Treat Your Marriage Like A Business, another Life Gems Guest Post

This is another great guest post from Life Gems blog. Lori does a great job at it and I highly recommend reading her blog and subscribing to it. One of the things that I would recommend in treating your marriage like a business is to learn good conflict resolutions skills. I have several articles on my site about this. Blessings to all who read this
John Wilder

Here is the link to her blog

Use Business Skills to Win in Your Relationship
Posted on October 1, 2010
by lorilowe| Leave a comment
Tennessee Entrepreneur Louis Upkins Jr. published the following tips in a Business Week article called Manage Your Marriage Like a Business to help successful businesspeople use their work skills to help their marriages. Specifically, he recommends consistent excellent customer service strategies rather than “working at” a great marriage.

I think he offers excellent advice. He also reminds us that “a wide body of research suggests that the status of our marriages influences our well-being at least as much as the status of our finances.” He says he is amazed by the number of successful executives who on the surface seem to “have it all,” but who fully admit they are anything but happy. Here’s a summary of his ideas; link to his article for more details:

1.Know your customer. Stay in tune with your spouse’s changing needs, hopes, and concerns. If you’re not sure what they are, ask.
2.Earn their business every day. Just as you would impress clients with attention and treat them with respect, do the same for your partner.
3.Don’t make excuses. Customers (and spouses) want solutions, not excuses. When you make a mistake, acknowledge your error, and then fix it.
4.Work on a win-win strategy. Regularly ask your spouse, “What can I do to help you be successful?” Then follow through with what they need. Use your planning skills to balance the family’s needs, for example if one spouses is putting their career on hold to raise children.
5.Mix business with pleasure. “We seldom give our spouses the rewarding experiences we give our best customers. Find ways to inject new life into your relationship via activities that have no purpose other than to say, ‘You matter.’”
Upkins reminds professionals that they strive for excellence on the job, and they shouldn’t settle for anything less of themselves at home. In fact, the skills acquired on the job can help you retain your most valuable customer, your spouse.

What other business skills do you think come in handy in your marriage? What necessary skill sets for marriage are very different from what you learn at work?

9 Responses to Treat Your Marriage Like A Business, another Life Gems Guest Post

  1. I must admit (a little sheepishly) that I’ve never had a paying job for more than nine weeks at a stretch (and it’s been years since the last job), so I don’t really remember any of my business skills. (I do remember complaining to my mom about all the grease on the floor of the fast food place I worked one summer, and complaining even more about a particularly strange editor at the company where I was a tech writer for 6 weeks.)

    Upkins offers some great advice here; I recently read a book that advocated adopting a solution-oriented mindset about marital problems. I think all too often we focus on the problem rather than search for a creative solution, both in our work and our relationships. (In other words, we’re lazy. Excuses are easy, finding great solutions can be hard.)

    Excellent post. Thanks for passing on the article/blog post.

    • Your point is well taken. Solutions based outcomes is the basis for marriage coaching rather than marriage counseling. This is just but one of the many reasons that tradtional marriage counseling fails so miserably (75% failure rate, it is an ugly secret in the counseling comunity)

      Blessings on you and yours
      John Wilder

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  3. branchenbuch says:

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    Keep working ,great job!

  4. Hey Branchenbuch

    Thanks for the kind words and for stopping by.

    John Wilder

  5. Nice job, I notice that you get a lot of visitors

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