Secrets on How To Romance a Woman

How To Romance a Woman

In my practice, the number one complaint I get is how lousy you guys are in the sack. The number two complaint is how lousy you are at romancing a woman. I am going to give you some tips for romancing a woman.

You need to practice the art of the date after you two settle down. A woman begins to feel taken for granted when you don’t romance her any more or take her out for some fun on the town. She does a lot of what you want her to do and watches the movies that you want to watch. You need to treat her and her interests with respect. Tell her you are going to take her out on the town to a nice restaurant, then to a club or an upscale bar where they have a band and actual dancing. Before you go though, make sure to send her some flowers the day of. Preferably at her place of work. You get double brownie points for sending them to her where she works so that all of the women can ooh and aah and be jealous of her. You might also consider sending her a box of expensive chocolates like Godiva Chocolates.

You need to get dressed up for this, putting on a suit or sports jacket and tie. Preferably something bought new for the occasion.

Slow dance with your wife. Make her feel like she still has it. Or take her to a symphony. Nothing would make her feel more pampered and special than to take her to a symphony orchestra performance. She will feel elegant and pampered. You might even like it. There is nothing like the majesty and pomp of observing and hearing a live symphony orchestra playing in a good concert hall. Even if you hate it, remark positively about it, and she will love the experience and love you for taking her there.

As the evening is drawing to a close, take her to any body of water in a secluded place and make out with her. Have an extended session. Go down on her and get her off several times without her having to do anything for you in return. Believe me, when she gets you home, she will be ripping your clothes off for some hot sex. Be sure to hold her and kiss her and cuddle her afterwards and bask in the afterglow of a great evening. Trust me, you will have refilled your love bank for a while. She will be gushing about it to all of her girlfriends and relatives. You will be the hero and her knight in shining armour for a long time

5 Responses to Secrets on How To Romance a Woman

  1. minxy says:

    Good post. I agree completely! You guys will be reaping soooo mny rewards for a night like this.

    But you know what…we don’t always want things to this scale. An ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on, a smile and some kind words about how beautiful we look or how much we mean to you will get you just as far.

    At the end of the day we just want to be loved, respected and worshipped (as you do) and if traffic is flowing both ways then your relationship (and sex life) will rarely hit a standstill!

    • Well Minxy
      Your comments are well taken and should be the norm, but sadly, they are not the norm. I don’t recommend my special night out every month, but once a year would be great. You just really need to pamper and spoil your woman once in a while.

      Blessings on you and yours
      John Wilder

  2. Candice says:

    Lovely post! You are right of course, and even something of a much less grand scale is also so appreciated! Perhaps dinner overlooking a great view – city lights are just so magical!

    I love to do something supremely romantic for my dearest male – what do you suggest women do to romance their men?

    Thanks C

  3. Hey Candice:
    Men tend to like more direct less subtle romance. Whatever he is interested whether it is pro football or Nascar racing or whatevery, buy tickets for you and him. Then wear your shortest dress or skirt over very frilly lacy panties and bra. When he opens the door for you, be sure to give him a peek up that skirt.

    Once in the car turn your legs towards him and let him look up that skirt. Just make sure that he does not get in a wreck checking out your seatcovers so to speak.

    You might scoot over next to him and rub on his dick through his pants and tell him that when you guys get home, you will give him anything that he wants sexually. Or you could hike up the skirt and pull your panties to the side and start masturbating and telling him that you can’t wait to get him home and have him ravish your body. Embrace your inner slut and use dirty language when he is doing you, tell him in very graphic language what you want him to do to you.

    Most guys would love this stuff, forget the flowers and chocolates. If he likes porn, you might throw a new porn into the DVD player and do a striptease for him.

    If you have any rape fantasies, you might suggest that to him with a “safe word” to let him know that it is going to far and that you are not comfortable. A lot of guys will like giving you some rough stuff. A technique that has always worked with me is literally ripping a woman’s panties off. Every woman that I have ever done it to has loved it, telling me afterwards that it scared them and excited her at the same time. Tell him the extent of the role play that you would be comfortable with in advance.

    Just a few ideas for you to consider. Let me know how it works for you.

    Blessings on you and yours
    John Wilder

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