What Women Want From A Man in a Relationship

August 3, 2010

It only seems fair that since the previous post was about what men wanted in a relationship with a woman, I should post one on what women want in a relationship with a guy.

First of all, a woman wants a man to treat her well and be gentle with her. The bible says that the woman is the “weaker vessel”. God gave us superior strength to protect women not to use it against them. The ultimate definition of a real man is one who is strong and yet knows when to show gentleness. This is also true with his children. Children are remarkably soft and malleable and hurt easily. A woman wants to know that the man is trustworthy with kids and will be a good dad. (A personal aside from the author, I consider being a dad the most important job any man can have,)

A woman also wants a man who is charming but won’t hit on her friends. It is important that you like or at least tolerate her friends but hitting on or leering at them is absolutely out of bounds.

A woman wants to feel special with you. The way to show that is to always remember her birthday and your anniversary. Carve it in stone, mark it on your calendar but don’t forget. These things are special to a woman and she wants you to remember her with a thoughtful gift.

A woman wants a little romance. Just because you are getting it regularly from her is no reason to stop the romance. Ocasional flowers for just because are always nice. You get double brownie points if you have them delivered to her work in front of her coworkers. Another use of flowers is to strip them of their petals and sprinkle them on the turned down bed with some candles lit. She will be especially passionate if you do this, especially if you couple it with a hot bubble bath. You can either wash her or get in the tub with her.

When it comes to sex, it should always be ladies first when it comes to orgasms. Study a little technique on how to pleasure a woman. Then ask her what she likes and wants. Tell her you really want to please her.

Finally, when it comes to housework, it should be an even division of labor especially if she is working outside the home. If you want more sex from her you need to do more around the house. There is nothing unmanly about cleaning a shower or toilet or doing a load of laundry or dishes. Remember the weaker vessel. If she is working outside the home she is exhausted when she gets home too. It makes her want to scream at you when you sit around all night watching tv while she does housework and then you want her to put out at night. This is the single biggest complaint I get from women clients in my practice, Men you need to do it better.

Ladies, I would be happy for you to add your comments if I have missed anything. Let us hear what is on your mind.
Blessings on you and yours.

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