Stop Having Wam Bam Thank You Maam Sex, Do it Better

March 16, 2010

Too many of you guys out there have the notion of getting it over as quickly as possible. This leaves your women angry, resentful and unsatisfied. For you women reading this, have your guy read it and tell him that you want him to step up to the plate.

First of all, it is women first when it comes to climaxes. Too many of you when you are done want to roll over and go to sleep. Women need to feel like you made love to her and hold her, talk to her and cuddle with her afterwards. If you omit this, she just feels like you used her like a piece of meat and that any vagina would do. She feels like you don’t really love her when you do this.

Women need romance and foreplay to get into the mood. You need to take your time and tease her and stroke and fondle her and make her crazy. The best foreplay is long enough that she begs you to take her because you have driven her crazy with desire. This takes time and foreplay and getting her off manually and orally, but wouldn’t sex be better if she was begging you to take her?

Once the intercourse starts, SLOW DOWN and give her slow motion sex. She will love it. Look into her eyes and tell her that you love her and how good she feels to you inside. Stroke her breasts and nipples and suck them at the same time. Stroke her hair. Guys, sex feels good, why do you want to rush through it? If you feel the urge to climax, pull it out of her and go back down on her and get her off again with your tongue or a vibrator. Then climb back on and start again. By starting and stopping like this, you can make sex last for a couple of hours. You will be a hero in the bedroom and become a legend with all of her friends and relatives if you make love to her for two hours without stopping. Think how much better it will feel to you and how much more pleasurable it will be to you as well. If you follow my advice, she will be coming to you and asking you to do her, and she will definitely give it to you when you want it. Isn’t that what lovemaking should be

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