An exposé by Climate Realist John O’Sullivan

Novelist, science writer and legal analyst specializing in anti-corruption, John O’Sullivan was born in Berkshire, England, of immigrant Irish parents in 1961. As an accredited academic, John taught and lectured for over twenty years at schools and colleges in the east of England as well as successfully litigating for over a decade in the New York State courts and U.S. federal 2nd circuit. John is established as the world’s most popular Internet writer on the greenhouse gas theory (source: Google) As an analytical commentator, O’Sullivan has published over 150 major articles worldwide.

O’Sullivan appearance on RT in 2010 -“Cracking the Climate Fraud Wide Open”

Note that the interview has numerous pictures of visible “steam” emanating from cooling towers and chimneys, etc. This is a tactic that plays on the ignorance of the general public who see only “pollution”, not harmless water vapour, and CO2 which…

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  1. Larry Z says:

    Thanks for repostiing this John.

    The fact that is often overlooked, if not suppressed, by the manmade global warming crowd is that the sun went through a several decades long active cycle beginning around 1940. Now, it is settling down and we may see lower global temps in the coming years. No sane person is asserting that man’s activity is influencing the sun’s behavior!

    Yes, the Greenland ice sheet is shrinking a bit. But, we never hear that the Antarctic ice sheet – 10 times as large as Greenland’s – is growing.

    Another item we are not told is that even though the ground based temperature recording stations show an increase in global temperatures in recent decades, the satellite data since 1970 do not confirm this warming. The discrepancy is largely due to the ground stations being located near heat islands (concrete cities that radiate heat at night). Therefore the ground data is not random but skewed.

    The data from Russia, a very large piece of real estate, is excluded from the IPCC’s data, and modelling. The Russian scientists have complained about this selective exclusion of data from such a large land mass.

    The late John Daly (1943 – 2004) had a website that I believe is still operational and has many items of interest that debunk “manmade” global warming. I believe it is called “Still Waiting for Greenhouse”. It can be “Googled”. John Daly was originally from England, but later in his life settled in Tasmania, Australia. His death several years ago was a real loss. His was a voice of reason among the hysteria on this issue.

  2. You are welcome. I have a couple of other posts on here that I have authored myself. More Evidence Dsiproving Global Warming
    Even More Evidence Disproving the Great Global Warming Hoax
    Scientists Trash The Scientific Method When it Comes to Global Warming

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