Best Seller Book Contest

I am going to have a contest for all my readers to guess the total number of books sold

during my best seller campaign with my book release on January 10,2013.  The prizes will 

be for the closest number of guesses for that week total to date.  If you would like to pitch your

products or service, you can include it as prize to induce people to buy my book during that 

week and thus increase your own online visibility and profit from my book campaign

The book is entitled:  Sex Education for Adults, Secrets To Amazing Sex and Happily 

Ever After Too.  It is written from a Christian perspective to counter the views taught in most

churches that sex is bad, dirty and wrong and that good girls don’t do it.  They never 

teach the sex positive messages in the bible.l


Not only will I show you how to have a better sex life but how to stop fighting with your 

spouse and instead have peaceful conflict resolution without hurting each other. The book 

will be first published on Amazon as an E-book.l  I am so confident that my book will help 

you, I am offering you a money back guarantee.  I also offer the same money back 

gaurantee on my coaching services.  Call a half dozen marriage counselors and 

ask them if they would be willing to match that.l  They won’t.  While the book is still under

construction I am also taking ideas on how to be more romantic how to seduce your partner,

better sex techniques, and problem resolution techniques that work for you.  You could

get published in my book if I can use your ideas.  Write me at

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