10 Great Sexy Things About Women

Ten Sexy Things About Women
1. Her mouth. Wonderful thing that mouth that is so good at kissing you and making you all happy And horny. How wonderful it feels when she takes us into that mouth.
2. Her hair. I love to play with a woman’s hair. I love to get my face in it and I love it when she strokes across my naked body. I love how it smells.
3. Her breasts. Well you guys can extol at length over a woman’s breasts. We never tire of looking at them, sucking on them, feeling them against our backs, against the back of our arm when she is standing close, feeling them in our hands or again stroking them against our member.
4. Her butt. Do you ever tire of squeezing her butt cheeks in your hands, or looking at it in jeans or better yet in a short skirt or feel it against you doing it doggy style?
5. Her legs, yes especially when she is wearing high heels. Those calves make us want to melt, especially well shaved legs that are so silky to the touch.
6. Her heart which can forgive us for so much, and when it melts when we do something romantic for her.
7. Her vagina. Okay guys you know it is the promised land and heaven this side of earth when it is given to us freely and lovingly.
8. Her lingerie, the frillier and lacier the better. Most men would rather see their woman in frilly lacy lingerie than see her naked, especially when she flashes you when she gets into a car that we have opened for her in a short skirt.
9. Her whole body when it comes to hugging, sleeping next to us or cuddled up. Can anything feel so right, I don’t think so.
10. The way that she completes us. Admit it guys, you are never truly happy when you are totally single. We just are meant to have a woman of our own, God made it that way.

Tell that woman that you love her today and that you appreciate her and that you are glad to have her in your life. It will fill up her love bank.

Blessings on you and yours

3 Responses to 10 Great Sexy Things About Women

  1. RVingGirl says:

    This post shocked me. I was enjoying reading others and was thinking of following but this just seems so un-godly.
    I know God created love and passion for us as husbands and wives but this does not sound right……the description???? I just wanted to say in an UNhateful way that I don’t like it. I even scrolled back to be sure it was the same blog. If you’d care to explain or comment, I would be open to hear from you.

  2. Hey Ms RVing Girl
    I hear your critique. As to ungodly, we have invented a form of godliness but denying the power thereof according to the bible.

    Jesus criticized the pharisees (catholics) “for teaching for doctrine
    the commandments of men”

    Having said that I am trying to be a witness to a lost world who has heard from pastors and parents especially little girls that: sex is bad, dirty and wrong and that: “good girls don’t do it.” Sadly this has damaged tens of thousands of women who by the time that she is ready to embrace her sexuality she is often negatively conditioned for life about her sexuality.

    You might consider reading my post called Sex and The Bible, Surprising Sex Positive Messages. Then you might consider reading the whole book of the Song of Solomon in the bible and its frank and very sexual descriptions of two lovers describing their intimate body parts and practices before critiquing me.

    Sex is a wonderful gift from God and in Proverbs 5 it says that a husband let his wife’s breasts satisfy him at all times and be always
    RAVISHED in her love. Ravished is a biblical term basically meaning GREAT SEX.

    I hope that this helps clarify my position. By the way I first published this on a christian woman’s blog by the name of Ada Burch who loved it. It was in response to her blog post 10 Sexy Things About Men. So beauty as always is in the eye of the beholder.

    blessings on you and yours
    John Wilder

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