Giving Your Man a Great Blow Job and How to Overcome Your Inhibitions About It

March 1, 2010


Giving Your Man a Great Blow Job and How To Overcome Your Inhibitions About It

by John Wilder(29)

This is an age old discussion. There are many women who refuse to give their husbands blow jobs. “Ugh, gross, I am not going to do that”. “Little girl” inhibitions are cropping up again here. Do you want to have a Bill and Hillary marriage where your husband has to go to other women or hookers to get a blow job? That is the number one thing men visit hookers for. A great percentage of men who frequent prostitutes are married. By your refusal, you are then a stumbling block for him as forbidden in the chapter on sex and the bible. Some of you will give your men blow jobs but won’t allow him to come in your mouth. Some of you will give him a blow job but then will spit out his semen. You claim that you don’t like the taste. Imagine if your husband went down on you but then spit out the vaginal secretions that he got in his mouth. How likely would you want him to go down on you again? What if he would not go down on you because he claimed not to like your taste? Really, when you tell your husband that, you are telling him that you think that he is disgusting and more of that age old sexism where women are good and men are bad.

If you really want to be cherished by your husband, and you want to show him your love, you need to learn to give him good blow jobs. Any woman can lay there with her legs spread and think about other things while her poor husband pumps away at her. It takes love and commitment to take his penis (dick) in your mouth and make love to him. It is intensely personal and loving. Without it, he feels profoundly cheated and disappointed.

For those of you who have a problem with getting semen in your mouth, you can take an intermediate step. You can put a condom on your husband’s dick (penis) and give him the blow job and you are not going to get any semen in your mouth. You can use it as a “baby step” to make progress. You can feel him ejaculate but not actually get the semen in your mouth. You should use this technique as a way to progress to a full blow job where you allow your husband to come in your mouth and swallow. At the very least, you should use this technique to give him a blow job. I know of women out there who won’t even take their husband’s dick in their mouth. I ask you if you are one of those women, why did you even bother to get married anyway? You need to get over this. You can if you have the right attitude. You can through a desensitization process called “successive approximations.” This basically means getting a little closer each time. Others would call it “baby steps”. The point being is that you are getting closer and making progress in moving forward in pleasing and loving your husband.

Now I know that many of you out there will complain about taste or consistency. Neither of those issues needs to be a problem if you have the right attitude and practice the right technique. It is really a simple matter to solve. When your husband’s climax is imminent, instead of trying to block his ejaculation with your tongue, you simply let him shoot to the back of your throat. You then quickly swallow. This solves both problems. You won’t taste his semen because all of your taste buds are on the front of your tongue. Following my technique you therefore don’t taste his semen. You also don’t have the consistency issue to deal with because again it is not hitting your tongue. Allowing him to shoot in the back of your throat, it simply feels like a little extra saliva in your mouth. If you spit out his semen, you get it on your tongue and have the taste and consistency to deal with. You can do this if you decide to.

For all you feminists out there who claim to espouse equal rights, how is it fair for you to expect your man to go down on you and you don’t return the favor? Where is his equal rights? Besides that, your vaginal secretions taste remarkably similar to his semen. Hillary is a feminist who obviously does not give Bill blowjobs and look what that got her. Do you really think that they have a happy marriage? Do you think that they are achieving “happily ever after”?

If you have not given your husband a blow job but have now decided to, it is not difficult. He will love you for attempting to please him. You simply go down on him and suck. If his penis is limp, you can generally take his whole dick (penis) in your mouth. You suck on it like you are sucking a milk shake through a straw. You also place your tongue firmly against his dick (penis). As his dick grows to a full erection, you go down as deeply on it as you comfortably can without gagging. You then wrap your hand around his dick (penis) at that point as a marker and don’t go deeper than that when you start vigorously thrusting up and down on the shaft of his dick. If your jaw gets tired or you need to remove your mouth to catch your breath, it is imperative that you continue stroking his dick with your hand or he will lose the momentum of getting to the point of ejaculating. If you stop, then you will have to start all over again.

There are other very obvious reasons to give your husbands blow jobs. Most of you won’t consider having intercourse when you are on your period. Why should your husband be deprived of sex just because you are on your period? If you really love him and care about his needs, you won’t deprive him of sexual relief. After childbirth, you are forbidden from intercourse for 6 weeks on average. Again, why should your husband be forced to masturbate? Many women feel that they have the right to deprive him after childbirth. In fact many of you deprive your husband sex for months after giving birth claiming that you are too tired. He feels rejected, lonely and resentful towards you and the new baby.

Let me give you a technique that requires little energy expenditure from you and yet gets your husband off fairly quickly and keeps him happy and satisfied. This would involve two props: a pair of your lacy and silky panties and our Power Tool Vibrator. (go to our website to order this fantastic product) You give him a little foreplay by stroking your nipples across his penis (dick). You then start sucking his dick and take those silky panties, (the satiny back panel of the panties) and lightly stroke them across the underside of his scrotum (balls, nut-sack) This area is extremely sensitive to him. You continue to rapidly stroke very lightly with those panties on the underside of his scrotum while you are sucking on him. The silkiness of your panties causes him to think in terms of how silky the interior of your vagina (pussy) feels when it is well lubricated. You then turn the Power Tool Vibrator on high and place the bulb firmly on the base of his penis (dick). You simply hold the bulb of the vibrator firmly against the base of his dick while you are sucking him. It is a very powerful stimulant to him and will cause him to get off much quicker, thereby conserving energy on your part. It will also give him a mind blowing orgasm because of the combination of the sensation of you sucking him, stroking him with your panties and the powerful vibrator. Don’t be surprised if he screams in ecstasy in the most intense orgasm he has ever had.

Now for you women who absolutely refuse to give your husband a blowjob or who won’t let him come in your mouth, there is a variation of the above scenario. You simply not only stroke those silky panties under his testicles, but you wrap the silky side of the panties around his cock and stroke them up and down his dick. You then place the Power Tool Vibrator at the base of his dick and let him ejaculate into your panties. He will fantasize about coming inside of you. It will take care of his urgent need for sexual relief and is so much better than making him masturbate. You should never ever make your husband masturbate to relieve himself. He will have a lot of resentment towards you because you are not taking care of his sexual needs. The above technique is not the best, but you should promise him that you will never ever deny him sex again, even if you have to give it to him less than what he desires.

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