How To Be Very Naughty and Yet Moral

I have a blogger buddy named Rob who gets inspiration from my blogs and then does a take off and writes his own blog. Recently he has been talking about doing 3 somes which I don’t approve of. I thought that you can still be very naughty without doing someone else’s wife and so I offer these three suggestions for your consideration

Here is a way to add a lot of spice to your marriage that is over the top naughty but still you maintain your morality.

A lot of people women included have thought about threesomes. Some couples think about swinging. I have never known a couple who have embraced that lifestyle that has stayed married and I specifically counsel against it because it is simply the beginning of the end of your marriage.

What I offer instead are some very real and very naughty things that you can do with your wife where you maintain your morality as well as hers. It is for the open minded people who still have morals.

My wife and I used to play “Tease The Trucker”. In this scenario, she would wear a very short skirt with lacy and sexy pink panties on underneath. I would get her to recline her seat down all the way and I would hike up that skirt so that her panties were exposed and slide my hand inside them and get her off while slowly passing truckers who could look down and see the action. Sometimes after getting off several times, she would put the seat back up and bend over on her knees so that those panties were exposed from the rear and would bend over and give me a blow job while the truckers watched. She enjoyed the anonymous attention and the thrill that she was giving to the truckers and I got to enjoy her and having the truckers wishing that they could trade places with me.

Other times we would do it on the beach at night knowing that people could walk by. It was dark so they were not going to see a lot but they could see a little and it was very fun and very naughty.

My ultimate fantasy is to do it with another couple in a motel room. We don’t screw each other’s other halves, we just do it in front of them and they do it in front of us with the lights on. I envision it going two ways, one we are all doing it together and watching or one couple is doing it while the other couple watches and then you watch them. I see us spending the night and perhaps getting it on again and then in the morning, the women run around in panties while getting ready while the men watch and then we all go out for breakfast. There is no cross touching or infidelity to screw things up but boy is it a turn on.

Why don’t you add your comment about your naughty but moral fantasy for other’s enjoyment?

26 Responses to How To Be Very Naughty and Yet Moral

  1. kdaddy23 says:

    We work well together, huh?

  2. Candice says:

    I told my very conservative (and older) man about Rob’s threesome notion (not interested thank goodness!) but he bought John’s frilly panties in the car fantasy wholesale (poor me!).

  3. John Wilder says:

    Hey Rob:

    We do indeed work well together.


  4. John Wilder says:

    Hey Candice
    Hey you might actually enjoy it. There is something affirming to having another man lusting after your body. It is entirely anonymous and a little guilty pleasure. What did the old man think about the idea of doing it with another couple in the room? I originally got it from a woman who had done with her hubby over 50 times with another couple and she said that nobody ever got tired of it. Her only regret is that she and her husband got divorced and so the couple play went away and she actually missed it.

    Blessings on you and yours
    John Wilder

  5. John Wilder says:

    Hey Rob and Candice
    Why not check with your spouses and come up with some naugthy fantasies of your own and give them to my readers.

    Blessings on you both

    • kdaddy23 says:

      We don’t have much in the way of fantasies – we’ve run through the list already even though it was pretty short to begin with. We embrace sex and sexuality so when one of us said, “Hey, I always wanted to…” we just did it and basked in our “naughtiness.” From time to time, I’ll ask her if she’s come up with anything new – I exhausted my list a long time ago – and even if she hasn’t thought of anything, talking about what might be on her mind is rather stimulating and exciting… and makes for good sex afterward.

      • Hey Rob
        It is always fun to try something new. As to redoing existing ones, the woman who told me about doing it in the motel room with some friends of hers said that they did it over 50 times and never got rired of it.


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  8. Good thinking. Wondering what you think of it’s implication on society as a whole though? There are times when things like this begin to have global expansion and frustration. I’ll check back to see what you have to say.

    • Hey Melony
      Hey I am all for better sex
      John Wilder

    • kdaddy23 says:

      Melony, depending on your point of view, the implications on society are either good or not very much so. My personal thought is that if we continue to treat sex and sexuality and even relationships as if this were still 1950 or even prior to that, we become stuck in place. Some move forward but with great resistance from society, doing all that wild, crazy, and immoral stuff that is, in fact, becoming more global.

      Perhaps not out of a sense of hedonism but maybe as a reaction to the worldwide stress we’ve been seeing lately. Or, maybe it’s a headlong rush into our sexual growth as a species? People have shown that they can step out there and do non-traditional things when it comes to sex and relationship but retain their moral integrity as well as their belief in God, if not organized religion.

      And as long as it means better sex, well, why not? Of course, society and the current moral mindset doesn’t quite agree with the premise… but even it is starting to change and it’s anyone’s guess where it will wind up.

  9. Great points altogether, you just gained a brand new reader. I’m curious if you have any follow ups to this post?

  10. Great points altogether, you just gained a brand new reader. I’m curious if you have any follow ups to this post?

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  12. Hey Heather
    I have no idea
    John Wilder

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    John Wilder

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