Romancing Your Man By Talking Dirty in Bed

July 19, 2010

Romancing Your Man by Talking Dirty in Bed
At a recent visit to another blog, I wrote about talking dirty to your man to romance him. I was frankly surprised at the number of women who can’t get themselves to do this and choose deliberately not to do it. I was even more surprised at the vehemence with which women condemned me and vilified me over my suggestion that they get over it and do something nice for their husbands.
Women you need to stop vilifying people who point out a shortcoming in you. This is my number one complaint about women by men in my practice. You cut off all effective communication with your man when you attack him when he points out something that he does not like about you. You would do your relationship far better if you listened to him and tried to accommodate him. That trite old cliché’ about when momma ain’t happy, then no one is happy” is an example of verbal bullying women put their men through.
You don’t like to be verbally bullied by your man, why is it okay to do it to him?
I realize that for many women talking dirty is just not your thing and you have inhibitions about it. I would suggest that you become sexually adventurous in the bedroom. Men love women who get into sexuality with gusto. Talking dirty is a nice alternative when he is feeling like a bad boy and wants a bad girl to play with. He won’t think less of you for indulging his bad boy sexuality but will be pleased and satisfied if you get into it with him.
In order to romance your man, sometimes it takes getting into something that might not have appeal to you but definitely has appeal to him. Just like giving your man flowers is a waste of money because they simply don’t have the same meaning to him that they do with you. If you are going to romance him, you have to give him the things that he wants and not necessarily what you want. How much better would he appreciate you for being a good sport and really getting into talking dirty to him occasionally?
Ladies, I will let you in on a little secret if you don’t already know it. Men have differing moods about sex. Sometimes it is just about getting off as quickly as possible, sometimes it is about tender and loving and romantic, sometimes it is about laughing and slap and tickle and wrestling around the bed. Other times it is about the world has beat him up and he needs nurturing at your breasts. And sometimes he wants to be bad and fuck your brains out. That mood can only be served if you are willing to go there and talk dirty to him and encourage him with gusto and every dirty word in your vocabulary. If you love the guy, why not give him the occasional treat that he will really appreciate?
Learn to embrace your inner slut. The old Italian proverb about what a guy wants in a wife: A good mother for his children, a good hostess for his friends and a slut in the bedroom.

Bottom line is you need to lose your inhibitions about some things, especially about talking dirty in bed with your man.

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