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May 11, 2010

Today, I feature another guest blog for your reading pleasure.  Susan is an artist who illustrates chikldren’s books on contract.  She is also a fomer restaurant owner and a great cook in her her own right.  What most appeals to me among her numerous talents is her fantastic writing.  Her stories are about mundane things in life told with often knee slapping humor.  It brightens my day every day reading her work.  She is married to Rick, happily so who is also a good cook and a good writer in his own right.  I have convinced them to write a cook/story book.  A story of an experience in her life, a dish and a photograph of the dish.  If you sign up for her follow up blogs, I predict that you will also have your day brightened by her wit, humor, self effacing manner and good cook.

Who me?

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By all means, marry. If you get a good wife, you’ll become happy; if you get a bad one, you’ll become a philosopher. – Socrates

I think we seek that one person we can cohabitate with with the least amount of personal disruption, huh, yup, you can quote me on that. Coined a new phrase. Someone that appreciates who we are, but doesn’t try to change us, finds us appealing in tighty whitiey’s and after a night in the sheets, rolls over in the morning to face our morning breath and doesn’t contact a lawyer, pack a quick bag and head out of town ….. quite possibly in your BMW.

Let’s face it, 24/7 with another human being is a challenge. If the dog pees on the carpet and barks all night you can put it outside, but unless I’m mistaken, with humans this is illegal. I don’t know if there’s an actual law on the books, but I’m sure Congress is working on one at the moment, unless they’re enjoying a catered lunch on us.

Life is a challenge, anybody that says differently has the last name Hilton, or possibly Gates.   Even at that, money creates a tidy cushion, nobody’s arguing that, but it does not ensure happiness.  Unless I’ve missed something, there hasn’t been a pill, ointment, suppository, or condom that really 100% closes the deal on that.  Although if you look at the current ads on TV you could take it and hopefully not die in the interim from the side effects. 

We fight with the partner we’ve picked, eye a new partner, leave the old partner for the new partner and fight with the new partner, eventually leaving that partner for a new partner who still can’t stand the sight of us in ten years.  Wait, maybe we’re doing this wrong.  Ya think?  Perhaps we need to learn tolerance, and at some point a general glimpse of understanding of the fact that we’re intrinsically different.  Difference requires bending and reshaping of what your needs are in direct result to what another persons needs are.

You can move, change partners to to Israel and live in an ahsram, but if you don’t deal with your issues they move with you in a big cumbersome bag like Santa carries over his shoulder on Christmas morning, no getting around it. I know, I’ve moved thirty umpteen times and I find I’m still me.  Most depressing.  If you’re not willing to do the work on yourself, you can’t expect other people to put DAP in the holes, ya know?

I yearn to be a fabulous creative human being and often get bogged down in the day to day of what toilet cleaner removes the most scum, and who won American Idol.  In truth, if I’m not reaching the stars, possibly I’m not reaching high enough for them.  No one to blame.  We as a society are really blame sayers.  It’s her fault, it’s his fault, it’s the economy, it’s Tuesday and I hate Tuesday’s, my mother was an alien, whatever.  Bottom line always seem to return to where it began, you.  My bad, my problem, my solution.  Hard facts.

Nothing but luv, Susie

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