Obama Is Completely Tuned Out To The Misery He and His Libs are Causing.

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What has Obama taken credit thus far which he has accepted personal liability for failure? There is no failure in the regime, never has been in liberalism. Failure is rewarded, losers are not disgarded but retained, they are promoted or recycled within the system. There is no cure for this cancer other than to cut it out.


Obama reading from his teleprompter at Ft Drum: “A comrade of yours, Jared Monti, was the first person who I was able to award the Medal of Honor to who actually came back and wasn’t receiving it posthumously.” Sgt Monti gave his life fighting for the freedom of his country, why doesn’t he deserve better?

Jay Carney explained the statement as a simple mix-up. Who got what mixed-up? And I do not ask this lightly. My family and friends are not suffering the grief these people are. Consider the obvious insults of the lack of recognition from the person who sent him there and does not give a rat’s ass enough to to validate the details of who he was, what he did, why he did it, let alone everyone who is grieving. Bush is still appearing at the airport to greet returning military. Carney is playing a disgusting role as well to mask this, do not remove him from the equation.

How much more vulgar can the news media followers get than to spin this as Obama’s intentions were to express his appreciation? He walked into the base and read a statement off his teleprompter, hardly heartfelt. How would the news media followers react to Bush at the airports if he had one of them in front of him?

The political garbage pile is too high. To continue to hunt for quotes from leftists to score campaign political points in order to firewall his problems makes the stench unbearable. University professor: “What we’re really seeing, and it goes on, on both sides, we’re seeing now where we’re heading into the presidential election. The partisanship has become very intense in the country. … I think it’s just a huge distraction from fundamental issues.”

This game has to end if America is going to return. Obama, liberals, and the news media followers cannot deal directly with issues, they do not want to use the facts to support their position and more importantly do not support the facts. Yes, Obama does not support the facts!

The liberals are now labeling the GOP as the cause of Obama’s economic disaster. Obviously the liberals controlled Congress and the Oval Office during which time all decisions were made but that’s not the point. The intent is to frontpage the feeling, true guilt is of no consequence. In similar fashion conservative sites are being blamed for pushing the fact that Obama misidentified a war hero who died fighting for his country.

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