3 Great Sex Positions for A Change

The 3 Best Sex Positions

This is another great guest post from Men’s Health Magizine online

Forget the dining room chair and vibrating drier routines—for incredible sex outside of the bedroom, keep her on her feet. Try these three stand-up positions the next time the moment strikes:

Against a Wall
You’re face to face, with her back against the wall for stability. Lean your body weight into her, and hold one of her legs up with one hand (if she’s super flexible, have her put her leg on your shoulder). The higher her leg, the more you can thrust, and the more contact you’ll have with each other. The upward thrusting will also increase the stimulation of her clitoris, making it easier for her to orgasm.

In the Shower
Shower sex is tricky—the ground can be slippery, and water washes away natural lubrication—but it’s an excellent location for manual foreplay. Stand pressed up against each other—back to front—facing the wall, so that the shower spray hits your sides. This will allow you both to support yourselves with one hand against the wall, and the person behind to easily titillate the person in front. For added lubrication, try hair conditioner or a silicone-based lube (unless you intend the foreplay to segue into safe sex—silicone degrades condoms and doesn’t wash off with water).

Bent Over a Countertop
It’s traditional standing doggy-style, but doing it in the bathroom or in front of her boudoir—wherever there’s a sink or a tabletop with a big mirror—will add an extra level of intensity for both of you.

6 Responses to 3 Great Sex Positions for A Change

  1. Great stuff!
    I’ll tell you another EXCELLENT place that my wife and I recently discovered…
    The SWIMMING POOL! (‘Course, you have to have your own pool, or some very understanding friends)
    The whole experience is quite unique.
    For instance, As the guy, you can go down on her (yes, underwater) and eat her our without any scent. Now of course you cant stay as long, but, hey, take another breath and dive again into her goodies!
    But probably the best thing about sex in the pool, is all the positions you can get into. The water allows for positions that you just cant really do in normal conditions. (or at very least that would be difficult to do normally) You can have her sort of float while you hold her hips, you can hold each other front to front. You can easily flip her over and have her from behind. She can float or hold the ledge of the pool. Your imagination and/or swimming ability is really your limit. So go crazy!
    The other thing that makes sex in the pool so unique (some may like it for this reason, while others may dislike it for this very same reason) is how the water works with your thrusting into your wife. It sort of does two things:
    One, it takes away some of the sensation, but this allows for extended intercourse. I would say it probably doubles the time. Which, personally, my wife and I like because it affords us time to really have fun with the different positions you can get into, because, hey, you’ve got time to try them. And in the end, the orgasm is the same, so to me that’s a win win. Now if its a quickie you are looking, this is probably not for you.
    Secondly, the water also gives it’s own unique added sensation. Because you can feel it flow from between and around you as you thrust.
    So to anyone who has never tried this, I highly recommend giving it a try!

    • There is just one problem with sex in the pool. Her lubrication is water soluable and washes off your penis as you thrust

      • True. You are correct that it does. However, it is still very pleasurable for both of us. She seemed to enjoy it quite a lot. And I know I did. Do you think its harmful? Or that it just could be problematic for some people?

  2. Hey Build
    It is not harmful, but can leave you or her or both sore from the lack of lubrication.

  3. Jean says:

    I love this post. I happened to find it on Bing. This blog is ranking pretty well there. 🙂

  4. Hey Jean
    thanks for stopping by and reading and commenting.
    Come by anytime
    blessings on you and yours

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