Sexual Resolutions for The New Year For Men

December 30, 2010

As a marriage and sexual coach, the number one complaint that I get about men from women clients is how lousy you are in bed. Is it any wonder you are not getting more sex? You need to make sure that your woman is well pleasured and satisfied before she is big on letting you use her vagina as a masturbation aid. I have guest posted this column from the girl next door link from Men’s Health Magazine. They have a lot of sexual advice for you guys.

Blessings on you and yours
John Wilder

Question: What’s a smart New Year’s sex resolution all guys should make?

Answer: There are several. At least, that’s what I recently learned when I posed the question to a handful of my girlfriends. Here’s what’s on their wish lists:

· More public displays of affection
· Triple the foreplay duration
· A 1:1 oral sex ratio
· Breaking out the sex toys more often
· Staying awake for at least 10 minutes after sex
· Clean fingernails and hair (freak’s sake, guys)

Nothing too radical, right? That’s because women aren’t looking for you to rewrite the Kama Sutra (although attempting a new position now and then is always fun). What they prefer is that you just put in a renewed effort to connect, share pleasure, and enjoy each other. Need some inspiration? Check out our lists of 10 ways to jumpstart your sex life and 6 steps to be a better lover for ideas on where to begin.

And Happy New Year!

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