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February 28, 2010

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How To Have Pleasurable Anal Sex and Even Clmax From It

by John Wilder(34)

I can just hear the howls from you women now all the way down to Florida where I live. You are screaming: “no way.” Before you get all hot and bothered let me assure you, if it is done right you can find it very enjoyable and can even climax during this type of sex. The reason is that your husband’s penis (dick) can hit your G spot from behind and cause you to have a powerful climax. Anal sex is only forbidden to homosexual men in the Bible, it is not forbidden between husband and wife. This is also another option to consider for those of you women are too squeamish to have intercourse during your period. Let me tell you how you can do it and enjoy it as well as your husband. First of all it goes without saying that you want to be very clean before you engage in this behavior. In fact, you should allow your husband to wash you with soap and water and use a germicidal baby wet wipe to clean your anus (asshole). This is most easily accomplished during a romantic shower or bath together.

After having him get you off 2 or 3 times during conventional oral sex, have him turn you over and have him lick your anus (asshole). There are nerve endings in your anus (asshole) that you did not even know that you had that when stimulated are highly pleasurable and sensitive. Then have him spread your butt cheeks and insert his tongue up your anus (asshole). Then have him probe in and out (tongue fucking). The sensation will blow your mind. If you will simply relax, you will find it highly enjoyable. I know, your mind is saying no, but your anus (asshole) will be screaming: yes, yes, yes. It is highly erotic, sophisticated and naughty. You will feel good about yourself if you let your inhibitions down and engage in it. Once the foreplay has you sufficiently aroused, you take a quality water based lubricant like KY Jelly and lube up your husband’s penis (dick, cock). He will enjoy the feeling of you stroking him with the lubricant. Then you don’t allow him to penetrate you. You roll him over on his back and you sit astride him either facing him or facing away from him. You then have him support his dick vertically and you very gently and slowly sit down on him and allow your anus (asshole) to be penetrated. You allow it to progress inside you very slowly and gently slide all the way up to the hilt taking your time. Once you are fully penetrated, you stop and relax. You wait for a full minute, during which time your anus (asshole) will relax. It is imperative to not skip this step because this is what prevents you from experiencing pain. You then start slowly moving up and down until you are comfortable with this new form of penetration. Once you get comfortable then you can start vigorously stroking and you will be surprised how pleasurable it can be. You don’t want him to do the stroking because he does not know how it feels to you inside. If he strokes wrong, it can result in pain for you. When you are controlling the penetration, rate of speed and angle of penetration, you are assured of avoiding any pain.

If you are facing your husband, lean over and kiss him and allow your nipples to stroke his chest as you are rhythmically pumping him. You can even lean forward and have him lick and suck your nipples. Then turn around and sit astride him again and lower yourself back down on his penis (dick, cock). This is great for both of you. He can watch his penis (dick) penetrating you which is highly erotic for him. You can have him slap you hard on your butt cheek and you will find how erotic this feels. It will actually feel pleasurable to you. Then you can take our Power Tool Vibrator and place it on your clitty (clitoris) while you are riding his dick (penis). You can also at the same time stroke his balls with a pair of your silky panties. The advantage of using the vibrator is that you are guaranteed to have multiple orgasms while you are riding him. You can experiment with different angles of penetration. You want the head of his penis (dick) to hit right behind your pubic bone. This will stimulate your G spot and can likely result in a powerful mind blowing G spot orgasm. If you achieve a G spot orgasm, you will likely have it be accompanied with a big gush release of vaginal fluid that both of you will find highly pleasurable. You could even experience a powerful squirting that you are unable to control that will give you a mind blowing climax. So don’t be so quick to dismiss anal sex. It is worth investing in and experimenting with.

You can experiment with this on your own before having your husband do it with you. Use a vibrating dildo. You insert it gently and very slowly getting comfortable with it. Once it is inside of you, stop and let your anus get used to having it inside and it will relax around the dildo. You then can proceed slowly as you get comfortable with the penetration. You want to aim the end of the vibrator towards the backside of your pubic bone. You want to stroke it slowly at first but then pick up speed and pressure. AS you get aroused, shorten the strokes and have the end of the vibrator hit your G spot. You will become more and more aroused. You can achieve a mind blowing climax.

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