10 New And Inexpensive Dates To Take Your Wife On, Keep Dating Your Wife for Happily Ever After

If you want to stay happily married you need to continue to date your wife. You should always plan these, make arrangements for the sitter and let her relax and have fun. It will pay off handsomely in a more contented wife. You need to continue to make her feel pampered and cherished.

Go horse back riding then have a picnic in a canyon

Go on a late night hike to the top of a hill away from lights, bring a blanket and watch the stars.
Take a roll of pennies to a fountain and make wishes out loud as you throw them in.

Build a bonfire roast marshmallows (try roasting other things as well)

Get up extra early, watch the sunrise, then make breakfast together

Make life lists together

Have a candlelight chocolate making evening. Experiment with candy recipes. Everyone loves chocolate… become the chocolate giver

Write a letter, put it in an air-tight bottle and throw it into the ocean or a laker or even a river.

Ride a horse-drawn buggy

Go exploring with your date to find the coolest building in town. Then you can take a tour/ explore and have a picnic outside

9 Responses to 10 New And Inexpensive Dates To Take Your Wife On, Keep Dating Your Wife for Happily Ever After

  1. Manda says:

    These are some great date ideas to keep a relationship fresh and exciting, and of course spending loads of money isn’t a requirement for having a special time with your partner!

    • Hey Manda
      Yes there are many young couples on a very limited budget so I felt that I should come up with
      cheap but fun dates to help keep the romance alive during those tough times thanks for stopping by
      and commenting

  2. brandy and i go ‘overtime’ on staying newlywed and continuing to court. 7yrs married in september and we still do fri night dates, monthly commemorations of the day we started courtship (30th) and a second ‘anniversary of sorts commemorating the actual ‘date’ (dec 30th.
    what can i say, i’m a romantic and we don’t have children 🙂

  3. thx for also checking out our little blog… the ‘journey’ is best when enjoyed with others

  4. bossymoksie says:

    Nice! Good lookin out, counselor!

  5. Thanks so much for checking out my blog! Divorce is a horrible and painful experience– I’m very sad that my situation was my husband’s decision, and I didn’t have a choice:( To all you couples out there– Keep it up! No one gets out without kicking the bucket! 😉 Best wishes, Regina

    • Hey Regina
      That is the thing that frustrates me the most in my practice when one partner won’t work with me to save the marriage.
      It so happens I am very good at it and give an unheard of money back guarantee. It is the kids who suffer the most in
      divorce and it is for that reason that I do what I do
      Blessings on you and yours

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