The Secret To Having Happily Ever After

June 29, 2011

Whatsoever a man (woman) soweth, that shall he (she) also reap. Galatians

Women from the time that they were little girls have fantasized about having “happily ever after”

Sadly, this is usually a very self centered dream with her prince fawning over her and granting her
her every desire while she sits on her behind. Rarely do women give any thought as to what happily ever after looks like for a man.

For a marriage or a relationship to work there has to be give and take
It can’t possibly work when one is doing all the taking. This simply
builds resentment on the part of the man and he starts to withdraw

On behalf of men everywhere, let me give you what the average guy sees as “happily ever after”

Men want women to be our best friend, to have our back against all enemies. To listen to our hopes and dreams and be an encourager to us.

We want nurturing when we are hurting emotionally. We want you to give us sex willingly and lovingly and never ever put us down for our sexuality. It would be like putting a woman down for having a period.

We also want you to be sexually adventurous and throw off those inhibitions. You know what inhibitions are, they are stop signs to great sex. Too many women worry that if they fully embrace their sexuality, that the man will consider her slutty. No, what the man will think is that you are sexually sophisticated and that you want to please us. This creates tremendous bonds between men and women.
We want you to dress to please us which usually calls for frilly lacy lingerie not the deadly dull virginal white nylon panties with no lace and no color.

There is an old italian proverb in what a man wants from a wife and it sums it up quite succinctly: He wants a good mother for his kids, a good hostess for his friends and he wants a slut in the bedroom for himself. For you women who object to the term slut, how about sexual animal? We want you to have a sexual desire and initiate sex with us and not always make us come to you for sex.

In honor of Babygirl’s critique, let me add for you men, you need to do it much better for your woman. Too many of you want to get it over quickly with little foreplay for your woman. Sex feels good, take your time. When it comes to orgasms, it should ALWAYS BE WOMEN FIRST!
Instead of getting it over in 5 minutes, delay your ejaculation by withdrawing and going back down on your woman and gettting her off again and then reenter her. Doing it this way, I have literally have lasted for two hours and given the woman up to 20 orgasms. Finally, when you are done, don’t roll over and go to sleep. Go into the bathroom and get a hot towel and give your woman a quick hot towel massage and clean her up between her legs. Then powder her down with her favorite powder and rub it in. Then climb back in bed with her, take her in your arms and hold her and talk to her instead of making her feel like you used her like a “piece of meat’.

Women if you give your man his dream of happily ever after, you would be amazed at how hard he would work to give you your dream of “happily
ever after”.

What you sow, so shall you reap.

Blessings on you and yours
John Wilder

Obama Is Completely Tuned Out To The Misery He and His Libs are Causing.

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What has Obama taken credit thus far which he has accepted personal liability for failure? There is no failure in the regime, never has been in liberalism. Failure is rewarded, losers are not disgarded but retained, they are promoted or recycled within the system. There is no cure for this cancer other than to cut it out.


Obama reading from his teleprompter at Ft Drum: “A comrade of yours, Jared Monti, was the first person who I was able to award the Medal of Honor to who actually came back and wasn’t receiving it posthumously.” Sgt Monti gave his life fighting for the freedom of his country, why doesn’t he deserve better?

Jay Carney explained the statement as a simple mix-up. Who got what mixed-up? And I do not ask this lightly. My family and friends are not suffering the grief these people are. Consider the obvious insults of the lack of recognition from the person who sent him there and does not give a rat’s ass enough to to validate the details of who he was, what he did, why he did it, let alone everyone who is grieving. Bush is still appearing at the airport to greet returning military. Carney is playing a disgusting role as well to mask this, do not remove him from the equation.

How much more vulgar can the news media followers get than to spin this as Obama’s intentions were to express his appreciation? He walked into the base and read a statement off his teleprompter, hardly heartfelt. How would the news media followers react to Bush at the airports if he had one of them in front of him?

The political garbage pile is too high. To continue to hunt for quotes from leftists to score campaign political points in order to firewall his problems makes the stench unbearable. University professor: “What we’re really seeing, and it goes on, on both sides, we’re seeing now where we’re heading into the presidential election. The partisanship has become very intense in the country. … I think it’s just a huge distraction from fundamental issues.”

This game has to end if America is going to return. Obama, liberals, and the news media followers cannot deal directly with issues, they do not want to use the facts to support their position and more importantly do not support the facts. Yes, Obama does not support the facts!

The liberals are now labeling the GOP as the cause of Obama’s economic disaster. Obviously the liberals controlled Congress and the Oval Office during which time all decisions were made but that’s not the point. The intent is to frontpage the feeling, true guilt is of no consequence. In similar fashion conservative sites are being blamed for pushing the fact that Obama misidentified a war hero who died fighting for his country.

A New Poll on Sexual Frequency

June 24, 2011

At What Age Does the Romance Peter Out in a Marriage?
lorilowe | June 24, 2011 at 8:00 am | Tags: better marriage, Family, improve marriage, intimacy, Love, Marriage, marriage and family, marriage tips, romance, sex in later years, sex in marriage | Categories: Love, Marriage, Marriage Research, Relationships, Research, Sex | URL:

“Keeping the Sparks Alive” Series

For all the talk about menopause and the fear many men and women have that it will impede their sex lives, it’s the husband who usually determines how long a couple’s sex life lasts. I wanted to share an excerpt from Joe Beam’s Blog on sex in later life because this fact was a surprise to me, and it might be for you as well. (Joe is a national best-selling author who has been interviewed on many TV news programs.

“My friend Dr. Barry McCarthy is not only a brilliant expert in matters of sexuality, he also is really nice guy… Barry first opened my eyes to the fact that men are as complicated as women when it comes to sex. Early in my sexual studies I was this naive, “Well, guys are guys. We don’t have to worry about them, so let’s focus on helping the women with their sexuality.” Barry gently corrected my thinking on that.

Then he told me that for most couples it is the husband who determines when their active sex life ends. He says that 1/3 of men quit having sex at age 65. Another 1/3 at 75. He didn’t talk about that last 1/3 but I imagine we can just call them “men who die happy.”

Experience with couples affirms Barry’s knowledge. (Of course, Barry’s knowledge is based on scientific research and long experience, so they didn’t really need affirming.) By far, no matter what the age, I am asked by more women than men about how to get their spouses to be sexual again. These are women in their 20s through their 80s. (One 80-year-old caller to my radio program told me that she had outlived five husbands and the guy she is dating now is in his 50s. When she asked if I’d like to see her picture, I replied that I DEFINITELY would.

So, guys and gals, at what age in life should we cease being sexually active?


Before that, no matter what the age, it contributes to the health of husband and wife, to their bonding, to their fulfillment, and to their relationship. Thinking that stopping sex is the thing to do because you are now XX years old is wrong. You can have sex into your hundreds.

Just be careful that you don’t break a hip.”

So whether you’re in your 20s or your 80s, Joe’s admonition gives us motivation to keep the romance blooming throughout our life-long relationship. Does it surprise you that men seem to determine how long their sex lives lasts in most marriages?

Related Link:

This article by the Daily Mail in the U.K. discusses how several couples maintained passion-filled lives after 60, and why they and several experts believe that is the glue that keeps a marriage together. “The Kinsey Sex Institute states that the average 18 to 29-year-old has sex 142 times a year; 30 to 39-year-olds 86 times a year; 40 to 49-year-olds 69 times a year; and the over-50s have sex 52 times a year. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Growing older in a committed relationship doesn’t have to mean a slow slide into celibacy and slippers.

Photo courtesy of Christian Steiniger

You Married People, Read This

June 22, 2011

Here is another guest blog from Life Gems and Lori Lowe. She is one of my favorite bloggers on marriage.
Blessings on all who read my blog.
John Wilder

5 Marriage Myths that Keep You from Being Happy
lorilowe | June 22, 2011 at 8:00 am | Tags: 5 marriage myths, better marriage, family happiness, Haltzman, happiness, marital happiness, Marriage, personal happiness, Scott Haltzman, what’s preventing happy marriages | Categories: Books, Divorce, Family, Happiness, Love, Marriage, Marriage Research, Relationships, Sex | URL:

Happy Life: Happy Marriage Series

It sounds rather simplistic to “Choose happiness,” or “Take charge of your happiness,” but in his book Secrets of Happily Married Women, Scott Haltzman, M.D., suggests we can choose to be happier in our marriages.

To begin with, this means unearthing five marriage myths and explaining why they make it impossible to feel happy in our marriages. These are the five most destructive myths he came across in his practice as a psychologist and marriage therapist. These are particularly true for wives, who initiate two-thirds of U.S. divorces. However, I think husbands may also fall prey to these myths.

Myth 1: Marriage automatically makes you happy. While it’s true more married people (43 percent) report being happy than unmarried people (24 percent) despite age or gender, marital happiness and personal happiness are separate issues. Dr. Haltzman says married people must put marital happiness first, considering how their actions and desires affect their partner rather than pursing personal happiness as their priority.

“It is an essential truth that sacrificing one’s own needs for someone else’s is a necessary and worthwhile part of human relationships. When that truth is denied in a marriage, the results can be especially destructive; abandoned spouses and children get left behind in the dust of misguided soul-searching for personal fulfillment focused on ego-driven needs,” he says.

Myth 2: Good marriages are always passionate and heart-throbbing. The number of women who report, “I love him, but I’m not in love with him,” of their husbands is astounding, says Dr. Haltzman. What it means is they have lost their connection or that their love is going through a temporary down phase, not that it is doomed. Falling out of infatuation may also be misconstrued as falling out of love, when the initial passionate loving feelings and heightened hormones dissipate. (Unfortunately, some people never understand this and move from relationship to relationship thinking they have the wrong person.)

Myth 3: In happy marriages, child care and housework are evenly distrusted. If this is a major divisive issue for you, I’d suggest you read the book, particularly chapter 6. There’s not a quick two-sentence explanation, but rather plenty of data and a need to understand the issues women grapple with regarding work and home responsibilities. The fact is that most wives do more household work than their husbands, but many of them have still found a way to be happy.

Myth 4: Both partners are responsible for the level of marital happiness. By taking charge of our own mood and actions, one partner can certainly improve personal happiness and affect his or her spouse, improving happiness within the marriage.

Myth 5: If your marriage makes you unhappy, the best solution is to get out. This very widely held myth is rich enough to write an entire post about, so stay tuned next week, and I’ll do just that. I’ll share Dr. Haltzman’s assessment of the most common causes of divorce that seem hopeless but are indeed solvable, and discuss why this myth may be the greatest cause of unhappiness in marriages.

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The Most Important Penis Fact Of All Time

June 16, 2011

Something I’ve learned (but never completely understood) since becoming the Men’s Health Girl Next Door: Guys are really worried about their penises. How did I come to this conclusion? Through hundreds of questions like these:

Can I make it bigger? (No!). How can I last longer in bed? (Click here for 10 tricks). What about when I last too long? (Read about delayed ejaculation here). And, of course, how can I make my erection stronger? (Try these 8 tips for stronger erections).

Regardless of whether or not you’ve contemplated such questions yourself, it’s still necessary to remember the most important penis fact of all time: Most women don’t experience orgasm through penetrative sex alone. Your length, strength, and lasting power are important things, sure, but not the most important things. In fact, a recent Kinsey Institute study found that the likelihood that a woman will have an orgasm increases with each additional stimuli incorporated into the experience.

Does that mean you should constantly switch positions (e.g., girl on top, missionary, doggie style, etc.)? Not necessarily. Rather, it means you should also focus on oral sex, manual sex, intercourse, mutual masturbation, and so on. (You’ll notice, perhaps, that a penis isn’t even necessary for some of those acts.) If nothing else, remember this mantra: The more you do in bed, the more likely she is to climax.

6 Mistakes For Men To Avoid In Their Marriage from Web MD

June 11, 2011

6 Marriage Mistakes for Men
Despite the best intentions, these habits may undermine your relationship.
By Matt McMillen
WebMD Feature
Reviewed by Laura J. Martin, MD

Men, we don’t mean to nag, but you may be making mistakes that risk ruining your marriage. In fact, if you are a typical man, you are likely making several, and making them often.
Don’t believe us? Ask your wife. Now, before you get all defensive, this isn’t about blame. These aren’t ridiculous relationship mistakes — they’re the subtle things that you might not even know you’re doing. And changing these habits could make a big difference to your wife — and that can only be good for you.

Recognizing these mistakes and making efforts to correct them will not only help your marriage, it may also help your health — and that of your spouse.
Over time, negative feelings in a relationship that aren’t addressed can lead to physical and psychological problems, says Silver Spring, Md.-based psychologist Gloria Vanderhorst, PhD.
“Stress develops in the relationship for each partner, though for different reasons,” she says. “Typically by the time that a couple comes into treatment this stress has triggered anxiety or depression in one or both of them.”
Below are several common mistakes that men make with their wives, how to recognize them, and – most important – what you can do to correct them.

1. Not showing empathy.

Empathy is the most important part of any relationship, says psychologist Albert Maslow, PhD. It’s the ability to recognize and share someone else’s feelings. And it’s something that, in general, women are better at than men. “Women want their feelings to be understood and validated,” says Maslow, who has a private practice in Crozet, Va. “Men have to discover this.”
Rather than simply listening, though, men tend to go into fix-it mode. That’s a mistake.
“If your wife tells you she feels ignored, for example, at that moment what she wants is for you to understand her feelings rather than talk about the facts,” Maslow says.

2. Reckless spending.
Making big purchases such as buying a car without first consulting your wife is a huge no-no, Vanderhorst says. In fact, she ranks it second only to infidelity when it comes to marriage-busting mistakes. And, she says, “Men tend to do it a lot.”
Why? Consciously or unconsciously, men frequently assign themselves the leadership role in the relationship. That, too, is a mistake, Vanderhorst says. “A couple’s relationship is a shared leadership position,” she says.

3. Being sexually selfish — or clueless.
In the bedroom, men forget – or, worse, haven’t figured out – that their wives often need more than they do to get turned on, Maslow says.
“Affection, making her feel loved and needed — that’s basic for her to feel aroused,” Maslow says. “Older men usually catch on, but young men are especially unaware of this.”
Vanderhorst says turning a woman on begins well before the lights go down. “Men perceive sex as a sufficient means of being close, of having a connection,” she says. “But women want a connection prior to having sex.”

4. Listening the wrong way.

Listening does not mean nodding along as your wife explains what is bothering her, all the while thinking up ways to fix the problem. “Men tend to analyze situations and generate options,” Vanderhorst says. “That’s guaranteed to make your wife go ballistic.”
What she most often wants is to talk things out, and she wants you to be actively engaged in the conversation, not by trying to be the hero and save the day, but by demonstrating an interest in what she is saying and caring about what she is experiencing emotionally, Vanderhorst says.
“This is not passive,” she says. “Listening to establish a connection is an active process.”

5. Shelving your feelings.

Listening to your wife talk about her feelings is essential. So is talking about your own.
Many men, however, think they need to hide their feelings or risk being seen as weak. That’s a mistake.
Not sharing your emotions can be a real downer for your wife, Maslow says. “The woman feels like she’s missing a close connection that she wants with her husband. When he’s withdrawn, she feels like he is leaving her.”
Maslow acknowledges that getting men to open up can be difficult, but he also says it shows strength. “Growing up, a man learns that he can’t let others know when he’s scared. But opening up is taking a risk, and that takes courage.”

6. Going on a power trip.

Being a man does not mean being in charge – many men don’t get that. “That’s one of the mistakes men often make,” Maslow says. “They try to get what they want by being dominant. But it’s not about making demands or trying to overpower her. Women will pull away from that.”
Vanderhorst agrees. She says that the “power position” that men often put themselves in essentially negates the relationship, which must be reciprocal, supportive, and caring. “Our best selves emerge in the context of our relationships with others and not as an independent entity,” she says.

Having More and Better Sex

June 9, 2011

.RSS Feed
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Posted on Monday, June 6th, 2011
ShareThis is Part 2 of our series “What Altars Are You Sacrificing Your Sexual Intimacy On?”

A big shout out to Lori Lowe of Life Gems 4 Marriage for shedding more light on the problem of waiting for “ideal conditions” to nurture sexual intimacy in your marriage.

If someone had informed me three years ago when I started my research-oriented marriage blog that I’d be asked to write about sexual intimacy, I would have probably thrown in the towel back then.

But over the months and years, the more research I have done about marriage, the more I have learned about the tremendous impact sexual intimacy has on the quality of a marriage.

In short, experts say: Happy couples have more sex, and the more sex a couple has, the happier they report being. (See Want a happier marriage? Have more sex.)

If only it were that easy to hop in the sack and make every marriage hot and fulfilling. Most days—or weeks—it doesn’t happen that way for many, if not most married couples.

Instead, we are making sure the laundry is folded, the household chores are complete, the kids are shuttled to school, sports practice, dance recitals, music lessons, etc. The shopping and cooking must be done, and the lawn must be mowed. Work must be done, and trash must be taken to the curb.

Then, if there’s time, maybe some nooky.

The big problem with this scenario is we are excellent at filling our days until we hardly have time for sleep. There’s always one more email to check, one more phone call to make, one more load of laundry to go into the dryer. By the time they head to the bedroom, one or both of them is exhausted. Maybe tomorrow night?

(CBS recently shared a survey that showed 70 percent of couples said they were too sleep-deprived at the end of a full day or work and parenting responsibilities to make love.)

If having ample time isn’t the problem, maybe there are other “requirements” by one or both partners to make it a night to remember.

Do both partners have to be freshly showered, with teeth brushed and lingerie selected?

Do certain candles have to be lit while mood music is playing in the background?

Does all the laundry need to be put away?

Do the kids have to be asleep?

Does the game or news have to be over?

Does it have to be a certain time of the morning or evening?

Do they have to go out on a date beforehand?

If any of this sounds familiar, you may be sacrificing your sexual intimacy on the altar of ideal conditions. In other words, at least one of you is waiting for everything to be “just right” before initiating intimacy.

Back to the research.

There are no studies that show couples with the cleanest homes or the neatest yards have the best marriages, but there’s a plethora of research that says couples who have more frequent sexual intimacy have the best marriages.

If we are spending the vast majority of our time and efforts on all these extraneous things, we are saying that they are more important than the quality of our marriage, and that our marriage relationship comes at the end of a very long list from walking the dog to sweeping the garage.

What to do?

■Tell yourself that everything doesn’t have to be “done” to enjoy time (any kind of time) with your spouse.
■Make every attempt to fill one another’s emotional and physical needs buckets. Not having these needs met can be an obstacle to seeking or enjoying intimacy. For most men, respect is an especially strong emotional need.
■Reduce your commitments, order in, hire a maid, carpool, or do anything necessary to give you a little extra time, and then use it wisely. Your marriage absolutely depends upon it.
■Realize that you may be using these “requirements” as an excuse not to be intimate because of something else that’s bothering you. Communicate any deeper issues or concerns rather than sweeping them under the rug.
■Be willing and open to talk about sex and your desire to improve your sex lives. (See How to talk about sex.) Sexual communication is critical to making improvements. Talk about what each of you would like to enhance your sexual intimacy.
■Realize that you don’t always have to be in the mood to get started, and you don’t always need a large block of time. Schedule some leisurely time into your week, but also take advantage of shorter opportunities.
■Give sexual intimacy your attention and focus.
That last point is particularly important for women, who tend to have lower sex drives than men.

I wrote recently of a clinical trial in which women were given erectile-dysfunction pills or a placebo. While the pill was deemed ineffective, more than one-third of the placebo group said their sex lives significantly improved after taking what they thought was medication. The placebo, it turns out, was quite effective. Why? Participants were all highly motivated to improve their sex lives. Second, they were asked to have sex at least three times a month during the study.

The Nike campaign is right when it comes to making improvements in fitness or marriage: Just do it.

Lori Lowe lives in Indianapolis with her husband, two children, one crazy cat and two aquatic frogs. Sign up to receive free research-based marriage tips at Lori spent two years interviewing couples across the country who have overcome significant marriage obstacles, from brain injury to child loss to military separation and much more. The resulting book is expected to release in early 2012.

Don’t miss the other posts in this on-going series! Sign up with the RSS-thingy so you can catch what other great marriage bloggers will be saying about the Altars We Sacrifice Sexual Intimacy On.

PART 1: The Altar of Time by Dustin Riechmann

Before You Get A Divorce, Read This. Your Kids Depend Upon It

June 8, 2011

Before You Get Divorced Read This

People who get divorced just want the pain to stop. Too often they think that getting away from an offending spouse will lessen the pain. You think that it will simplify your life.
The answer to all of these notions is no it won’t, particularly when you have kids. Many of you have considered getting divorced from your mate at some time in your marriage.
Many of you have tried marriage counseling and it got you no where near resolving the problems. Well that was not your fault. Traditional marriage counseling fails 75% of the time. This is the fault of the therapist and of the style of traditional marriage counseling. When a marriage is in trouble, one hour once a week is not enough. Would you go to a doctor with Strep throat and he told you that he would give you just a little bit of antibiotic now and come back in a week and he would give you just a little bit more and to keep coming back for 28 weeks and he would have you all better. That is of course a rhetorical question. Marriage counseling is the only discipline that attempts to resolve the problem using this paradigm.

The reason is that he can only see you once a week because that is all the insurance will pay for. They have bean counters called actuaries who figure these things out and make rules accordingly. The deal is that couples can’t stand the stress for that long and drop out long before the problems are resolved.

You need to seek out the services of a marriage coach. They will see you in multi- hour sessions and help you to resolve your problems in a short period of time. They can also deal with you on the phone or IM so that you don’t even have to go to their office.

The reason that I am asking you to reconsider is because of your kids. Judith Wallerstein did a long term study on the effects of divorce upon kids. They are devastating, even into adulthood.

Dr. Ken Canfield is the President and founder of The National Center for Fathering. He cites some sobering statistics of single parent families. Kids are much more likely to drop out of school, do drugs and alcohol, and engage in sexual activity much sooner with girls often seeking out daddy love inappropriately with older men. Boys seek out inappropriate father figures in gangs and drug kings.

There are subsequent divorces when parents with kids get remarried because of friction between step kids and other siblings causing stress between parents. The statistics for subsequent marriages have a much higher divorce rate of 65% and 75% for second and third marriages. This would tell you that your best bet and your kids best bet is to work
out existing problems with your current mate rather than getting divorced

Another reason to avoid divorce is because of the ultimate impoverishment of taking one family and creating two family units that both have to be supported on the same financial income.
You only add more problems to the family rather than decrease them as was hoped. It is better, cheaper and best for all concerned for both parents to come together and work out their problems rather than get divorced.

Your best bet is to do your best to work things out. I am willing to give you a half hour session for free to talk about things. All you have to do is to drop me a line at my professional email address at

20 Great Reasons To Have More Sex

June 6, 2011

20 Great Reasons To Have More Sex
May 19, 2011

20 Reasons To Have Sex
I have been navigating these blogs and I am sick to death of women making excuses and DEMANDING thei right to refuse their husbands sex. When I point out valid reasons why women should take care of their husband’s sexual needs, women come out of the wood work to call me a pervert, a misogynist and worse. All too often when a man critiques a woman she becomes vicious in her verbal attack in retaliation rather than dealing with the critique. Misandry (reverse sexism by women against men) is every bit as bad as misogony.

Sex is one of the big 3 that couples fight about and break up over. It is the children who suffer because of their parents inability to resolve problems. So read what another relationship professional has to say about sex. According to Dr. Adam Sheck, “The Passion Doctor,” there are twenty reasons to have sex, even if you’re not quite in the mood. My work as a couples counselor is to help you create passion in your relationship. Sexual passion is certainly one strong contributor to overall passion. According to Drs. Patricia Love and Steven Stosny, “Studies show that, when things are going well, sex contributes only 15 percent to the overall satisfaction of a relationship. But if things aren’t going well, it contributes 85 percent to the dissatisfaction.” In keeping with this theme of passion, I present to you the following, excerpted with permission from the book How To Improve Your Marriage Without Talking About It by Drs. Love Twenty Reasons to Have Sex When You Don’t Feel Like It

1. Because you said so Even though you may not have promised to “love, honor, and have sex once a week” when you made a commitment to your relationship, it was understood that sex would be part of that bargain. Imagine how the marriage rates would go down if people said, “I’ll marry you, but don’t expect sex.” If you polled one thousand people on the street and asked them, “Is it reasonable to expect to have to have sex when you are married?” the overwhelming majority would say yes. If you expect a monogamous commitment from your partner, then it stands to reason that you will be a cooperative sex partner.

2. Sex helps you forget Oxytocin, which triggers orgasm, has an amnesic effect that lasts up to five hours. So for a period of time you forget that he maxed out your Visa card or she was an hour late getting home from work. Women get an additional benefit. During orgasm that parts of the brain that govern fear, anxiety, and stress are switched off. (Faking orgasm gives no such benefit.) Sex Makes Our Brains Bigger. Seriously.

3. Sex rewires you for pleasure Every time you share a positive experience with your partner, your brain comes to associate him or her with pleasure. You can transform any relationship simply by increasing the number of enjoyable times you share together.

4. Sex puts the “P” back in partnership Passion is what separates your relationship with your intimate partner from those with girlfriends and buddies. Yes, you two are best friends and confidants, but without sex you will not have passion. The following are from a 1997 study in the British Medical Journal-

5. Heightened sense of smell After sex, production of prolactin surges, causing stem cells in the brain to develop new neurons in the brain’s smell center (olfactory bulb).

6. Weight loss Rambunctious sex burns a minimum of two hundred calories, about the same as running fifteen minutes on a treadmill. British researchers determined that the equivalent of six Big Macs can be worked off by having sex three times a week for a year.

7. Reduced depression Prostaglandin, a hormone found in semen, modulates female hormones. Orgasm releases endorphins, producing a sense of well-being and euphoria.

8. Pain relief During sex, levels of oxytocin surge five times their normal level, releasing endorphins that alleviate pain. Sex also prompts production of estrogen, which reduces the pain of PMS.

9. Healthier heart Women who have more sex have higher levels of estrogen, which protects against heart disease.

10. Cure for the common cold Once-a-week sex produces 30 percent higher levels of immunoglobulin A, which boosts the immune system.

11. Better bladder control Sex strengthens the pelvic muscles that control the flow of urine.

12. Peppy prostate Some urologists believe they see a relationship between infrequency of ejaculation in men and cancer in the prostate. In this case solo sex works just as well, but why out on all the other benefits?

13. Shiny hair, glowing skin For women, extra estrogen from orgasm makes hair shine. Sweat produced during sex cleanses the pores and makes skin glow. Serotonin produces the afterglow of sex.

14. Calming effect Sex is ten times more effective than Valium, with no side effects. The (Very Sexy) Benefits Of An Empty Nest

15. Relief for a stuffy nose Really. Sex is a natural antihistamine. It can even help combat hay fever and asthma.

16. Firmer tummy and butt Regular sex can firm your tummy and butt, plus improve posture.

17. Boosts immune system Endorphins stimulate immune-system cells that fight disease.

18. Forever young Sex actually slows down the aging process. It lowers cortisol levels in the bloodstream, which reduces stress and slows down the aging process.

19. Protection against Alzheimer’s and osteoporosis Women who have more sex have higher levels of estrogen, which protects against Alzheimer’s and osteoporosis.

20. Euphoria Who wouldn’t want more? The best way to get a natural high is sex! 3 Ways Hot Weather Leads To Good Sex And finally, do you have any reasons YOU’D like to add to this list? Please comment on this post with your best reasons to have sex and I’ll publish a follow up blog post. Thanks so much, Dr. Adam Sheck

7 Tips Men Wish Women Knew About Sex

June 3, 2011

7 Tips Men Wish Women Knew About Sex
September 24, 2010

1. Never ever put your husband down for his sexuality. This is cruel and unfair and belittling to him. He can ‘t help it, God made us this way. It would be like him putting you down for having a period; So just so you understand the kinds of comments I am talking about, things like these; What again, is that all you ever think about? Ugh I am not doing that, you are disgusting and perverted. Leave me alone and stop nagging me for sex. Or worse yet, manipulating him with sex, that makes you a prostitute.

2. Learn to be adventurous in bed. Men love that. Get over your inhibitions about sex. The last thing that you want him thinking in bed with you is that a previous lover was better in bed than you.

3. Get over your self image problems and invest in quality lingerie with lace and color. Believe me those white nylon panties with no lace are boring. Also invest in lacy bras preferably to match. Where a sexy nightgown every night, not just when you are planning to have sex. Put a lock on your bedroom door to keep the kids out.

4. Your kids will not be hurt or damaged by them hearing you and your husband having sex. In fact it is great role modeling for your kids and reinforces to them that you have a happy marriage which makes them feel better and more secure. They may even kid you about it, but accept it in good fun.

5. Your husband gets the bulk of his affectional needs through sex with you. When you deny him, he feels unloved, rejected and unworthy. It really tears at his self esteem.

6. Routinely wear short skirts and dresses for him. When he opens the car door for you, make sure to flash him as a cute little thing between the two of you. When you are in the car with him. turn towards him and pull your legs up and let him peek up your skirt at those sexy new panties you bought. Men never get tired of having panties flashed at them.

7. Lastly, tell him what you would like in bed. Most men are clueless about the female body and how to have great sex. Give him guidance, he can’t read your mind.

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