A Writer’s Assesment of Ezinearticles.com and Searchwarp.com

March 10, 2010

We all come to a writer’s site for different reasons and motivations. I had no history with writer’s sites and chose to post articles to two top sites according to Alexa. I chose to submit articles on Searchwarp and on Ezinearticles at the same time. To give a comparison a fair shake, I submitted identical articles at the same times. What I found is very revealing. Both sites are very similar at what they do, but oh what a difference there is in the two sites.

Immediately I found an extremely intrusive and very heavy handed censorship involved on ezinearticles. Searchwarp on the other hand was very open. The only thing that they did was to put my more overtly sexual articles on their sister site called Icepop. My articles were generally approved and published within the hour and frequently in under ten minutes. Every article that was published on ezinearticles took several days to get published even after negotiating the heavy handed censorship and making all of their changes demanded which made the article plain vanilla and watered down. I complained bitterly to the staff and demanded to talk to the owner of the site and never got an answer from him. I had some issues with searchwarp and Bruce contacted me and handled them promptly.

There was another immediate and noticeable difference in the two sites. I got up to 3 times the page views for the same articles on searchwarp that I did on ezinearticles. Admittedly they were not the same articles exactly because of the heavy censorship. I think that this contributes to lower page views on ezinearticles. I have long since given up on ezinearticles and now exclusively publish my articles on searchwarp and their sister sites. I have only been on the sites since December 2009 or 3 months I recommend searchwarp unequivocally. I would not recommend ezinearticles to anyone who is interested in publishing their writing on the web.

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