Women, How You Can Tiger Proof Your Marriage

It is true that there are jerk men who feel the need to assuage their egos by carving notches in the bedposts. If you are married to this kind of guy, my heartfelt concerns are for you. These guys never get filled up because they lack self respect.

For the rest of you, the answer is easy; satisfy his needs.

Almost all of you have had the fantasy about living happily ever after. Too often that fantasy tends to be self centered where you see the “Prince Charming” sweeping you off of your feet and paying rapturous attention to you and pampering you and taking care of you. In talking with my female clients, they never took into consideration what their responsibility was in taking care of the prince to maintain the happily ever after.

Men are really, really simple. They have 3 basic needs, Respect, sex and food. According to Dr. Harley of His Needs , Her Needs, he would also say recreational companionship.

Man’s number one need is respect and admiration. Now we are living in a time of rampant MISANDRY. I suggest that you look it up on Wikipedia, it does a good job of explaining it. Basically it is reverse sexism towards men by women in our society. You can see it in the commercials. The man is portrayed as this helpless boob who has once again gotten himself and/or his family into trouble yet again. Then the “heroic woman” swoops in to save the day, all the while tossing off sarcastic and condescending remarks to her husband. You man needs your respect and admiration. He needs you to be his biggest cheerleader and he wants affirmation for how hard he tries to take care of you and the family. If you don’t give him respect, he will look for it elsewhere. You need to be his best friend and talk to him with respect at all times.

He also needs sex with you freely and lovingly given. Men get the bulk of their affectional needs through sex with their wife. Studies indicate that 60% of married women with children, inflict a starvation diet of sex once a week or less on their husbands. Now we can all agree that no woman should be forced to have sex against her will. What amazes me is the number of women who have no problem forcing her husband to do WITHOUT SEX AGAINST HIS WILL. Trust me, this breeds real resentment towards the wife. Every time he is forced to masturbate alone, it chips away at his affection for you and builds resentment. He feels as though you took vows and violated them. You vowed that he could have you and hold you. (euphemism for sex). In fact the dictionary backs this up. Look up the word unfaithful and it talks not only about cheating but being unfaithful to your vows to satisfy your mate. You need to give him sex freely and lovingly and also endeavor to give him the things that he asks for in bed. I can help you to get over your turnoffs to certain activities through a series of exercises. If you don’t give it, he will look elsewhere.

Now I have sympathy with young new mothers who feel exhausted. It is easy to put your husband’s sexual needs at the bottom of your priority list. AVOID THIS RELIGIOUSLY. You need to always put your husband’s needs at the top of your priority list. Make the relationship important and everything else falls in behind. He will accept a quicky when you are tired and be very grateful.

Now I understand that a lot of your husbands are lousy in the sack. This is because there is no school for sex that they can go to. It is easy to reject his overtures when you are tired and he does not take care of your needs. There is a solution for that. I am a marriage, relationship and sexual coach. I can give you help. I am also coming out with a book entitled: STOP HAVING LOUSY SEX. Believe me, he will become a hero in the bedroom when I am done with him. All you have to do is to drop me a line at marriagecoach1@yahoo.com and I will even give you a half hour complimentary session.

7 Responses to Women, How You Can Tiger Proof Your Marriage

  1. kdaddy23 says:

    Yeah, I kinda don’t like those commercials that make men look like abject idiots any more than I like the ones that make the man appear to have all the answers and always makes the right decisions. Methinks, however, you failed to mention that men are creatures of habit (just as women are) and changing a man’s approach to sex – and changing his whole view about it – is often a lot easier said than done.

    We (men) get jacked up because we resist change; we’ve always done it like this and there’s no good reason to change it even in the face of some change being required – like the woman who ain’t happy with you in bed. Likewise, some women get like this and more along the lines of what they’re not going to do and, often require a man to do a thing that’s either beyond their ability or something they’ve decided is a waste of time based on whatever past experiences they’ve had.

    You make it sound simple… but it never was. People do want to have great sex but it’s either fear or resistance to change that doesn’t allow them to have it and, equally often, it’s either fear or the perception of something rather than the truth of it that makes the good sex we all want an impossible task to accomplish.

    A lot of men and women won’t do a thing because someone else told them it wasn’t a good thing for them to do; yet, they have no actual firsthand experience with it. You can show them the truth and they can understand and even agree with it… but doing it? Good luck with that one. The last guy made giving him oral sex a nightmare? Guess what’s not going to happen with the next guy that comes along or, if it does, there’s a lot of reluctance and/or resistance involved. The wife/girlfriend a little frigid and nervous in the service? Chances are good that you’re not going to like what you find if you happen to uncover it – read that as she deigns to tell you and be truthful about it.

    And if you’re married and this stuff is in play, do couples really wanna sit down and tell each other how and why they’re doing something wrong in bed or are just incapable of providing good sex? Yeah, good luck with that one, too. Yes, people will do this but are they in the majority… or in the minority?

    Let me know when your book is published – and I’d like an autographed copy, please.

  2. Hey Rob
    I can only lead them in the right direction. Powers of persuasion are all I have. It seems to me that if the wife holds out more sex as incnentive, the guy would fall into place and if they don’t well they get what they deserive which is little.


  3. Mari Rotch says:

    Excellent! Your post has a bunch comments. How did you get all of these people to look at your blog I’m very jealous! I’m still getting to know all about posting articles on the internet. I’m going to look around on your site to get a better understanding how to attract more people. Thanks for the assistance! Social Outbreak Fan Pages

  4. Rich says:

    John, what if she has developed an aversion to sex?

    • Hey Rich
      Then you have to get to the bottom of why she has developed an aversion to sex.
      John Wilder

      • Rich says:

        Well… It’s cause she let me do things to her that bothered her conscience, and now she sees me as a pervert. I’m getting resentful and bitter. What now?

  5. Hey Rich
    Why don’t you tell me on my private email the things that you did that she now feels you are a pervert over and then we can chat?
    My private email address is marriagecoach1@yahoo.com

    John Wilder

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