12 Sex Tips for Men From Real Women

This article was pulled from Men’s Health. I have added my own comments to a few of the comments after the woman’s name. Enjoy and let me know of your own techniques to make it better for the women. Enjoy and blessings on you and yours
John Wilder

Eighty-seven percent of the women we polled said they’re happy to coach their men through sex. We asked them to start.

Explore the Unexplored

“There are still a lot of erogenous spots he hasn’t found—behind my knees, inside my elbow, my ankles, and more.” —Veronica, 41

Crank Up the Volume

“I love hearing him enjoying himself. It’s how I know I’m doing it right. Let go and I will, too.” —Crystal, 29 A A note from me, scream when you climax, it actually increases the intensity by over 30%. Try it and see if it does not feel better.

Embrace Technology

“Just because I want to use sex toys with him doesn’t mean he’s doing something wrong.” —Erika, 28

Follow Through

“Sometimes when I’m almost ready to climax and I’m moaning a lot, he gets excited and takes it as a sign to change position. That kills the orgasm, and I have to start all over again.” —Kim, 26

Watch with Her

“Certain kinds of porn really turn me on, even girl-on-girl. I want him to watch with me.” —Amanda, 29

Mix It Up

“I really love sex, but not when it’s a routine. Make it feel fresh—do it in the morning instead of before bed . . . or even better, in the middle of the day. Take a long lunch break! That’s a thrill.” —Anna, 20 Yes guys too many of you do it the same way every time, it gets boring.

Be Detail Oriented

“A random kiss on the back of my neck can turn me on more than an hour of foreplay does.” —Stayce, 43 I suggest coming up behind the woman, wrapping both arms around her and kissing and biting the back of her neck lightly.

Start the Conversation

“I’m willing to be much more adventurous, but I can’t find the words to tell him that.” —Ashley, 27

Show Her Your Passion

“All he has to do to bring me to orgasm is look into my eyes. Emotion pushes me.” —Amy, 33

Play Rough with Her

“I wish one day he’d come home from work, throw me on the bed (or floor, or furniture) and ravage me rough.” —Michelle, 34 Here is a technique that works for me every time guys, literally rip her panties off by hooking your hand in the waistband and ripping them in one fast move. It simutaneously scares and excites women and every women that I have ever done it with has told me that she loves it. A lot of women like their hair pulled from behind when doing it doggy style, she also likes to get spanked hard on the butt when doing her doggy style. A lot of women have secret rape fantasies. Ask her to tell her about hers and always always have a safe code word for her to use to let you know that it is going too far for her.

Pay Attention to Nonverbal Cues

“Certain things suddenly feel great. So when I move your hands somewhere, keep them there!” —Jasmine, 24

Dominate Her

“I like it when he leads. I’m in control during my day, and I want a break from that.” —Mayaan, 27

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  1. pamajama says:

    You could not be more correct about making noise :p)

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