10 Sex Tips for Men To Make You a Better Lover

November 16, 2011

These tips compliments of Men’s Health Magazine with the last one being my own tip for giving her more orgasms. Put these tips to use and you will get more and better sex with your woman. Enjoy
John Wilder

Sex isn’t a Race

Sex isn’t a race, so take time to explore her. Focus on her thighs and lower belly. Make a mental circle 2 inches around the outside of her vagina and don’t cross the line while you kiss, lick, and caress.

Give Her Plenty of Time

If you want morning sex, set your alarm at least 20 minutes early. A woman won’t want sex if she’s hurried, and she’ll probably need about 20 minutes to reach orgasm.

Grunts are Better Than Nothing

She’ll give longer and more enthusiastic oral sex if you give her a verbal response. Even appreciative grunts are better than silence.

Vary the Stimulation

When you’re all the way inside her, add side-to-side movement or up-and-down pelvic pressure against her clitoris to vary the stimulation.

Make a Fantasy Lottery

Both you and your lady write five sexual fantasies down on five separate notebook cards. Then head to a restaurant where you can get a booth and some privacy in a public setting. Over dinner and wine, pull out the cards and make three piles—”yes,” “maybe someday,” and “not on your life.” Put the possibles in a shoe box, and once a month pull out a winner.

Exercise Together

Work out together. Think of it as fat-burning foreplay. It will raise her dopamine levels, easing her anxieties. Bonus: Your post-run sweat has androstadienone, a testosterone derivative that spikes her arousal when she smells it.

Ignore Bombshells

Remain calm when a decked-out bombshell strolls by and you’ll be sending the message that you’re too smart to be wowed by a Wonderbra and red lipstick.

Give Her the Perfect Compliment

The best compliments are the ones that involve multiple senses. “You have beautiful breasts” is nice. “You have beautiful breasts—they feel so soft and warm in my hands” is that much more intimate.

Give Her Multiple Orgasms

By going down on her and getting her off and then when you feel the urge to ejaculatePull out of her and go down on her again to get her off before reentering her. Doing it This way you can get her off numerous times and last up to two hours.

Sexual Post Play, Be a Hero In The Bedroom

April 14, 2010

I know you have all heard of foreplay, but how many have heard of sexual post play. Well, I am here to tell you if you follow my suggestions for post play; you will become a hero in the bedroom. You will be talked about by your wife or girlfriend. That’s right, women talk about us and how we do in the bedroom as well. They just don’t tell you about it. They also talk to me in my job as a marriage, relationship and sexual coach. I hear that you guys just roll over and go to sleep leaving your women too often unsatisfied and unable to sleep and feeling ignored and left out.

 After you finish making love with your woman, hold her for a couple of minutes and cuddle her. Then get up and get a big towel and soak it in hot water. Then wring it out well and carry it back in the bedroom. Get the spread back on the bed and put a couple of towels under your lady and have her lay on her stomach. Unfold the hot towel and lay it on her back and shoulders.   Give her a  massage through the hot towel.  Once the towel cools off, cover her up to prevent her from getting a chill. Take the towel back into the bathroom and soak it in hot water again and wring it out again. Now, take it in and have her lie on her back and again give her the hot towel treatment this time taking time to clean her up between her legs.

 Now bring in a dry towel and dry her off and dust her down with her favorite powder all over and massage it in all over. Once that is done, you pull back the sheets climb back into bed and take her in your arms cover her and yourself back up and talk to her and stroke her hair. Tell her how much you love her. Take pains to not fall sleep until she is ready. If you do this on a consistent basis, she will have sex with you any time you want. She will also sing your praises to all of her girlfriends and her sisters and mom as well. Be sure to read my other chapters on foreplay and sexual techniques to improve your standing in the bedroom.

 To understand the psychology of this, let me explain. Women want to feel loved and cherished. Too many of you just want to get off, roll over and go to sleep. This leaves her feeling used, like a piece of meat. She feels like you just used her vagina to effectively masturbate into. If she is feeling like this, she will resist your sexual overtures.

 Go out and use this information. See if it does not improve your love life

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