Give Him The Ultimate Blow Job Swallowing His Come

The Ultimate Blow Job, Letting Him Come in Your Mouth and Swallowing
This is my top read post. In a little over a year I have had over 43,000 page views to my blog which is a real boon to my ego. This blog post has been posted for just 3 months and it is the top read blog post with almost a 2,000 page views. It is not even my blog post but a guest blog by a woman who agrees with me about what a woman should do sexually for a man. In that vein I am reposting the blog. Even today, it outpulled my main page blog post.

This is another guest post from a woman who has been reading my blog named Sharon and who agrees with me and my sexual posts. She encourages women to give their men the ultimate blow job as do I. Nothing will make him feel more special and more masculine than when you get over your inhibitions and learn to swallow his come. If you do this, you virtually make your man untemptable by another woman.

Ladies ladies ladies……….
What is the big deal of swallowing your man’s semen when you are giving him head. I’m sure you try new foods from time to time and different drinks from time to time or new candies or cookies from time to time.

And swallowing your man’s cum is just another taste of something. It comes from your man’s body which is not dirty, he has a sexual organ different than our own but even so his semen is unique to his body. It is one of the ultimate pleasures for a man to know that his woman will do that and appreciate the maleness that he has and the man that he is and all the masculinity that defines him.

Why would you not want to give your man the most – he is always willing and eager to please his woman. He never winces at the thought of eating you, or licking you, or sucking you. It turns him on to do this for you because he knows it pleases you with all those good feelings. And because he knows it turns you on – it ultimately turns him on knowing that he turns you on. So do not treat him any less by refusing to swallow his cum. You can start off small, by having him shoot it onto your body and you finger some up and taste it and do not make a face. When you get bolder have him shoot it to the back of your throat so you won’t get a full force of tasting him. And when you get bolder, it’s not bad to have a bottle of water there close by to wash it down. Doing this ladies will keep you close to your man’s heart because he will know in his mind that you take his ultimate load with no problem and that alone turns him on.

18 Responses to Give Him The Ultimate Blow Job Swallowing His Come

  1. R. G. Simmons says:

    Blowjob? I haven’t had one of those since 2001.

  2. R. G. Simmons says:

    My wife has never done it. She has no problem going down on me. Nor does she have a problem with me coming in her mouth or swallowing it. It’s some baggage about some ex or something that I apparently have to pay for, for the rest of my life.

    Through no fault of my own.

    And this is what gets me. I used to go down on an ex-girlfriend and make her climax all the time. And I loved doing it. My wife was standoffish about allowing me to do it to her. She felt too self conscious or something. Well I worked on her, I coaxed her, I told her over and over I wanted to do it for her, that I loved doing it.

    And I did it for her. I am the only person that has ever made her climax purely from oral stimulation. And I did it several times.

    On the one hand, I truely did want to give her that experience. But on the other I was hoping she would think something like, “Oh, he gave that to me. I should reciprocate.”

    Something. I got nothing. And I gave up on giving it to her because she’s apparently one of those that doesn’t care for oral very much. She orgasms all the time when we do missionary and apparently she’s content with just that.

    I’m not.

    And it makes me think crazy thoughts. Thoughts that are dangerous to our union with each other.

    Do I really have to go for the rest of my life because of her bad choice in a boyfriend before she met me?

  3. R. G. Simmons says:

    That might confuse some people. My wife will go down on me briefly like maybe a full minute. As in 60 seconds.

    But she can not be bothered enough to spoil me by giving me a full blowjob.

    Like not once. That’s what baffles me. Wouldn’t she consider it a challenge to get her man off like that? I took it as a challenge to get her off like that.

  4. Sounds like she has sexual issues that she has not dealt with and you are paying the price. I repeat my offer of help.

  5. WavyTransition says:

    I have always found it interesting how squeamish some people can be about sex. I have always thought of it as something to be shared between two people. It should be enjoyable – giving and receiving. And there is nothing wrong with swallowing semen. It’s awesome. You give head the way you want to receive it – hungrily.

  6. I’m not that much of a online reader to be honest but your sites really nice, keep it up! I’ll go ahead and bookmark your site to come back in the future. Many thanks

  7. IAAMM says:

    Everybody engages in sex with prior experiences whether consciously or not. The key to great sexual relations is to simply learn your partners likes and dislikes. It’s not rocket science.

    Everybody has some sort of hangup, but it can be worked through with a little patience and understanding.

    • Hey Iaam:
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. You are preaching my gospel and singing my song
      John Wilder

    • I tried to visit your blog and got frustrated and quit after the fifth time of trying to decipher the stupid security link to leave a message.
      You might want to consider coming to where it is so much easier to comment on people’s blogs

  8. Christmas Tree…

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  9. crider says:

    My wife of 26 years has never liked giving head, The first time I came in her mouth she spit it on me and told me not to ever do that again.She has had two affairs in the past, the first one was twenty-one years ago. She had just told me a month ago that she swallowed his cum when she gave him head. I wanted to know why, and she say’s she dosent know. Can anybody educate on this.

    • Hey Crider
      She does not respect you and she is looking to replace you at any cost.
      I feel your pain. I suggest divorce
      John Wilder

      • ccrider says:

        I know you can’t change the past and finding out about the affairs 17 years ago,(I found a note while she was in the last one and she eventualy told me of the first one) And all I wanted was the truth from her. Alot of stuff did’nt add up. I am still finding out little things that she would never tell me. And it hurts like it just happened yesterday. She say’s she can’t remember. And has no idea of where I was at.I just can’t handle anymore lies.

      • I feel your pain. I suggest divorce, Jesus allowed for it in the bible because cheating just cuts too deeply.

        Blessings on you and yours
        John Wilder

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