More Evidence That CO2 Global Warming Is a Giant Hoax

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. Global Warming Models Called Into Question By New Study

Posted 11/25/2011 06:03 PM ET

Climate: The left’s proposed solutions for the world’s ills are based on the idea that carbon dioxide is a climate-heating poison that must be scrubbed from the global economy at all cost. Yet another study shows this is foolish.

The study in the journal Science found that global temperatures appear to be far less sensitive to the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere than originally estimated.

This sounds prosaic, but it’s a bombshell — another in a long line of revelations showing the scientific fraud at the heart of the anti-global warming movement.

The study’s findings are simple and devastating. “This implies that the effect of CO2 on climate is less than previously thought,” said Oregon State University’s Andreas Schmittner, the study’s main author.

Even with a doubling of CO2 from levels that existed before the Industrial Revolution, the study found a likely increase in Earth’s temperature only from about 3.1 degrees Fahrenheit to 4.7 degrees Fahrenheit.

That compares with the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s 2007 report, which predicted an increase of 3.6 degrees to 8.6 degrees.

Coupled with the fact the average global temperature hasn’t increased at all over the past decade — even though under all of the global warming models now in use, this is impossible — warmist ideology is crumbling. There is no climate armageddon on the horizon.

But don’t expect global warm-mongers to admit this. As we’ve discovered from a new trove of emails sent by leading European climate-change scientists, there has been a vast, global green conspiracy to silence scientific opposition to the idea — even to the point of falsifying data and ruining others’ careers.

Subscribe to the IBD Editorials Podcast The left’s entire prescription for solving the world’s ills — ranging from population control to strict regulation of businesses to shrinking CO2 output — are premised on the notion that carbon-dioxide is a poison.

Happily, the left’s pernicious, economy-destroying and false global warming ideology is collapsing under a growing body of evidence that the CO2 scare is a fraud.

Who says we have nothing to be thankful for?

3 Responses to More Evidence That CO2 Global Warming Is a Giant Hoax

  1. Global warming became a cause to save life on earth before it had a chance to become good science. The belief that fossil fuel use is an emergency destroying our planet by CO2 emissions took over the media and political arena by storm. The issue was politicized so quickly that the normal scientific process was stunted. We have never had a full, honest national debate on either the science or government policy issues.

  2. Liz says:

    Do you have any idea how much an increase of 3.1 to 4.7 degrees will impact global weather? If not all regions of the Earth, then at least parts of it. Of course you failed to include what else Schmittner said, that “man-made global warming is happening and tiny changes in global average temperatures can have huge and deleterious effects.” He does state that “the atmosphere may not be as sensitive to carbon dioxide change as has been reported.” This IS something to be thankful for, but not something to be used as evidence to disregard climate change. Why fight the movement to stop climate change? If even the most modest estimates, like Schmittner’s, come to be true, we’re in a scary situation that needs to be addressed and acknowledged now. Don’t make this a political fight. You can be a Republican and still support this movement.
    For an overview of the article and what Schmittner actually said about the findings:
    If you have access to, the actual study can be found here:

    • Hey Liz
      If CO2 isn’t causing global warming and it is not then how can we change it as humans?

      We have had much warmer temps in the past and will in the future. For the record
      we have set record low temps around the globe for the last 10 years. Just google that
      to see it for yourself.

      I wrote over ten years ago that it is scientifically impossible for CO2 to cause
      global warming because it is 152% heavier than air and sinks to the ground when released.
      For the record, Over the laast 125 years of the industrial revolution we have only had
      an 80 PPM increase in CO2. The fractional equivalent to that is 8/100,000ths of 1%
      To graph that, I amde a graph with 12 marks per inch. The graph would have to be
      694 feet long and the increase represented by the 80 ppm increase would be 3/4 of an
      inch on that graph. Sort of puts in perspective huh?


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