Brilliant Wisdom in the Body of a Twenty Something Young Lady

This is a link to a brilliant young woman who is wise beyond her years. I never cease to be amazed at her well written and life affirming messages. She is functionality as opposed to dysfunction. I offer two of her columns on my blog as a guest poster. I suggest that you subscribe to her blogs. You too will be amazed at this twenty something young lady with the wisdom of a grandmother. Her blog address is kadams1234

It’s monday
For those working Monday through Friday, Monday can be a depressing day. It’s the start of the routine. It’s the start of waking up early. It’s the start of going to a place where we are not in control. It’s the start of dealing with all the other idiot drivers. It’s the start of frustrations. I could continue.

Why does it have to be looked at as the start of negativity? We should see it as a new day. It’s truly not the start of anything. The start of our weekly schedule started the day we were born. And the true end would be the day we die. So, if Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday is due to repeat for an unknown amount of time, it’s up to us to find away to make it more than a routine. It’s up to us to find away to make it special.

Maybe today is the day you start meeting for dinner or a brisk snack with friends. After a week or two, it would make you look forward to Mondays. I say change that which makes you miserable. If you truly hate Mondays, then you can truly find away to love them. There has to be something you can physically do to change your opinion. Nope, I will not accept any excuses or road blocks you put up here. This is your life, if you want to continue to make excuses and be miserable, you very well can.

If you want to be happy and take back your control of your life, then now is the time to do it. And, don’t let another person’s no, cause you to stop trying. The truth is you don’t need another person to really hold your hand. You are born alone in this body, and you will die alone. You experience life alone…even though you have companionship with another human they are not inside your body….only you are. If you take this approach, then going some place regularly alone is not any different from going with another. You just have to decided to change your life from I hate to I love. Trust me, you visit a place enough times, someone will remember you….and then you go alone, but you know you are not alone.

Life is about everyday. Everyday you wake up. You get out of bed. You walk through the steps of getting ready. You head out in the world thinking today is a new day. There is no other person responsible for our misery or happiness than our selves. If you want time, make time. Stop filing in excuses to help you feel better about not doing something. There are twenty four hours in a day. There is plenty of time for you to get your errands done, and take time for yourself. Whatever cannot be completed in a typical workday can be left for tomorrow.

Yes, it is easy for me to say this because I don’t live your life. But, I also don’t work myself into the ground, worrying about things that are not going to matter when I’m on my death bed looking back over my life. I worry about here and now. I worry if I got everything I could done, and if I made time to get back to myself. I found I enjoy being outside and going on four mile hikes about a year ago. I never knew until that moment, I liked it. I still enjoy them everyday. I give that to myself, because it makes me feel happy. I don’t have to worry about my phone ringing off the hook. I don’t have to worry about someone yelling or screaming at me. I don’t have to wait on someone. It’s just me and the scenery.

What do you enjoy? Could you find time everyday to do it? If no, how come? If you aren’t willing to put yourself first at some point everyday, how can you expect others too? How can you expect to be happy? You are serving other people and never yourself. Of course, you can lie and say it makes you happy to serve others twenty four hours and seven days a week. But that’s a lie. Nothing is fun that long and for that many days. There may be parts that bring you joy, but if you cripple yourself now – when you get older you’ll wish you had take more moments to get back to yourself. Take them today. You already put off yesterday want you expected to get done the day before. It’s the being of 2011. It’s time to get back to yourself.

blessings on you and yours
John Wilder

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