Talking Dirty in Bed, Do You Do It?

Here is another great guest post from Your Tango Magazine

It is one of the biggest problems I have convincing women that it is not only okay but men love it and would feel loved and cherished if their women would tell them exactly what they want them to do to them in bed in a very graphic way.

Enjoy John Wilder
Americans Love To Talk Dirty
By Kait Smith posted Sep 9th 2011 11:57AM

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80 percent of us indulge in word play during sex.
When it comes to getting frisky between the sheets, do you spice up the action by letting some naughty words slip out? If not, you may want to join the legions of Americans who are using dirty talk to mix things up in the bedroom. What Guys Think Links: Dirty Talk & Bad Fantasies

A recent survey by adult toy company Adam & Eve revealed that 80 percent of Americans engage in naughty word play while having sex. How often are we whispering (or, if you’re really into it, yelling) these kinky phrases? Only 12 percent admitted that it is “always” a part of sex, while the majority—33 percent—sometimes talk dirty. Meanwhile, 29 percent rarely include naughty words in their sexual routines.

We know that naughty words can catch a man of guard in the best way possible, and that many men view women who talk dirty as self confident. But unfortunately, though it can truly heighten the sexual experience, 20 percent of the 1,000 adults surveyed don’t partake in dirty talk at all.

But if you’re a fan of sex toys, you may be a bit above the “average” American. Only 10 percent of Adam & Eve’s Facebook fans say they never use dirty talk, while more than one quarter say it’s always present in the bedroom. Christian Sex Toys: Spicy Or Sacrilegious?

If you’d like to use your words to spice things up in the sack, don’t be embarrassed. Start small, and base your feisty follow ups on how your partner reacts. Each man has a different taste, but you’ll definitely steam up your love making with a bit of sexy talk while doing the deed. Dirty Talk Dos and Don’ts

Do you talk dirty while having sex?

2 Responses to Talking Dirty in Bed, Do You Do It?

  1. Shadow says:


    Ugh, would you not say the survey by “adult toy company Adam & Eve” is totally bias? of course they have vested interest in selling all sorts of stuff…

    Bit like asking Al Gore, about Climate Change right?…

    • Hey Sydney
      Of course they are biased but I don’t have a problem with bias
      I am biased in favor of people having better sex and a more fulfilling
      relationship. Sorry if that grates on you but my blog is poised to
      exceed 60,000 page views this week. I must be doing something right
      since I have only been publishing for 11/2 years. I am trying to
      reach the masses not that narrow demographic of academia.

      Blessings on you and yours
      John Wilder

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