Yea 60,000 Page Views Thanks To My Readers

January 4, 2012

I am deeply gratified to go over 60,000 page views today. By the time that you read this
it will be. I only need 36 more page views as of this minute to go over 60,000. I have been
averaging over 200 page views per day for the last few months.

I have been contacted by many people. Some young women who still don’t know how to masturbate
and want to know and have come to me for instruction. Some couples who are having trouble with
their sex lives and I helped them. Some people who are having trouble with their marriages
and fighting and I helped them.

Some women who are having trouble with their men and I helped them.

I have also had a few women attack me for the frank nature of my sexual blogs.
They are victims of over zealous parents and pastors who have beat into their
heads that sex is bad, dirty and wrong and that good girls don’t do it. They
never bothered to teach them all the sex positive messages in the Bible.

If you are interested in Sex Positive messages from the Bible check out my blog
post entitled Sex and The Bible, Amazing Sex Positive Messages.

I also appreciate people who want to guest post on here and am always
open to new guest posters. The most amazing is a young woman who has
written my all time favorite and most widely read blog post entitled
Giving Him The Ultimate Blow Job, Letting Him Come In Your Mouth and
Swallowing. It has literally been responsible for thousands of
page views and is almost always the number one read blog post for the day.

I also appreciate those of you who have referred my blog to their friends
and relatives. Also please no that I offer help and offer an amazing
money back guarantee that you won’t get from any other counselor.

So Happy New Year, it holds great promise for my blog and if there
is a subject that you would like for me to cover in my blog
drop me a line at

Blessings on you and yours
John Wilder

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