabs the baby in the skull and sucks its brains out and collapses the skull and delivers a dead baby. Is this murder, no, it is legal abortion. If anyone kills the baby after the head slips out, then it is murder, but as long as the head is still in the birth canal, then it is considered legal abortion. Is this equality? No, it is not only dominance but legalized infanticide. What about the baby’s equal rights as guaranteed in our Bill of Rights. The first right in the Bill of Rights is the right to life. This is dominance personified.

We are seeing gross reverse sexism called misandry in the TV commercials. Men are portrayed as hapless boobs where the heroic woman sweeps in to save the day.
Another example for example is a guy trying to do the family’s taxes using a software program; the wife comes in to ask him questions in a condescending tone. When he admits to having a problem she verbally belittles him in a very insulting and condescending manner. Women would not stand for that kind of attitude but it is okay to insult and belittle men. More importantly they encourage that behavior on the part of women. That is not equality but absolute dominance.

The definition of Misandry, from Wikipedia
Misandry (pronounced /mɪˈsændri/) is hatred (or contempt) of men or boys. It is parallel to misogyny, the hatred of women. Misandry (μισανδρία) comes from Greek misos (μῖσος, “hatred”) and anēr, andros (ἀνήρ, ἀνδρός; “man”). Misandry is also comparable with misanthropy which is the hatred of humanity in general.

Wendy McElroy, an individualist feminist and Fox News commentator,[9] argues that some feminists “have redefined the view of the movement of the opposite sex” as “a hot anger toward men seems to have turned into a cold hatred.”[10] She argues that men as a class are considered ireformable, all men are considered rapists, and marriage, rape and prostitution are seen as the same.r
McElroy states “a new ideology has come to the forefront… radical or gender, feminism”, one that has “joined hands with [the] political correctness movement that condemns the panorama of western civilization as sexist and racist: the product of ‘dead white males.'”[11]

Conservative pundit Charlotte Hays argues “that the anti-male philosophy of radical feminism has filtered into the culture at large is incontestable; indeed, this attitude has become so pervasive that we hardly notice it any longer.”[12]
[edit] Analogies to other forms of bigotry
Masculist writer and frequent speaker at the Cato Institute[13] Warren Farrell compares dehumanizing stereotyping of men to dehumanization of the Vietnamese people as “gooks.”[14]
In the past quarter century, we exposed biases against other races and called it racism, and we exposed biases against women and called it sexism. Biases against men we call humor.

—Warren Farrell, Women Can’t Hear What Men Don’t Say
Religious Studies professors Paul Nathanson and Katherine Young make similar comparisons in their three-book series Beyond the Fall of Man,[15] which treats misandry as a form of prejudice and discrimination that has become institutionalized in North American society. Nathanson and Young credit “ideological feminism” for imposing misandry on culture.[16]

Their book Spreading Misandry (2001) analyzes “pop cultural artifacts and productions from the 1990s” from movies to greeting cards for what they consider contains pervasive messages of hatred toward men. Legalizing Misandry (2005) the second in the series, gives similar attention to laws in North America.

Feminism is clearly not supported in mainstream society. One need only look at Ms. Magazine for proof. They were founded in 1972 and after all of these years, their circulation nationwide is a mere 150,000 according to their own statement. There is so little editorial content of any consequence that they only publish quarterly. For years, the only way that the magazine has survived is on subscriptions alone. They can’t get any advertisers to buy adds in the magazine. Ad sales indicate the viability of any magazine. In spite of this mere pittance of a magazine, they claim a FEMINIST MAJORITY. It is clearly not so, in fact but a false PR slogan. Every election, feminists are out claiming Funds for a Feminist Majority.

You can find Ms. Magazine in a tool for writers entitled: WRITER’S MARKET. The next magazine following the Ms. Listing entitled: REDBOOK shows a circulation of 2,500,000. Can you see the difference in the circulation of a monthly magazine compared to the quarterly magazine of MS. Interestingly enough, Redbook has extensive articles every month about women’s sex lives. You can read it for yourself, they don’t follow Ms’. notions about sex.

Feminists claim equality and diversity. What they practice is absolute dominance. At feminist meetings, pro-life women are “shouted down” and are not allowed to speak. How is that diversity or equality? It is not, it is absolute dominance. There are multiple examples of feminists either attacking their own or ignoring their own if the women are conservatives. Where were the feminists when the pundits in the press were viciously attacking Sara Palin and more importantly her daughters?

Here is another example of how feminists don’t represent women in general and will attack their own. Back in the mid 1970’s there was a woman by the name of Marabelle Morgan. She started a seminar program for married women based upon her best selling book entitled: The Total Woman. She suggested to women to better take care of their husband’s sexual needs. One of the suggestions that she made was to: Greet your husband at the door in nothing more than saran wrap.

This was a suggestion for women to have fun in their sex lives and practice a little spontaneity. She further recommended that women initiate sex once in a while. The Saran Wrap was designed to illustrate those suggestions. The feminists howled making noise about women being treated as sexual objects. The liberal media picked up this diatribe and gave massive amounts of coverage to it. It caused a national ministry that had proved to save and/or improve tens of thousands of marriages to be shut down. She got death threats over her work. At that time the divorce rate was about 25%. Today it is widely reported that the divorce rate is around 50%. In what ways has feminism shown to improve marriages? The evidence would speak to the contrary.
This so empowered the liberal cabal that there was even a movie produced to shower down condescension and disapproval over Mrs. Morgan’s message. That movie was called the Stepford Wives. If you saw the movie, the leading message was to women that they should be rebellious and feel no compunction to satisfy their husband’s sexual desires.

Putting Kids First in Families Harms Children

June 26, 2010

This is another outstanding guest post. Dr. Phil says that if a woman puts her needs or the needs of her children ahead of the husband’s needs then that man won’t be around to raise the children to adulthood. Women consider this a warning to take care of your husband and your marriage. Studies indicate that 60% of married women with children have their husbands on a starvation diet of sex once a week or less.

June 25, 2010 · 2 Comments
Making time for the marriage when you have children is a constant battle for many parents. It is for me. Whether you have kids or plan to in the future, the following may help guide you. A new book suggests putting the kids first not only harms the marriage, it also harms the children. And putting the marriage first not only benefits the marriage relationship, it also benefits the children.

“To raise healthy kids, simply put your marriage first and your children second,” says David Code, author of To “Raise Happy Kids, Put Your Marriage First” in a Boston Globe interview. (Read the full interview here.) Code adds that many individuals escape from their marital problems by focusing on the children. “The truth is, we often find it easier to be with our kids than our partners,” said Code. “This seems child-friendly, but we don’t realize we’re using our kids as an escape from our spouses.”

A minister and family coach, Code found couples coming to him to save their marriages when they were already on their way to divorce court. Others wanted him to fix their children, but he saw it was the household that needed repair.

The biggest myth of parenting, says Code, is that the more attention we give our kids, the better they’ll turn out. He says we’re killing ourselves to create perfect childhoods for our kids. “Where are the results? Studies show today’s parents spend more time with their kids, and yet…they seem more troubled, entitled and needy.”

How does this slide happen? Children’s needs seem more urgent and constant than the marriage, which is important but not urgent. Little by little, parents pull away from the marriage to focus on their needs. The damage is done slowly, often without even realizing it. “Not only do we lose our marriages, we set a poor example for our children’s future marriages, and we also create highly anxious households where our kids soak up that anxiety and then act out,” said Code.

Code suggests overparenting can lead to anxious children who are over-praised, over-protected, and under-developed on skills of teamwork and cooperation. They’re less happy, and they’re less successful. Kids need to learn how to self-soothe, how to deal with setbacks, and how to be resilient. These skills train us for adult life.

He advises that parents need to make decisions about activities and priorities, saying, “Kids are too young to drink, vote, or drive, and they’re definitely too young to make decisions that will affect the rest of their lives.”

Couples need to address their problems directly, understanding there is no such thing as a conflict-free marriage. In addition to placing too much focus on the children, issue avoidance can also come in the form of working long hours, being involved in too many children’s activities, focusing on electronic devices (from TVs to iphones), and making up “excellent reasons why we never have sex anymore,” explains Code.

Code doesn’t see the issue as the spouse’s needs outweigh the child’s. Rather, he sees that prioritizing the marriage benefits the whole family in the long run, even when it’s not clear in the short-run.

Even small changes can benefit the family, he says, including making time as a couple to talk about your day’s highlights and lowlights, taking regular walks together, and making weekly appointments for sex. “I’m not about going from chaos to perfection,” Code says, adding a five perfect improvement can pay huge dividends. “Over a lifetime, that five percent improvement could make the difference between your child graduating from college, getting divorced, or raising a child with mental illness.”

Far from being a perfect parent, Code says his research has changed his parenting, saved his marriage, and made his children more self-reliant. If you missed it, read Who Gets More of Your Attention–Your Children or Your Spouse?

I think his points are on target. I’ve talked to a few people who admit their marriages failed because they became fully devoted to their children at the expense of their spouse and marriage. Kids are so loveable, so easy to forgive, and so willing to take all your time and adoration. Their futures seem so full of promise that we believe if we only do all the right things, they will be successful. Instead, helicopter parenting (hovering) stifles the realization of their potential. We need to create limits (bed times, time to be with just our spouse) and allow them to develop independence while reuniting with the person we married.

How To Have Pleasurable Anal Sex and Even Climax From It

June 24, 2010

Adam & Eve “Great American Sex Survey” Finds 45% of American Adults Enjoy Anal Sex
Adam & Eve, America’s most trusted source for adult products, is pleased to announce the latest results in its incredibly popular “Great American Sex Survey.”

We are pleased to note that most Americans now view anal sex as an accepted and normal part of sexuality

For years, anal sex has had a bad reputation… it speaks well for the open-mindedness of Americans that it is now included as a healthy part of sexuality.

Adam & Eve encourages American adults to get the facts on anal sex before adding it to their sexual activity

We also promote a healthy, open attitude toward all types of lovemaking between consensual adults, and are pleased to see anal sex is an acceptable part of lovemaking for a number of adults.

Hillsborough, NC (PRWEB) June 23, 2010 — Adam & Eve, America’s most trusted source for adult products, is pleased to announce the latest results in its incredibly popular “Great American Sex Survey.”

It goes by many names, and is giggled and whispered about, but anal sex has become an accepted part of the sexual repertoire. Besides being what many consider the ultimate taboo sex act, anal sex is enjoyed by nearly half of the adults in the United States.

Adam & Eve recently asked over 1,000 American adults how they felt about the controversial act of anal sex. Of the 68% who admitted they had tried it, 45% said they enjoyed it.

“We are pleased to note that most Americans now view anal sex as an accepted and normal part of sexuality,” says Chad Davis, Marketing Director for Adam & Eve. “For years, anal sex has had a bad reputation… it speaks well for the open-mindedness of Americans that it is now included as a healthy part of sexuality.”

Additionally, the survey revealed that of those adults who engage in anal sex, only 2.2% always include anal sex, while 7.6% said they include it often and 26.6% said they engage occasionally.

“Adam & Eve encourages American adults to get the facts on anal sex before adding it to their sexual activity,” says Davis. “We also promote a healthy, open attitude toward all types of lovemaking between consensual adults, and are pleased to see anal sex is an acceptable part of lovemaking for a number of adults.”

The web-based survey, conducted by Cvent, of over 1,000 American adults age 18 and up, was sponsored by Adam & Eve to study sexual preferences and practices.

If you want to achieve real sophistication, follow my directions for anal sex. Now many of you are turned off by the idea. Women are often reluctant because they have either heard horror stories from their girlfriends or they have experienced painful anal sex and never want to do it again. I can show you how truly pleasurable it can be for both of you if you do it correctly. Women can actually achieve an orgasm through anal intercourse if done properly.

If anal sex is not done properly, it will always be painful for a woman. The key is that you need to know how to do it right. If you are not going to do it right then don’t do it at all.

In order to have pleasurable anal sex, it more than anything requires sufficient foreplay for the woman. Now I know that many of you have a yuck factor over the idea. You need to divest yourself of those attitudes. The first order of business is cleanliness. The ideal time is right after you and your sweetie take a romantic shower or bath together. The other option is to have some baby wet wipes to clean the anus thoroughly. You again spend time massaging a woman’s butt cheeks. This is very pleasurable to her and she has nerve endings in her butt that are directly connected to her pussy and clitty. By massaging her butt, it will be arousing for her. You then roll her over onto her stomach and kiss her butt cheeks and then spread them and start lightly licking her anus (asshole). Believe it or not, she has pleasure nerve endings in that asshole that will respond to the licking. Her mind might be saying no, this or nasty or gross but her asshole is saying: “shut-up mind, this feels really good”. This is a good time to practice the “machine gun tongue” technique that I mentioned earlier in the chapter. She will moan with pleasure. Now do something your mind says” “don’t do it”. Ignore your mind and follow my instructions. Insert your tongue in her asshole and then start tongue fucking her asshole. She will love it. Then spread her butt cheeks with your hands to insert your tongue even further. Believe me, it will be enjoyable to her. (once you get her used to the idea, you might even persuade her in the interest of fairness to do you. You can’t believe how pleasurable it is for you as well). This is foreplay to prepare her to be ready for you to insert your penis (dick) into her. You need to spend at least 5 minutes of licking her asshole and tongue probing (fucking )her asshole before you think about entering her. Once that is done, use a good quality lube like KY Surgical Lube or Astro Glide. Don’t even think about entering her without being very well lubricated first. Once you are ready to enter her, don’t be in a rush. Push into her very gently. Once you have the head of your dick inserted into her. Stop and let her asshole relax for at least a minute. What will happen is that her asshole will instinctively relax where you can enter her without it hurting. If you skip this step, it will be painful for her the whole time and she will never do it with you again. After a good minute of letting her relax, slowly enter her. In fact, it would be better if you let her get on top of you and impale herself according to her comfort. Move slowly and be very attentive to her feelings. She will let you know when you can pick up speed.
One way that you can actually increase her pleasure is to lift her legs from the missionary position and enter her anus (asshole) rather than her vagina (pussy). By entering her this way, the head of your dick will stimulate her G-Spot. As I said, you can actually cause her to have an orgasm this way. You can also use a dildo vibrator to stimulate her anus. You insert the dildo vibrator and point it up once inside her and point it to the roof of her pussy and aim just behind the pelvic bone. Once she is comfortable, you thrust it into with short strokes rather than the full length of her pussy. You want to thrust it in very fast short strokes and she can have a wonderful and powerful mind blowing G-Spot orgasm.

The first time that she experiences anal sex, it will leave her a little sore afterwards, just like the first time that she had vaginal intercourse. Over time, her anus will become accustomed to being penetrated and it will no longer get sore. Believe me, it is a wonderful addition to your love making. It is especially nice to be able to resort to when she is on her period. ALWAYS BE SENSITIVE TO HER COMFORT. If you do, it will be worth it for both of you. Important note: Do not take your penis (dick) out of her anus and then insert it into her pussy. You could give her a nasty infection. Wash thoroughly afterwards with an antiseptic soap.

Sexual Foreplay and After Play, Be a Hero In The Bedroom

June 21, 2010


As a marriage, relationship, and sexual coach, I can’t believe how much lousy sex is happening out there. Maybe you are experiencing less than great sex with the man in your life or past men in your life. As a man speaking in defense of men, there is really no place for men to learn how to give our partners great sex. There is no SCHOOL FOR SEX out there. We all know where the body parts go, but men for the most part do not adequately understand a woman’s sexuality and how to give you fantastic sex. It is for this reason that I am writing this article. If you share this article with the man that you care about and tell him that you would really like to experience these things and ask him to do them with you, I promise, you will have better more enjoyable sex.

In conversations with women, I have come to understand that you need a transition period from the rat race to moving towards making love with your man. Most of you don’t have an “instant on” like men.

1. Brushing Hair Now I realize that for most of you, you are not necessarily going to get sexually aroused from having your hair brushed. What it does however is to give you that transition time to move towards sexual availability. The act of having your hair brushed is very pleasurable and releases endorphins in the brain. You feel pampered and that pampered feeling then causes you to have affectionate feelings towards your man. Five to ten minutes of hair brushing is a wonderful way to decompress from the daily grind. Animals instinctively groom each other and is something that we should do more. Your life will be better with more tactile stimulation.

2. Head to Toe Massage This technique has worked for me with every partner that I have ever been with. It is so effective as an arousal technique that I had an ex wife who would not make love with me unless I gave her a massage first. I start by stoking and lightly scratching a woman’s scalp with my fingernails. I then proceed from her neck all the way down to her feet. I spend more time massaging a woman’s butt like I am kneading bread. You have nerve endings in your butt that you did not even know that you have. I have never failed getting a woman wet from massaging her butt. I go on down and spend time massaging her feet. There is good reason for this. All of the nerve endings in your body terminate in your feet. By massaging the feet, you stimulate and wake up all of the nerves in a woman’s body. It prepares the rest of her body to be stimulated and aroused.

3. Let Your Man Undress You But Stop Him at Bra and Panties. (Author’s aside: So many of you out there are wearing utilitarian underwear, white nylon panties with no lace and a functional bra. Men get turned on visually, make sure that you have lacy and frilly bras and panties. Would you want a present that was not nicely wrapped or a cake with no frosting on it? Men need to see you in lacy and frilly lingerie.) The logic behind the man undressing you and having you stop him at bra and panties is to slow him down. The act of undressing you is a turn on for both of you as well. I tell my clients sex feels good, why rush it. Far too many men treat lovemaking like they do masturbation, they want to get it over in a hurry. Once you are down to bra and panties, have him continue a different variation of massage by lightly and slowly running fingertips up and down your entire body on both sides. This is incredibly arousing for you.

4. Lightly Stroke Nipples Through The Bra The idea behind keeping those bras and panties on and slowing down also reminds us of a bygone time in high school where we were furtively fondling. It adds to the excitement. Having your man lightly stroking your nipples through the bra gets them erect. Then let him slide his hand inside the cup of the bra before you allow him to remove your bra, all the while kissing you. Then he can remove the bra and proceed to more vigorous stimulation of your breasts and nipples by sucking them hard and fondling your breasts.

5. Stimulate you and stroke you through your panties Have him lightly stoke the midline of your vagina back and forth through your panties. Then have him blow hot breath through the panties over your clitoris. The warmth of his breath and the pressure of his lips on your mound through the panties is wonderfully arousing. Then have your man hook a finger inside the leg band of your panties and have him run his finger up and down inside the leg-band of the panties on both sides without actually touching your vagina. This will have you becoming very aroused and getting wet. After a few minutes of him doing this, then you can let him slide his hand inside your panties. It is not only arousing but brings back those memories of heavy petting in high school or maybe even junior high for some of you. After an extended session of this, then have him pull your panties off very slowly. The slow removal of panties is very erotic and sensual. If you really want to turn it up a notch and get passionate, have him literally rip your panties off by hooking his hand in the waistband and with one very strong yank, literally rip them off of you. What you lose by the panties being ruined, you gain in tremendous arousal. Every partner that I have ever done this with has gotten incredibly turned on because of the fear and the excitement that the act engenders in them. Most women like to be taken forcefully sometimes by a strong confident man.

6. Vaginal Penetration with the Tongue. Most men naturally go for your clitty (author’s slang term for clitoris. It sounds much cuter and not so damned clinical). Instead ask him to run his tongue up and down between your vaginal lips and then have him penetrate your vagina repeatedly with his tongue. You will find this incredibly arousing and better prepares your clitty for stimulation with his tongue.

7. Clitty Stimulation Techniques Instead of licking your clitty right away, have him gently pull back the foreskin (yes the hood over your clitty is analogous to a man’s foreskin on an uncircumcised penis.) He then can suck on your clitty like he is sucking a milkshake though a straw. This will cause your clitty to swell from engorging with blood similar to a man getting an erection. It will actually lengthen and grow in circumference similar to a man’s erection. He then can move up and down like you do giving him a blow job. It is a clitty blow job and feels wonderful. After a few minutes of that he can use what I call the “machine gun tongue”. This is a super fast stroking of your clitty with his tongue that will give you powerful orgasms. The way to do that is to have him flex his tongue against his upper lip to use as a spring and forcefully flick his tongue past that upper lip onto your clitty. This enables him to move his tongue much faster simulating a vibrator. For even more stimulation, have him growl like a bear while he is doing this. The act of growling makes his vocal cords vibrate which will then transmit those vibrations through his tongue onto your clitty.

8. Multi-sensory Inputs As you know, most women are better at multi-tasking than are men. Lovemaking is one area where you would benefit by encouraging your man to multi-task. While he is licking and sucking on your clitty, he can be penetrating your vagina with his fingers in and out with one hand and rolling your nipple around in his fingers with the other hand. The additional stimuli you will find very arousing. There is a precedent for this. Phil Spectre pioneered what he called the “Wall of Sound”. This technique involved adding multiple tracks of sound for a lusher musical auditory experience. Chefs use what they call “Adding layers of Flavor”. The point is, the multi-sensory inputs mean better pleasure for you just like in cooking and music.

9. Anal Stimulation Many people view this as a taboo. That is too bad because there are incredible pleasure nerve endings in the anus. This is of course when you want to be squeaky clean maybe just after a romantic shower for two. If you want to be absolutely antiseptic (which is not necessary, I have never gotten sick from giving a partner a “rim job”) you can take an antiseptic baby wipe and wrap it around a finger and clean the inside of the anus. At any rate have your man lick the anus and then penetrate your anus with his tongue in and out. Have him spread your butt cheeks apart so that he can enter it even deeper with his tongue. Once you get past the idea and let yourself go (and him too) you will find that it is incredibly arousing. Be willing to do it to your guy as it is very pleasurable for us as well. In another article I will explain how to have anal sex and that you can actually climax with anal sex. This article is about foreplay not actual intercourse.

10. Stroking your vagina with his penis. Before your man enters you for intercourse, have him take by now his erect penis and stroke it between your vaginal lips and on your clitty. Have him tease the entrance of your vagina with it. This will cause you to get exceedingly wet and your vagina can actually ache from the desire to be penetrated. Believe me two or three minutes of this kind of stimulation will have you literally begging him to take you and enter you. That will of course be a huge turn on and compliment for him.


Now I know that the idea of after play to you seems unlikely.
You feel that you don’t get enough foreplay and usually once a man

Climaxes, then it is usually all over. Tell your man that you still
Have climaxes left in you and you would like him to get you off
some more. Tell him how horny he makes you and that you
want more of him. This is usually enough to persuade him.

11. Getting additional Orgasms Most men do not understand
That once he has you to this level of sexual excitement, it is a lot easier for you to achieve additional orgasms. Here is how you can easily knock off another ten orgasms. Get a Hitachi Magic Wand Vibrator. You have to order it on-line. It is the most intense, most powerful vibrator out there. You turn it on high and place it at your clitty. You have your man rhythmically finger you with his thumb, (a thumb is a lot bigger and close to the size of your man’s erect penis in girth) while also sucking on your nipples at the same time. The combination of the multiple sensory inputs will easily and powerfully give you additionally orgasms. This might so turn your man on that he gets another erection for another go round. Be sure and be very complimentary to him for taking such good care of you and you love how he makes you come with multiple orgasms. Positive reinforcement does wonders to encourage your guy to do it for you on a regular basis.

12. Once you are both satisfied, have him go into the bathroom an
And get a large towel and have him soak it in very hot water. Then have him wring it out very well and have him give you a hot towel massage. Have him pay careful attention to cleaning up between your legs. You will feel wonderfully pampered and be sure to ooh and aah. Then have him get a dry towel and dry you off and then have him powder your whole body down with your favorite powder. Then have him climb back in bed with you for cuddling time and spooning. You should put on a pair of silky panties, (not thongs) for spooning because the feeling of his penis against your butt covered by silky panties feels very erotic to him. The silkiness of the back of your panties reminds him of the wonderful feeling of the silky interior of your wet vagina. Have him lovingly stroke your butt through those panties. You will love the feeling of his hand stroking your butt and he will love the feeling of those silky panties against his penis and against his hand. If you include all of these techniques, I guarantee you happier and more satisfied sex.

Daddy Daughter Dates, Another Great Guest Post

June 18, 2010

This is another great post I found by tag surfing. Dads, little girls desperately need daddy love to grow up healthy with a healthy self image. You owe it to your daughter to make time for her and show her your love. If you don’t give it, she will search for it in innapropriate relationships with older men. I can’t recommend highly enough Brian’s column to dads everywhere.

Blessings on you and yours
John Wilder

“I Love Working With You”
The Greatest Leadership Role
briandoddonleadership Relationships dating, daughter, Father, God, Husband, love, parents 5 Comments

When my daughter became four years old, I began taking her on “dates” every Saturday morning. The first time we went out it simply seemed like a nice idea. I bought her a small flower arrangement and then took her to breakfast at Panera Bread Company ( She and I had such a great time that we decided to do it again the next Saturday. The next thing we knew over four years had passed with us setting aside time every Saturday morning to go on ”dates”. We never missed.

My daughter is now 11 years old and the last three years we have had to become more creative in how we intentionally set aside our time together but we still do. This has resulted in an absolutely joyous and fulfilling time in my life and role as a father.

The following are 10 lessons I learned from seven years of regular dates with my daughter.

1.It gives my wife some much-needed alone time. She works very hard and I’m glad to give her down time to focus on herself.
2.It gives me an opportunity to establish a benchmark of how my daughter should expect to be treated on real dates when she is older. We cover everything – driving speed, opening doors, how to order, how to treat the waitress, etc…
3.It gives my daughter and I a chance for relaxed, uninterrupted conversation. I am also very strategic that these conversations are agendaless, fun and replenishing.
4.It gives me a chance to discuss her issues and agenda in a non-threatening environment which opens the door for me to suggest how to address those items. Unless I invest in her, I should not expect to be heard.
5.It builds a foundation for discussing her issues and concerns during the teenage and young adult years.
6.It is very cost-effective. We normally go to a local restaurant where we get a couple of muffins and water. This $7 investment will yield a lifetime of significant results.
7.It builds great memories. I will always cherish the times we spent together. Also, there are literally dozens of stuffed animals and souvenirs from our times together around the house.
8.Children are just passing through. I never knew how much my daughter growing up accelerates time. The time I have to enjoy my daughter and be the primary influence in her life is very short. Weekly dates allow me to make the most our time together because before I know it, she will be out of the house.
9.I think I enjoy it more than she does. Most relationships demand something from you. The only thing my daughter demands is time. And I gladly give it to her. She makes me laugh and I just thoroughly enjoy her company. The most rewarding leadership role in my life is as a husband and father.
10.You get a first hand look at how God shapes a human life. To watch how tender her heart is, the innocence in which she approaches life’s issues, her love for people and those who are hurting amazes me. It also gives me a picture of her incredible potential and a peek at what God can do in her life.
11.OK one more, my daughter now talks with me constantly throughout the week. What a return on investment!!! One of the favorite things I often hear when I get home from work is ”Daddy, we need to take a walk.” This is code for “I have an issue that I need to discuss with you.” What a privilege!!
Fathers, if you’re looking for a way to increase your leadership in the place it matters the most – Your Home – and make wonderful memories, I can’t recommend enough setting aside time each week for your daughter. Make the date!!! You will enjoy it more than her and the dividends will last for years.

Men Are More Emotionally Vulnerable Than Women

June 15, 2010

ScienceDaily (June 14, 2010) — Contrary to popular belief, the ups and downs of romantic relationships have a greater effect on the mental health of young men than women, according to a new study by a Wake Forest University sociology professor.

In the study of more than 1,000 unmarried young adults between the ages of 18 and 23, Wake Forest Professor of Sociology Robin Simon challenges the long-held assumption that women are more vulnerable to the emotional rollercoaster of relationships. Even though men sometimes try to present a tough face, unhappy romances take a greater emotional toll on men than women, Simon says. They just express their distress differently than women.

Simon’s research is published in the June issue of the Journal of Health and Social Behavior. Anne Barrett, associate professor of sociology at Florida State University, co-authored the article.

“Our paper sheds light on the association between non-marital romantic relationships and emotional well-being among men and women on the threshold of adulthood,” Simon says. “Surprisingly, we found young men are more reactive to the quality of ongoing relationships.”

That means the harmful stress of a rocky relationship is more closely associated with men’s than women’s mental health. The researchers also found that men get greater emotional benefits from the positive aspects of an ongoing romantic relationship. This contradicts the stereotypic image of stoic men who are unaffected by what happens in their romantic relationships.

Simon suggests a possible explanation for the findings: For young men, their romantic partners are often their primary source of intimacy — in contrast to young women who are more likely to have close relationships with family and friends. Strain in a current romantic relationship may also be associated with poor emotional well-being because it threatens young men’s identity and feelings of self-worth, she says.

She also explains how men and women express emotional distress in different ways. “Women express emotional distress with depression while men express emotional distress with substance problems,” Simon says.

While young men are more affected emotionally by the quality of their current relationships, young women are more emotionally affected by whether they are in a relationship or not, Simon says. So, young women are more likely to experience depression when the relationship ends or benefit more by simply being in a relationship.

For the study, Simon and Barrett analyzed data from a large sample of young adult men and women in south Florida. The survey data was originally gathered for a long-term study of mental health and the transition to adulthood.

Simon says there is much still to learn about these relationships between men and women in early adulthood, so she advocates for more research on this prolonged and varied period in the life course that is characterized by identity exploration, a focus on the self, and forging new relationships.

Men From A Woman’s Point of View, Another Outstanding Guest Post

June 14, 2010

I have searched the blogs and have come up with another outstanding post. It gives hope to men everywhere and puts feminsts into their place.

Men–From A Woman’s Point of View9
Her link if you want to read more

Now, there are some women out there that have the “all men are pigs” attitude, but really, not all men are. Personally, I happen to think men are fantastic beings and they fascinate me. Why, you ask? Well let me tell you why I think that.

Men are great conversationalists
Yes, it’s true. Men do talk and they love to talk about what they like. If you take the time to ask them questions, and find out what they like….engage! I have found that when you ask a man questions about himself, and genuinely look interested, he will talk…happily. If you take the time to listen, you’ll learn something new and the more he will want to talk to you.

Men are smart
They are smart about what they know and take interest in. Does your man like football? Books? Photography? Show some interest and ask about his hobbies. You don’t have to make his hobbies your hobbies, but take some initiative to learn more about what he knows. I always say it’s good to know some “boy” things.

Not all men are assholes
This might be a shock to some women out there, but some men (a lot of men) are very sweet, giving, thoughtful and sensitive. Shocker? Not to me. Hey, we’ve all had our fair share of jackhole men, but those asses don’t define the whole of mankind.

Men have a different point of view of things
I might catch some flack for this statement, but sometimes, ladies, we are wrong. Seeing things from a different point of view (a man’s point of view) can sometimes add clarity to things.

Men have parts
If you haven’t already noticed, men have different parts as women….hehe, that’s a fascinating thing. (and that’s all I’m going to say about that–for now)

So, there are other things that I find awesome about men, but those are just the immediate things I can think of.

All men are not jerks.

Men are fabulous.

Pour Love On Your Spouse, Another Great Guest Post

June 10, 2010 Link to the blog

Pour Love on Your Spouse June 7, 2010 · 7 Comments Love Everyday is on a blog tour! This week, it’s my turn to share with you the section I contributed called Pouring on Love, which offers details on how to truly invest your energy into your spouse. The e-book version offers 26 other great posts for you to enjoy. Last Week: In case you missed it, Television and Relationships was posted by Stu at The Marry Blogger. What you are about to read is only one piece of a 27-page collaborative e-book written to help you learn how to make your marriage extraordinary amidst the chaos of life. After reading this post, be sure to download a complete copy of LOVE EVERYDAY absolutely free! How to Pour Love on Your Spouse While we can’t control the amount of happiness produced in our relationships, we can control the amount of love and effort poured into them. Gaining a little more happiness is like gaining a little more money; you always want more. But giving and receiving love generates fulfillment. There are myriad ways to show love, but we know love when we see it, hear it, read it, and feel it. Love is in the details, the thoughtfulness, the caring. When you act in a loving—even sacrificial—manner, you experience The Paradox of Giving. This is the secret your grandparents knew about: It is in giving that we receive. The joy and love you give returns to you. Yes, it is risky to invest yourself fully. If you have chosen your partner well, the return is often much higher than expected. A couple who focuses on the other’s needs experiences joy and deep satisfaction that makes fleeting happiness look like leftover casserole—fine, but nothing to write home about. How can you pour on love? Voraciously study your spouse. Put as much energy into that research as in your career and hobbies. Try to understand and participate in their interests as they change over time—recreational, musical, romantic, sexual and culinary interests. Ask about your partner’s hopes, preferences, desires, dislikes, and fears. Encourage their dreams. Communicate your needs and desires as well. Be the one who knows them best, and help them to know your heart. Learn new things together. Express how important he or she is to you. Have fun together. Show at least one act of kindness each day—send a short email, cook a meal, give a backrub. Give your respect, vulnerability, time, undivided attention, intimacy, patience, fidelity, commitment and devotion. Do it without keeping score. Do it without stopping. Do it with love. Individual freedom and personal happiness are two of the highest American ideals. The pursuit of happiness takes up most of our time and energy, while learning to be loving is perhaps an afterthought. The success of all our relationships depends on how we love. How do you pour love into your relationship and make your spouse feel truly cared for?

And To Obey Him, Another Great Guest Post

June 9, 2010

This is the second time that I have reposted from this blog. This young lady has it down and explains the secret to “happily ever after” I commend her blog to you, read and enjoy. Here is the link to her blog.

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→…And to Obey Him
June 7, 2010 by mstryst 5 Comments

This weekend I had the opportunity to finally watch the animated movie Up. It was the tale of a man who marries his childhood sweetheart. When his wife dies, he devotes the remainder of his life to fulfill her childhood dreams. It was a beautiful depiction of lifelong devotion and commitment to love and a person. But how do you really know this is the person whom you are meant to share the rest of your life?

I begin to think about a conversation some friends and I had at a friend’s wedding some months ago. The conversation was centered around the more traditional vows that were exchanged during the ceremony. “..Do you take him be your lawful, wedded husband for as long as you both shall live, to love him, cherish him, honour him, comfort him, respect him, and to obey him according to God’s Law?” It had been years, at least ten, since I had heard the “and to obey him” included in the vows. We, as women, have gotten away from those terms and detest the notion of being obedient and submissive to a man.

However, what if that was the tool for determining the man a woman should marry- one she would obey? Obedience over the years has gained a bad rep for no apparent reason. Children used to obey their parents. Employees used to obey their boss. Wives used to obey their husbands. Then, when obedience was prominent, our communities were certainly better…

Obedience first requires respect which I can only imagine is useful, if not vital, in a marriage. I would say, the next ingredient in obedience is trust. Trust is often only associated with fidelity. However, the greater need may be for a woman to trust her husband to make the best decisions for his family. This trust in him is that he will put his needs and wants behind those of his family. For me, this would be a solid indicator of husband material because I don’t think there are too many men that can match my brilliance. You see, women often catch the details most men miss and add the compassion some men lack. I am often forced to add a woman’s touch to ensure success of any project. So a man that not only sees the big picture but pays attention to the details with delicacy and care distinguishes himself from the pack. Such a man deserves those eternal and traditional vows of obedience. He would in turn take the vow to be the devoted and committed husband of the movie Up.

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