Women, If You Want a Happy Marriage, Love Your Husband Like a Dog

Having a happy marriage is relatively easy. Women make or break a relationship. Here is how to make it. Love your husband like a dog. If you have a dog or ever had a dog, you know what I am talking about. They don’t call dogs man’s best friend for nothing. Think about it:

When he comes home the dog is always there wagging its tail and obviusly happy to have the man home.

The dog is always ready to play with him whenever he wants to.

The dog wants to always please him. The dog would be a lap dog if your husband let him. The dog is always ready to give him dog kisses. The dog loves to keep him company. The dog loves to go for a walk with him. The dog loves to ride in the car with him. The dog would always protect your husband and take his side. The dog would love to sleep in bed with your husband. He takes his place at the bedside gladly. The dog never tells your husband that he is wrong.

If you just model your behavior on the dog, you would be your husband’s best friend and isn’t that what a happy marriage should be?

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4 Things Pets Teach Us About Marriage

Posted: 04 Oct 2010 06:36 AM PDT

You wonder sometimes about the projects psychologists take on, but Suzanne B. Phillips, Psy.D., ABPP, a clinical psychologist at Long Island University explored our relationship with pets and what they can teach us about our romantic relationships. She shared her tips for PsychCentral.

Unconditional Love
We can learn quite a lot from our interactions with our pets about how we can improve our interactions with our spouses. Phillips says our lack of expectation for our pets makes a big difference in how we prepare for interactions with them. People often describe pets as offering unconditional love, but she explains the reality is far from that. Pets require a great deal of time, attention, food and care. They often damage our possessions and make messes, but we accept their flaws because of our devotion for them. While we often don’t love one another completely unconditionally, accept your partner for his or her flaws out of love.

The first thing we do is greet our pets with a happy, animated voice, and usually an affectionate pat. I admit the greeting I give my pet is probably far more animated than my hubby receives. Consider a friendlier greeting for your spouse with a kiss or some sort of affectionate touch.

Holding Grudges
Even when our pet eats our socks or soils the floor, we don’t stay mad at them, at least not for long. Try to get past your grievances without holding a grudge against your partner or bringing up past hurts.

We usually accept our pets for their unique personalities, even when they are quirky or embarrassing. Our spouse would be so lucky to have such a lack of judgment.

Assuming the Best
Phillips says there is a natural tendency to forgive our pets for their wrongdoings. We would do well to remember our spouses also rarely intend to upset us. Give them the benefit of the doubt their intentions are good.

We’ve heard the research that pets can improve our health, but perhaps it’s true from these examples that they can also help our relationships. What have you learned from your pet about love? Why are we so much quicker to forgive our pets than our spouses?

5 Responses to Women, If You Want a Happy Marriage, Love Your Husband Like a Dog

  1. misstaing says:

    If it takes a woman loving her husband like a dog to make a marriage happy, then I think it should work both ways. I love my dogs because they are always there and happy to see me, they listen and don’t talk back and always provide unconditional love. Lol, some of the things I look for in a guy!

  2. lauradroege says:

    Hmmm…I can just picture myself greeting my husband at the door with a slobbery kiss and a wagging tail! Do you think he’d mind if I jumped up on him and barked in his face? Seriously, though, I like this idea. Being content in someone’s presence, being excited about seeing them–that helps a relationship more loving. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, John.

  3. You could greet him at the door with a great kiss and then sit in his lap and stroke his hair and kiss him some more. It is about not taking each other for granted. I am quite sure that you don’t do that. Getting rid of the sexual inhibitions works great too.

    Blessings on you and yours
    John Wilder

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