7 Tips Men Wish Women Knew About Sex

7 Tips Men Wish Women Knew About Sex
September 24, 2010

1. Never ever put your husband down for his sexuality. This is cruel and unfair and belittling to him. He can ‘t help it, God made us this way. It would be like him putting you down for having a period; So just so you understand the kinds of comments I am talking about, things like these; What again, is that all you ever think about? Ugh I am not doing that, you are disgusting and perverted. Leave me alone and stop nagging me for sex. Or worse yet, manipulating him with sex, that makes you a prostitute.

2. Learn to be adventurous in bed. Men love that. Get over your inhibitions about sex. The last thing that you want him thinking in bed with you is that a previous lover was better in bed than you.

3. Get over your self image problems and invest in quality lingerie with lace and color. Believe me those white nylon panties with no lace are boring. Also invest in lacy bras preferably to match. Where a sexy nightgown every night, not just when you are planning to have sex. Put a lock on your bedroom door to keep the kids out.

4. Your kids will not be hurt or damaged by them hearing you and your husband having sex. In fact it is great role modeling for your kids and reinforces to them that you have a happy marriage which makes them feel better and more secure. They may even kid you about it, but accept it in good fun.

5. Your husband gets the bulk of his affectional needs through sex with you. When you deny him, he feels unloved, rejected and unworthy. It really tears at his self esteem.

6. Routinely wear short skirts and dresses for him. When he opens the car door for you, make sure to flash him as a cute little thing between the two of you. When you are in the car with him. turn towards him and pull your legs up and let him peek up your skirt at those sexy new panties you bought. Men never get tired of having panties flashed at them.

7. Lastly, tell him what you would like in bed. Most men are clueless about the female body and how to have great sex. Give him guidance, he can’t read your mind.

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