The Most Important Penis Fact Of All Time

Something I’ve learned (but never completely understood) since becoming the Men’s Health Girl Next Door: Guys are really worried about their penises. How did I come to this conclusion? Through hundreds of questions like these:

Can I make it bigger? (No!). How can I last longer in bed? (Click here for 10 tricks). What about when I last too long? (Read about delayed ejaculation here). And, of course, how can I make my erection stronger? (Try these 8 tips for stronger erections).

Regardless of whether or not you’ve contemplated such questions yourself, it’s still necessary to remember the most important penis fact of all time: Most women don’t experience orgasm through penetrative sex alone. Your length, strength, and lasting power are important things, sure, but not the most important things. In fact, a recent Kinsey Institute study found that the likelihood that a woman will have an orgasm increases with each additional stimuli incorporated into the experience.

Does that mean you should constantly switch positions (e.g., girl on top, missionary, doggie style, etc.)? Not necessarily. Rather, it means you should also focus on oral sex, manual sex, intercourse, mutual masturbation, and so on. (You’ll notice, perhaps, that a penis isn’t even necessary for some of those acts.) If nothing else, remember this mantra: The more you do in bed, the more likely she is to climax.

7 Responses to The Most Important Penis Fact Of All Time

  1. Candice says:

    Can you implement the links? Thanks Candice

  2. No but you can go to Men’s Health and go on all kinds of links to sexual articles.

    Blessings on you and yours

  3. kdaddy23 says:

    It’s either not big enough, too long, too skinny – it’s always something when it comes to our dicks, huh? If men spent more time thinking about how best to use the equipment they were born with – and women spent less time complaining and making us feel inferior about it – life and sex would be so grand!

  4. Hey Rob
    I suggest giving good head to the woman and getting her off a couple of times before entering her. I then suggest stroking your dick between her pussy lips without putting it in and stroking the head of your dick on her clitty. They become frantic for you to put it in and can literally ache to be entered when you teasse them enough.

  5. And when all else fails, ASK! lol And then there’s also … practice, practice, practice! 😉

  6. Hey Barb
    thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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