5 Sex Tips for Christmas

December 16, 2010

I bring you this little present of a guest post from the online magazine called Betty confidential. Why not add your own holiday themed sex tips to the comments section. Have a very merry and naughty Christimas and a raunchier new year.

Blessings on you and yours
John Wilder

‘Tis the season to get it on in bed! With those chilly temperatures, spending time inside getting hot and heavy with your man, or a special friend, is a great way to stay warm during winter. Check out these 5 holiday themed sex tips to spice up your December!

5. Mistletoe: Hang this over your bed to let your man know that every night is a go during holiday season

4. Candy Cane Vibrator: Grown-ups get toys during the holidays too! Give your sex life a holiday theme by giving yourself the gift that keeps on giving and snapping up one of these holiday theme vibrators.

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3. Jingle Bells: Spice up the “you on top” position by reaching around a grabbing his bags of fun while you are riding him. “I love when my girlfriend grabs my balls while we are doing it with her on top,” Brandon from Orange County says. “It kicks the whole sexual experience up a notch!”

2. The Mint Candy Cane Oral Sex Trick: Break off a small piece of mint candy cane, and suck on it until your mouth is coated with the minty tingle. Then slip the piece to the side of your mouth and give your man oral sex. He will love the tingly sensation he feels from the mint (An Altoid or other mint works well, too).

1. Role playing: Dressing up during the holidays can be extra sexy when you play Santa and Mrs. Claus. Who has been nice – and more importantly, who has been naughty?!

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