November 10, 2015

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questions about my domain renewal

April 29, 2015

I have questions about my domain renewal.  In addition I have questions about the huge drop in my

page views.  I upgraded to your later form and my page views went from 700-1,000 page views

down to about 100 -180 page views.

Can you call me at

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January 1, 2015

February 4, 2013

This is a hoot blog post


Hellooooo ladies and gents! Robert from moolta checking in again to show you some other crazy things I ran into on my trip. While this one won’t be a story like the “Amster-dam good dares” post, I promise you it’s just as crazy.  Today my friends, you will get the inside scoop on the Prague Sex Machine Museum… prepare yourself.

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Get my new book on my new blog site

January 1, 2013

I have a new book coming out later in January.  You can get a free copy by going on over to my new blog site at and signing up for free to my new blog and leaving me a comment that you would like a copy.  All I ask is that you review it on Amazon if it is a good review and send it to me if it is a bad review.


The title of the book is SEX EDUCATION FOR ADULTS, SECRETS TO AMAZING SEX AND HAPPILY EVER AFTER TOO.  This book will teach you how to have a better sex life and how to stop fighting with your spouse and instead have peaceful and respectful conflict resolution where it is a win win  for both of you.

A Woman’s Guide To Pleasuring Your Man and Embracing Your Sexuality

July 22, 2012

Pleasuring your man,

I quite enjoyed reading the posts on penises 😉 and figured to contribute my own two cents. First of, let me start out
by saying that in my experience, men love sluts in bed.As the saying goes, “A lady in the streets and a slut in bed” or 
something like it. As you outlined in your posts, you can be a faithful christian and still have a naughty, slutty side to you. All too often, women that are comfortable with their sexuality are mislabeled.
First off, men are aroused by what they see and what they hear. Put on something nice 
for him, preferably something lacy or silky. Men looovve heels. There is something about them that gets their blood flowing into all the right directions. Put on some nice lingerie as well as some lace-up heels andit will be on girl.Men also seem to be into glossy lips so do not forget to top if off with some nice lipgloss. It will give him a kickwhen he sees those glossy lips sucking on his finger or wrapped around his shaft. 
Finally, get our nails done. Run them over his shoulders and down his chest, give him a sexy sigh and tell him how turnedon you are by finally finding a real man.
Also use them to tickle his balls while you are getting him warmed up. 
Put on some romantic music, light some candles or the fireplace, put a nice rug on the floor if you got one and slip on something slutty for him. Let him get comfortable, on a couch or bed. Straddle him and drive your fingernails over hisshoulders and chest (see above) while making some subtle noises that let him know you are turned on by his manliness.
Nibble on his ear and whisper that he can have whatever he wants tonight, while slowly opening his shirt. Then run your nails over his bare chest and shoulders. Sit back a little and admire his bod while biting your lower lip or letting your tonguelick across your glossy lips. It will turn him on.
Lightly bite, suck and nibble on his neck while pressing your tits against his bare chest. The feeling of your tongue andhot breath on his neck as well as your tits pressed against him will send him to cloud 9. 
Slide down on him and gently suck and nibble on his nipples. Women are not the only ones to  have sensitive nipples.Go further down until you are kneeling in front of him and rub his already hard cock through his pants with the palm of yourhand. For an extra effect use the other hands to rub your bald pussy, giving him some sexy moans and letting him know thatyou are just as excited as he is.
Slowly open his pants and pull them down. Leave his underwear on.Comment on how hard his cock is and how much it turns you on.Most likely his hard shaft will be clearly visible through
the underwear. Rub it with your palm, then put your lips on it and trace it while lightly touching it with your tongueand blowing hot air on it. Rub your pussy while doing it, it will be a major turn-on for both of you.
If the head sticks out, very lightly run your tongue over it, giving it a nice shine.
Then suck on his finger while giving him a sexy look and rubbing his shaft and ask him if he wants you to do this to his
If he hasn’t taken his underwear off by himself by now, slowly pull them down. Again, make a sexy noise that let’s himknow you are pleased by what you are seeing.
Before using your mouth, take his cock and trace your tits  especially just your nipples. Rub his shiny head around your hard nipples and givehim a sexy moan. The shiny trace of his cream on your tits will make him hot.
 If you are well-endowed, suck his cream from your nipple while stroking his shaft.
Now he is ready for your mouth. Put your tongue at the base of his shaft and slowly run it up and down his cock while never losing eye contact with him.Take his dick between your lips and run them up and down while tickling his testicles with your fingernails. Before you get
to the head, lick over his balls and gently suck them into your mouth. 
If possible, suck on an ice-cube before doing that. It will make it so much better for him. 
Circle his shiny head with your tongue and let him know how good his cream tastes.
While giving some resistance with your lips, very slowly push his pulsing head into your mouth, circling it with your tongueand sucking on it. While sucking the head, make sure to keep eye contact and moan for him.
After a little while, he will most likely grab the back of your head to push it deeper in your mouth. Let him,you can supressthe gag effect by using normal cough medicine. Let him fuck your mouth.
After pleasing him for a little while, lay back on a rug and let him watch you rub your tits and pussy. If possible have a little bottle of baby-oil  or better yet some KY lubricant near by and squirt it on your tits, rubbing it in slowly.Then tell him in a sultry voice that you want him to fuck your titties.  The way you do that is to use your arms to mash your breasts together and invite him to shove his dick between them.  If you have given your cleavage some nice lubrication, it will feel just like your pussy to him especially the tighter that you squeeze your tits together.
Do this for him once and I can guarantee you he will be wrapped around your finger.  Embrace your sexuality and be sexually adventurous for him as well as yourself and you will be surprised at how romantic he turns.

All You Teachers Out There, Read This and Contemplate Your Profession

June 26, 2012


This is another guest post from my friend Larry Z.  He has a keen intellect and an articulate writing style.  I commend his blog to you and his link back to his blog is posted at the end of the blog.
What I can say is that as teachers you have a similar job and code of ethics of journalists who are required by printed canons of journalistic integrity to print both sides of the story fairly and accurately.  No matter how much you disagree with conservatives, you have no right as an educator to bring your liberal orthodoxy and teach it as fact in your classroom.  You are ethically bound to present both sides and let your students make up their own minds
John Wilder


An Open Letter to United States Educators, Teachers and Students: What is The True Purpose of Education?

“The goal of education is not the unquestioning acceptance of any single interpretation, but the development of an individual’s critical abilities.”

The above quote is from the inside front cover of the Cliffs Notes on T. S. Eliot’s Major Poems & Plays – Cliffs Notes Incorporated, Lincoln Nebraska, 1992 Printing.

I quite agree with this view of the goal (purpose) of education.  This was the prevailing view among responsible US educators until the late1960s.

Or is the correct purpose of education the indoctrination of students’ minds with/in aggressive feminism, identity politics, political correctness, multiculturalism, so-called gender studies, and Marxist economic and social theories?

To educators, I say it is high time for some objective introspection and honesty with yourselves.  (And, honesty begins in one’s own mind.)  Have you, in zealous pursuit of your agenda(s), done justiceto the formation of these young people’s minds, and the development of their critical abilities?  (I think not.)

To college and high school students, dear young people, I say you donot have to buy into, nor believe, the unspoken message (claptrap) that “liberals know best“.  Be aware, that liberals are some of the most narrow minded – really close minded –  people on the planet.  They have very serious problems coming to terms with any real world evidence that contradicts their fervently – even passionately –  held views.

Think about it!

Responsible replies are welcome.

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