All You Teachers Out There, Read This and Contemplate Your Profession


This is another guest post from my friend Larry Z.  He has a keen intellect and an articulate writing style.  I commend his blog to you and his link back to his blog is posted at the end of the blog.
What I can say is that as teachers you have a similar job and code of ethics of journalists who are required by printed canons of journalistic integrity to print both sides of the story fairly and accurately.  No matter how much you disagree with conservatives, you have no right as an educator to bring your liberal orthodoxy and teach it as fact in your classroom.  You are ethically bound to present both sides and let your students make up their own minds
John Wilder


An Open Letter to United States Educators, Teachers and Students: What is The True Purpose of Education?

“The goal of education is not the unquestioning acceptance of any single interpretation, but the development of an individual’s critical abilities.”

The above quote is from the inside front cover of the Cliffs Notes on T. S. Eliot’s Major Poems & Plays – Cliffs Notes Incorporated, Lincoln Nebraska, 1992 Printing.

I quite agree with this view of the goal (purpose) of education.  This was the prevailing view among responsible US educators until the late1960s.

Or is the correct purpose of education the indoctrination of students’ minds with/in aggressive feminism, identity politics, political correctness, multiculturalism, so-called gender studies, and Marxist economic and social theories?

To educators, I say it is high time for some objective introspection and honesty with yourselves.  (And, honesty begins in one’s own mind.)  Have you, in zealous pursuit of your agenda(s), done justiceto the formation of these young people’s minds, and the development of their critical abilities?  (I think not.)

To college and high school students, dear young people, I say you donot have to buy into, nor believe, the unspoken message (claptrap) that “liberals know best“.  Be aware, that liberals are some of the most narrow minded – really close minded –  people on the planet.  They have very serious problems coming to terms with any real world evidence that contradicts their fervently – even passionately –  held views.

Think about it!

Responsible replies are welcome.

38 Responses to All You Teachers Out There, Read This and Contemplate Your Profession

  1. larryzb says:


    Your preface to my short essay has given me a chuckle or two.

    Way back in undergraduate days, they taught us that for an occupation to be a true profession it had to meet 4 necessary criteria. These are a college curriculum, it has to be self-certifying (the Bar Exam, the CPA exam, the requirements to be a professional engineer, etc.), it has to be self-regulating or self-policing (bad attorneys are “disbarred”, tax cheat accountants lose their license), and it had to have a code of professional ethics.

    When I used to walk down the steps of Tydings Hall at Maryland, one could see the college of journalism in a nearby small building. Alas, journalism only has one of the four criteria – a college curriculum and is therefore not a true profession. Journalists do desparately need a code of ethics.

    Thanks for reblogging this, and I invite anyone interested to visit my blog – it is growing by the day! Best, Larry

    • Hey Larry
      Journalists will share with you their code of ethics (and there are numerous ones starting with the Society of Professional Journalists) what makes them a sham is that they are all volunteer and journalists and editors flout them with impunity. There is no policing agency overseeing journalism. Their favorable ratings in the polls hovers around 19% worse than a used car salesman

  2. rich says:

    i’m curious as to how you know that all teachers are liberal and that all liberals are close minded. do you think they’re any more close minded than conservatives?

    here’s a quote from john wayne. “You’re damn right i’m liberal. i listen to both sides and then i make a decision. if that’s not liberal, then what is?”

    keep in mind that “liberal” comes from “liberty.”

    • larryzb says:

      Hey Rich,

      You are partly correct, but mostly incorrect.

      In survey after survey, most teachers, 65 to 70 percent or more, self identify as liberals. At some major colleges, the percentage is even higher. Consider, the positions that the NEA and other teachers’ unions take on the various issues of the day.

      As John, above, refered to the “liberal orthodoxy” being brought into the classroom, that is exactly what is happening in too many college classrooms and lecture halls across the country. (I have talked to a lot of college students over the years and they remark on this not infrequently.)

      And, Rich, you obliquely yet correctly, point to a sad fact. That the term “liberal” has had its original meaning bastardized. Liberal used to refer to people like John Locke and James Madison among others. But, the 1960s radicals adopted (co-opted) the term in an attempt to put a positive spin on their radical agenda.

      • rich says:

        ok, let’s give the point that most teachers identify as liberals. so? i’m a liberal, but i don’t preach it in my class. and you have no evidence that “most” teachers are doing so. you might have talked to “a lot” of college students, but how many is “a lot”? do you think you have even talked to .01% of all the college students over the years? and for just as many as you may have talked to who have heard liberal teachers lean on liberal attitudes in class, i’m sure there are just as many – if not more – who are on the conservative side. in fact, conservatives are way more likely to be outspoken about their politics. liberals tend to be quieter, sit back, take a more passive role.

        the post i replied to has no basis in fact and is nothing more than one person’s guess, based entirely on his beliefs, which are leaning to the right just as many as any of his opponents are leaning to the left.

        and that’s okay for him to preach his beliefs. it’s what this country is about, and i wish him the best with it. but that doesn’t give him the right to take a guess and treat it like a fact.

      • Hey Rich
        See the comment below and this in addition to that.

        Teachers are even teaching liberal views in grade school. Global warming preached as fact is rampant in the schools including grade school, junior high and high school as well as college. Al Gore had an injunction filed against him in
        English court for trying to palm off his schlocumentary movie. The judged noted that it was riddled with scientific errors and refused to allow it to be taught as curriculum in English Schools

      • rich says:

        hey, a few things:

        1. is it impossible that the judge in england has his own agenda?

        2. how do we know that judge is versed enough to make such a determination? i’m going to believe that al gore has studied this topic more than that random judge.

        3. 38 schools are not a valid sample – but your one school is a valid sample?

        4. you criticized the 38 schools for being unnamed – but you label all teachers as liberals who are pushing a leftist agenda without naming any?

        5. how many classrooms have you been in and for how many years? i’ve spent 25 years in schools, and i have no clue what any of the other teachers were doing, and there i was in the same building for 25 years. how could you know what all these teachers are doing? how many years have you spent teaching?

      • themercyfuck says:

        Here’s link to an interesting NY Times article that actually contains empirical statistics:

      • It might be empiracal evidence but only studied 38 colleges without identifying them. I can tell
        you that graduate school was hell for me as our department head was also a professor. She
        identified herself as a radical militant atheist feminsist and espoused these views constantly
        in class. When I took her to task and explained that she had no business foisting those views
        on us in class, she said, I will see to it that you do not finish this program and followed
        through on that threat.

        Journalists are required by printed canons of ethics to tell both sides of the story accurately
        and fairly without any bias. I can tell you as an often published free lance writer with a major in
        science and having worked in a scientific field for 7 years I could not get one editor of a major
        newspaper to even read much as less publish my scientific refutation of global warming claims
        that you could easily fact check. Those studies do not square with my experience at all.

      • themercyfuck says:

        I’m not sure why you would not consider 38 an appropriate sample size–my experience with statistics indicates that it is enough to conduct valid and reliable research on this topic– and the names of the schools can be found in actual study located here: While we have each had our own unique and individual experiences in college and grad school and while those experiences may deeply inform our world views and perspectives, those are simply anecdotal experiences and should not be generalized to reflect the experiences of all students.

    • Rich
      No one on here said that all teachers are liberal, there are of course conservative teachers. Having been taught by both, I find it is the conservative teachers that show both sides of the issue and allow students to make up their own mind whereas the liberal teachers tried to cram down their liberal orthodoxy down my throat as the militant gay crowd are now trying to do.

      I have no problems with gays having civil rights and connecting through civil unions which gives them all the rights of a tradtional marriage between heteros, but oh no that is not good enough and they allow no freedom to disagree.

    • Hey Rich
      Al Gore has been repeatedly challenged to a debates over his views with other legitimate scientists and he has steadfastly refused in violation of the Scientific Method

  3. themercyfuck says:

    The language used by this writer is antiquated and reeks of conservative bias. What is “aggressive feminism”? And why “so-called gender studies”? Because the writer does not believe that the study of gender is valid or important? If this person is really interested in seeing Americans receive a quality education, summarily dismissing cultural diversity, gender, feminism and Marxist theory is not the way to make that happen. Sounds more like he or she wants to dictate what subjects a student can study or can be taught. That is not how students receive a well-rounded education.

  4. rich says:

    interesting articles there, mercy. they tend to show that the more education one has, the more liberal they become. i’m guessing that’s what some people use to say that college is pushing a liberal agenda. but what about this?? what if the greater education is allowing people to see things more clearly? what if the greater education is making them smarter and better able to make judgments, and thus coming to the conclusion that liberal ideas are greater? is that possible? i’d say it is.

    • themercyfuck says:

      Actually, one of the studies I was looking at showed that liberals are more likely to go to college. There are also numerous–but I wouldn’t say completely conclusive studies–showing a correlation between religiosity and IQ.

      • rich says:

        between that and you’re “name” – i accept.

      • Hey Mercy
        Yes and I bet you that these so called studies showed religious people had a lower IQ than liberals right? I have a genius level IQ as does a lot of my christian friends

      • themercyfuck says:

        To be more precise, they show that atheists and agnostics have higher IQs on average than adherents to dogmatic religions. I too have anecdotal stories I could share that would support the same conclusions these studies came to, but they are nothing more than anecdotes.

      • Send them along, I have proven that I publish replies from everyone. By the way, to further back up my claims, there is an organization called The Society of Professional Journalists. They HAD a statement in their code of Ethics that stated: “we will tell both sides of the story accurately and fairly. then they deleted that statement and we have not heard both sides of the story since.

    • Hey Rich
      Young people are impressionable and are subject to stuff being indoctrinated into them. I have a lot of education and am definitely not liberal. I have no problem with liberals being liberal or even teaching as long as they teach both sides of the issue, they don’t and that is my problem, the rampant indoctrination of kids

      • themercyfuck says:

        First of all, I really appreciate the fact that you have allowed everyone to comment even when his or her views differ from yours; I always respect that and anyone who is willing to have a conversation about these issues because we need to have them. I do have to say that you seem to be making a lot of generalizations and basing your information on your personal experience instead of empirical evidence, though. For example, saying that no liberals teach both sides of issues, is a huge generalization. You also implied that any studies I have referred to must have been conducted by “liberals”, but have not presented any evidence that were conducted by liberal or presented any studies that would refute the conclusions. All research is flawed in some way and viable studies include an examination of possible flaws and are published in peer-reviewed journals.

      • Hey Mercy
        Yes I admit to some generalizations but back them up with known facts that I have proven global warming wrong on. This is not a scientific journal and as such I am permitted more generalizations.
        I did not say that all liberals refuse to present both sides of the issue. That of course is ridiculous. The difference is that more liberals are self identifying as atheists who don’t have any moral absolutes. Christians accept the bible as a moral absolute and we stick to that more so than do liberals. Many liberals subscribe to the philosophy of existentialism where there are no moral absolutes and you make up your own unique set of morals for yourself. It is a difference in world views. Many liberals subscribe to the notion of what is better for the collective rather than the individual and is one of the reasons that they can justify killing an unborn innocent baby for example.

        And thanks for the kudos, I don’t censor anyone. For example there is another blog on here called Fully Mylenated who refuses to print my comments because I differ from his liberal orthodoxy. He is perfectly willing to trample on my first amendment rights as are so many liberals who want to have conservative shows taken off the airwaves.

      • themercyfuck says:

        I think we may have a misunderstanding as my comments have been in regards to the original posts and the commentary about that post only. You seem to have moved on to global warming and atheism which are different topics altogether in my opinion.

        While the First Amendment right does not apply to a blog, I totally agree that refusing to allow all comments is cowardice (my word not yours, but I think you may agree). I do appreciate a truly open forum for discussion. So, thanks.

    • Rich you say that you don’t preach liberalism in your class and yet you have not responded to my challenge to have your class read my scientific refutation of the global warming hoax. Does
      not make your claims very believable.

  5. Hey Mercy
    When ever a liberal conducts a study,. I am HIGHLY distrusting of it. I have seen too often disgraceful lack of ethics displayed by liberals in academia. The global warming issue is one such example. When was the last time that you saw any published article pretending or having any pretense at balance published on global warming. The IPCC has been under constant fire for not publishing dissenting opinions from peer scientists refuting their findings.

    For example; THE THEORY of global warming is based upon a very highly flawed computer model. This model posits that CO2 will rise into the atmosphere and stay there for 100 years. This is scientifically impossible as CO2 is a heavier than air gas weighing in at 152% heavier than air. This is why they use it in fire extinguishers and spooky ground fog effects in Hollywood scary movies.

    They abandon the Scientific Method on every front (the Gold Standard) for legitimate science.

    Liberals also use the very unprofessional practice of what is called
    “push polling” in their studies, so your studies have little validity for me. Show me the parameters they plugged in to avoid push polling and tester bias in these studies and then perhaps I will give them some credence.

  6. Hey Rich
    The judge was reacting to a lot of scientists weighing in on Al Gores widely panned schlocumentary. The man has no scientific credentials nor degrees. I have a major in science and worked in a scientific field for 7 years. The judge did not forbid it from being shown in the schools but ordered that all the scientific flaws be shown and explained to the students.

    Our schools are behind many of the other countries in reading, math and science statistically

  7. And I did teach for a year



  9. Hey Mercy
    The Scientific Method was designed to eliminate consensus but instead provide real proof. You first devise a hypothesis and then create an experiment to prove that hypothesis. That experiment has to be open to the world’s scientists who have to have the same result from the experiment and open to question. It is up to the scientist who formulates the hypothesis to defend his hypothesis against all comers so that there is world wide agreement. Not only are there no scientific experiments proving global warming theory but Gore refuses to defend his bullshit, because of course he is not a scientist and has no scientific credentials. Also in REAL SCIENCE you must also form double blind experiments to eliminate tester bias. There are no double blind experiments done to prove global warming theory.

    • themercyfuck says:

      I know what the scientific method is, but it does not call for every person who believes in the studies presented to debate every person who does not believe in the studies.

  10. You can easily fact check me on this. That is how I disproved global warming theory by actually fact checking the bullshit. For example about 6 years ago the scientists breathlessly told us that there would be MASSIVE SALTWATER FISH KILLS due to fresh water infusion into the saltwater environment. Sounds logical on its face and people blindly accepted it. To that I say check the flow rate of the Mississippi River and you will find that it is approximately 4 million gallons per second flowing into the Gulf of Mexico. You can go down there and check for saltwater fish kills and there are none. There is no fresh water melting from glaciers that could equal the second largest flow rate on the planet of the Mississippi River, in other words rank bullshit to an unsuspecting public

  11. Mercy
    I realize that your comments were limited to the original subject. The reason that I moved on was due to you and more so Rich defending liberals as being innocent and ethical when my life long experience denies that. Let me give a further illustration. I had a magazine that bought an article from me and was so impressed by my writing style that they asked me to write a second one doing an interview on a breeder of an obscure breed of cattle. They gave me a very short deadline of 4 days and I turned it in 3. The gave me high fives for my excellent writing skills and then turned on me, refused to pay for either article and blackballed me because I included some global warming debunking in the article. The guy that I interviewed lived in a small town in Wyoming called Shell due to the numerous sea shells left there from previous ocean waves.
    This town was 1,400 miles from the Pacific Ocean and easily proved that we used to have much higher oceans.

    My point is that she could have just edited out the political stuff but had to punish me and refuse to buy anything else from me including the two articles that she had already given me a contract for. I have been repeatedly exposed to unethical behavior on the part of liberals where I have not from Christians. I hope that this explanation clears it up for you

    • themercyfuck says:

      I actually never said that liberals are innocent and ethical. I would never make such a sweeping generalization unless I were making a joke. My point was that instead of providing facts to support the original propositions of the first post or to dispute the studies to which I referred, you continued to perseverate on global warming. You actually did say that liberals do not present both sides of the issues and you need only refer to your earlier post to see that. You do not even qualify the statement with “some liberals”.

      My mind works very analytically and logically so I prefer to base my conclusions on facts as opposed to the personal experience of any one person–even if that person is myself. I also believe, as they say, “numbers don’t lie, but people do”. And I approach all empirical evidence with that in mind.

      • Hey Mercy
        I appreciate an analytical mind. As to liberals not presenting both sides of global warming, perhaps there are a few out there who do, but everything that I have read for the last 10 years they do not. Believe me I have been studying that topic in depth because it is SO OBVIOUS that they are lying to a population who is woefully behind on science compared to the rest of the world. Again liberal teachers and teachers unions are the cause of this in my opinion.

        Journalists are REQUIRED by printed canons of journalist integrity to present both sides of an issue. I DEFY you to show me ONE ARTICLE that even bothers to pretend to present both sides accurately and fairly. Until that time, my analytical mind will continue to state that ALL LIBERALS WHO GET PUBLISHED
        never present both sides.

        It might prove interesting to you that there was an article printed in Editor and PUblisher, the house trade magazine for newspapers had an article suggesting that newspapers abandon any semblance of balance and just go ahead and take the advocacy position on global warming and it was a dead serious rant.

        I fired off a furious letter to the editor of that mag and he did not even bother to answer me or defend his columnist

  12. Rich if you are as even minded as you claim, I challenge you to show my article to your students, have them read it and do a report on it. It is all science based written for the non scientist and can all be easily fact checked.

  13. My article debunking global warming claims

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