How To Make Your Man Come While Giving Him a Blow Job

November 22, 2011

My blow job articles are my all time top scoring posts now in the thousands of page views day after day
What I find interesting is the number of search engine queries about how to make a man come while giving
him a blow job or giving him a blow job but he can’t come.

I thought that I would give women instruction on how to make him come while blowing him.

The first thing that you need to know is that once you start, you have to keep up the stimulation.
If you need to take a rest to catch your breath or give your jaw muscles a little break, you
need to continue stroking his dick with your hand. Otherwise he loses the momentum and it is like
having to start all over again.

There are other things that you can do to arouse him. You can do what I like to call a nipple massage
of his dick. You lean over his body with him lying on his back and just barely graze both your nipples
up and down his dick. It feels great to him. Then you can take your silky panties (no cotton panties,.
cotton panties only belong on little girls and little old ladies) and stroke them on his dick and balls.
It is a reminder of how delicious the inside of your well lubricated pussy feels to him

While blowing him stroke those panties lightly and rythmically on the underside of his balls.
You can also have him hold a Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator on the base of his dick while you
blow him, It will force hime to come with the most mind blowing climax he has ever felt.

Be sure not to spit his come out of your mouth. That communicates to him that you think
that he is gross. How would you like it if he spit your vaginal fluids out of his mouth
after he made you come? Let him shoot in the back of your throat and you won’t taste his
come or have to deal with the consistency which for women who complain about blow jobs
complain about. He will love you for it and it is a rare treat. Any woman can lay
there with her legs spread while he humps you and you can think about other things.

It becomes so much more personal and ultimately loving when you take his dick
in your mouth and make love to him in this way. If you refuse he will feel cheated
and resentful.

If you have problems with this contact me.
John Wilder

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