10 Romantic Dates For Your Spouse, Keep Dating Your Spouse

Women feel taken for granted by their husbands because once they get married most men do take their wives for granted.  Men you need to stop this and continue to romance your wife and make her feel special and she will make you feel special in return. Here are some ideas to help keep the romance alive.  You need to date your wife at least once a week.

1.  This one is expensive but will give her a lifetime of positive memories.  Take her out to a NICE restaurant and have reservations made at the restaurant and have tickets to the symphony.  Even if you don’t like classical music, it is awe inspiring to hear it in a great symphony hall.  If you really want extra credit have a limo pick you guys up and make love to her in it on the way home.  Most limo drivers are very sympathetic to romantic hanky panky in the back seat.  Having his window rolled up between you guys is optional depending on how exhibitionistic you want to be.

2. Here is another expensive one but guaranteed life long memories.  Take her on a balloon flight with breakfast and coffee in route.

3.  Take her for a dusk flight over your city and circle over your house in a small plane, hold hands in the plane.

4.  Take her to play minature golf and make sure to lose to her.  Then take her to the arcade and play arcade games together.  Wrap your arms around her and cop an occasional feel while doing these activities

5.  Take her to a state fair and eat junk food and ride the rides and make like teens again.

6.  Take her to an airshow, you will never forget what those planes do in mid air and it is thrilling and exciting and the food at the food vendors is cheap and parking is usually free.

7.  Go to the beach in the early evening and have a picnic dinner together and then make love when it gets dark and go skinny dipping afterwards, VERY ROMANTIC.

8.  Play hookie from work and take a mental health day and get lost exploring your city or a nearbye city. Make sure that the kids have a sitter and go make love in a motel room.  Sort of like an adult Ferriss Bueller’s Day off.

9 Ask her what her idea of a romantic date is and then give it to her.

10 Send her flowers for no reason, have a sitter for the kids and make her dinner at home and then clear the dishes and make love to her right there on the dining room table and eat her for dessert




10 Responses to 10 Romantic Dates For Your Spouse, Keep Dating Your Spouse

  1. I hope ALL men see this!!!!

  2. Thanks for the repost this is part of my book coming out in January 2013

  3. AKGM says:

    This is great! ^^^ I agree with Andrea. I hope all men see this!

    • Hey AKGM I am doing my best, sadly there is no school for sex or romance to teach men how to do it. I am trying to fill that niche and will am will be publishing a book on it January 10, 2013 entitled:
      Sex Education For Adults, Secrets To Amazing Sex and Happily Ever After Too. I am guaranteeing that it will improve your relationships or your money back. What author has ever done that? Share the word with your friends please.

  4. This is very important advice. Typically once a long term commitment is made, things start to become uninspired and conflicts arise. Take the time to go back to why you fell in love in the first place and re-romance each other. It can work wonders.

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