Scientists Trash The Scientific Method

January 29, 2010


At least the unethical and/or the leftist scientists do. The Scientific Method was invented by Galileo to insure ethical research protocols independent of popular thinking. Galileo was persecuted by the scientific community when his research indicated that the Earth revolved around the sun instead of the sun revolving around the Earth. This contradicted popular consensus of the time. He died penniless, persecuted and correct in the face of overwhelming scientific consensus.

Today ethical scientists abide by the Scientific Method in their research. The unethical scientists and leftists have abandoned that protocol in favor of “consensus”. The IPCC, Al Gore and the media keep talking about consensus about Global Warming theories. They don’t talk about any proofs derived through the Scientific Method because there are none.

Part of what makes the Scientific Method credible is the solid foundation that requires any scientific hypothesis to be verifiable, testable, repeatable and open to critique by any scientist in the world. In fact scientific journals are published to disseminate research findings and make them open to scientific peers. In response to that, we have scientists complaining around the world that they are “blackballed” from getting their refutation articles printed in scientific journals. We have had had a Congressional hearing about the widespread censorship preventing scientists from coming forward to expose the fraud. We have had mainstream professors and research scientists complaining that the IPCC suppresses any dissenting articles and does not even report that there are any. We have Nancy Pelosi openly threatening any scientists who don’t toe the PC line on global warming to cancel their research grants. That is not only a violation of scientific protocols and the Scientific Method, it is felony extortion. Similarly, we have had the head of The Weather Channel, Heidi Cullen suggesting that any meteorologist who contradicts the global warming tenants have his credentials revoked. This is also felony extortion. These women have not been called on it much as less prosecuted.


We are also troubled by environmentalists who view it a as secular religion. For them it is about faith and feelings. They can’t be bothered by facts and logic. Facts and logic do not resonate with them. They have adopted an alternative religion and for them it enables themselves to have a positive self-image. Whatever is stated in the name of saving the planet is never ever questioned or fact checked. To question it or fact check it to the environmentalist is a Christian’s equivalent to heresy. It is if we are denying God’s existence. Critics are dismissed, criticized, maligned and rendered irrelevant. For the environmentalist, there is no room for discussion. It is “us against them”. The resemblance between radical environmentalists and cults are eerily similar.

What is observed are the global warming cabal’s own writings. They characterize themselves as culturally and intellectually superior. They condescendingly refer to anyone who disagrees with them as: “The Cro Magnin Fringe”, Deniers, “under-educated” ignorant and so on.

Here are some scientific refutation facts that you should be aware of: Man caused global warming due to increased CO2 is a theory based upon a flawed computer model on the part of the IPCC. That theory posits that CO2 will rise into the atmosphere and stay there for 100 years. The IPCC claims that this will be cumulative and causing a “green house effect” thus causing the earth to warm.

Here is the scientific refutation. CO2 has a specific gravity of 1.52 which means that it is 152% heavier than air and thus sinks to the ground when released. This is why we use it in fire extinguishers. The CO2 sinks to the ground and starves a fire from oxygen. You can’t do away with the Law of Gravity. Now it is true that we have wind blown particles of CO2 in the air, just like we have wind blown dust particles in the air. The truth is that when the wind dies down, gravity pulls the dust and the CO2 out of the air and it settles back down to the ground. We went from 300 PPM (parts per million) before the Industrial Revolution to 380 PPM over the last 100 years. That is an increase of 80 PPM. The fractional equivalent of 80 PPM is 8/100,000ths of 1%. That is a trace amount by any objective standard. Trace amounts are allowed in our food. The FDA even has standards for trace amounts of rat droppings in our food. People urinate in the pool while they are swimming. We all know that and yet we all swim in the pool. The amount of urine compared to the whole volume of the swimming pool is so small that it is not a factor.


Black Balloons is the title of a commercial that epitomizes the kind of outright rank fraud being perpetrated by the global warming cabal. You can see it for yourself by simply punching it into your search engine. Gore touted this commercial in a segment with Larry King. It is a slickly and professionally produced commercial with a voice over narration by Tommie Lee Jones. It depicts black balloons ostensibly being filled with CO2 from different appliances. The balloons fill and then break free from the appliance and float up to the ceiling and out a window joining thousands of other balloons to illustrate how we pollute the atmosphere. What is fraudulent is that they filled those balloons with a lighter than air gas of Helium. If they had in fact filled them with CO2, they would have sunk to the ground. The media never made an outcry over this rank fraud. It is illustrative of the fraud going on the movement.

We are told that we are at a “tipping point” and that we are all in imminent danger thus requiring drastic alterations in our lifestyle, or at least mitigate it with carbon taxes.

Around the world, we put billions of cubic feet of CO2 into the atmosphere from distilling beer, wine and hard liquor. We also put billions of cubic feet of CO2 into the atmosphere from bread making. We even manufacture billions of cubic feet of CO2 to put fizz and taste into our soft drinks. In this country alone, the per capita consumption of soft drinks is an amazing 47.2 gallons. Ask yourselves, if we are at a dangerous tipping point that requires immediate cutbacks of CO2 into the atmosphere, why are the scientists not asking or demanding that we cease production of these carbon offending products? This is of course a rhetorical question. The answer is obvious. The public would revolt and we would not get any agreement at all to give the radical environmentalists what they are asking for.

In the mainstream media, we have been subjected to numerous scare tactic claims. We have been told that: we are going to have massive flooding due to glacier melt and ice burgs melting, that we are going to have “massive saltwater fish kills” due to that same glacier melting, that polar bears are either going to drown or starve due to the ice pack melting. We were previously told that we were going to have global warming because Freon was eating a hole in the ozone.


One of the big scare tactics by global warming alarmists is massive flooding due to ice melt. They conveniently forget to tell you that Newton ‘s Third Law of Physics has not been disproved. His law states that: FOR EVERY ACTION, THERE IS AN EQUAL AND OPPOSITE REACTION. This means that if we have ice melting due to warming temperatures, there will be an exponential increase in the rate of evaporation from the oceans. This evaporation is part what is called THE HYDROLOGIC CYCLE. The Hydrologic Cycle simply means that the rivers run into the oceans, the sun evaporates water from the ocean surface, distilling it and removing the salt in the process, the water vapor rises into the atmosphere where it is dispensed in the form of rain or snow which falls on the ground and runs off into the rivers where the rivers run back into the ocean. So in actuality, the oceans would actually decrease in height due to global warming not increase.

Al Gore stated that the floating ice burgs melting would also cause flooding in his movie; AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH. You can disprove this yourselves because of Archimede’s Law of Displacement. You simply fill a Styrofoam cup above the rim with ice cubes to simulate ice burgs. You then fill the glass to the rim with water causing the cubes to float like ice burgs. Allow the ice cubes to melt. You will not have any water leaking over the side thus easily disproving Mr. Gore’s claim.


We have been warned that there would be massive saltwater fish kills due to the fresh water infusion into the saltwater environment from melting ice pack. This sounds reasonable on its face. If you go back to the Hydrologic Cycle, we have rivers running into the sea all over the world. Examine The Mississippi River . It is the third largest drainage basin in the entire world. Its flow rate is 4 million gallons per second. Now ice melting could never equal that flow and in spite of it, there are no saltwater fish kills at the mouth of the Mississippi River . This is due to the Diffusion Principle. You can be reminded of that Diffusion Principle back to the urination in the pool.


If you look up in any scientific text, you will find that polar bears are classified as marine mammals like seals or walrus. You will also note that in that text, it will tell you that polar bears can swim 60 miles non-stop at a speed of 6 mph, more than twice as fast as a human. Drowning is not a factor in a healthy polar bear.


Polar bears primary diet is seal pups. Seals try and protect their pups by hiding them in snow caves below the ice surface. Bears smell the pups in the caves and try and catch them by breaking the ice surface to reach the cave and the pup. Bears are only successful in about 1 out of 6 attempts. If the ice pack melted, then the seals would be forced to having their pups on land. This would result in a veritable buffet of seal pups for the bears, thus causing the bear population to actually increase due to the extra food available. It is a little known fact that animals increase or decrease their rate of reproduction according to the available food in their habitat.


Remember that scare tactic back in the 1970’s? Scientists have quietly backed away from that claim. This is because we outlawed Freon in 1989 and it has made no difference in the ozone. The difference it has made is to increase the cost of an alternative coolant over 500%. Despite the fact that their theory was disproved, scientists have not made such an admission and pushed for re-legalization of Freon which is much cheaper for cooling.

Confronted with this contradiction to their theory, scientists are now claiming that it is CO2 which is causing a “Green House Effect”. There was never an actual hole in the ozone. There was only a seasonal shift in the thickness of the ozone layer at the poles. The thinning is a natural occurrence due to the fact that it at the poles where the earth spins on its axis. This would naturally cause what is defined as a vortex. You see a thinning of the air in the center of a tornado which is another naturally occurring vortex. The thinning changes during the seasons because of Boyles Law and Charles Law of Gasses. Scientists never bothered to explain their theory in view of the evidence that: Gasses have no magical magnetic properties that would cause them to race thousands of miles to the poles and then magically re-concentrate themselves into this toxic soup to eat a hole in the ozone. They also did not bother to explain how Freon could then rise up into the Troposphere where the thinning occurs since Freon is a heavier than air gas weighing 134% more than air. Scientists also did not bother to explain why there was no atmospheric thinning over the land masses in the warmer climates like Florida and California and Mexico where the Freon was actually released.

Global Cooling

NASA quietly and without fanfare corrected their temperature records because a blogger reminded them that the warmest year on record was actually back in 1934 during the Great Dust Bowls. This is long before the expansion of the Industrial Revolution and its corresponding increases of CO2.

We have had atmospheric cooling for the last 8 years with record lows being set around the world. For example, San Francisco never got above 71 degrees in June this year for the first time ever since we have been keeping temperature records. This flies in the face of global warming theory and is an utter contradiction. Scientists and Mr. Gore have quietly changed their rhetoric to talk about “climate change” instead of global warming in the face of overwhelming evidence.

Now that Congress is poised to inflict carbon taxes and Cap and Trade legislation, it would behoove us to look at both sides of the issue which are conspicuously absent in the mainstream media. Carbon taxes are sure to be a business killer. We are in a deep recession with thousands of businesses going belly up. There are tens of thousands more businesses, just barely hanging on. President Obama said during his campaign he “he would tax businesses out of business if they did not meet his carbon requirements”. Businesses need to start lobbying Congress for their own survival.

What then as a society should be our role? Should we blindly accept increased costs and taxes based upon a flawed and disproved theory ? My answer is no, what is yours? What will you do about it to give voice to your concerns?

Misandry In Our Society

January 26, 2010

Man’s number one need is respect.  Sadly we live in a society that is saturated with MISANDRY.  Misandry is the opposite of misogyny.  In other words it is reverse sexism by women against men.  We see it in the family courts where men are painted as bad and women are portrayed as good.

We see it in commercials.  I defy you to show me a commercial where a man is portrayed positively.

We see it in advice columnists.  There are no nationally syndicated advice columnists in print today anywhere in the country. Why is it only women advice columnists?

We see it in the media.  The media always want to print scandal like Tiger Woods cheating on his wife.  They never print the fact that she probably sexually starved him for years.  Studies show that 60% of women out there have their husbands on a starvation diet of sex once a week or less.  You never hear that in the media.  It is women good and men bad.

Maureen Dowd ( the infamous NY Times columnist) actually wrote a column stating that the only reason that a woman needed a man is to be a sperm donor.

We see it in special treatment for women that men don’t get.  There was the infamous case where a woman sports columnist was kept out of a locker room of NFL players.  She sued the NFL for sexism and got into the locker room where she got an eyeful of naked men.  You of course did not see the equal treatment of men who got to go into women’s locker rooms.

You need to pay attention to the misandry in our society and fight it.  If one class of people can be discriminated against, others will follow.

How to Stop Fighting and Resolve Conflicts Peacefully

January 24, 2010

Fighting comes naturally, peacefully resolving conflict does not.  I am sure that you can remember all too well fights that you have had in your own relationship.  The problem with fighting is that no one wants to “lose” the fight so we lock into combat that almost always escalates into dysfunction.  That dysfunction can be screaming, throwing things, cursing and/or hitting a spouse.  I had a couple as a client locked into dysfunction.  The woman had gotten into a pattern of screaming, cursing and throwing things.  The husband admirably did not hit her, but tried to keep the peace because of what the wife’s tirades and tantrums did to the children.  She once broke her own finger by repeatedly slamming the front door harder and harder. Problems were never resolved, she just bullied the husband to get her own way. I could not reach her and they ultimately got a divorce.  She continued these patterns in a subsequent marriage.

     I always tell my clients to first go and study two movies from the rental store:  THE BREAK UP, and WAR OF THE ROSES.  You can see art imitating life.  Study these movies and see yourselves portrayed in these movies.  Watch and see the mistakes that they have made and that you have made similar mistakes as well.  Children are terrified when they hear parents fighting.  Remember the scene from PRINCE OF TIDES when the young children ran and jumped into the bay.  They lived in an idyllic setting on an island.  They escaped by running out of the house and jumping into the water.  Most children don’t have that option and simply suffer through the fights, terrified.

     To avoid those problems and dysfunction, I have listed some techniques that are guaranteed to work if you will use them.  I tell my clients that they both need to agree to changing their ways.  They also need to forgive each other and have the old familiar slogan from the playground:  A DO OVER.  Admit that you have both made mistakes and that as a couple you want a do over and agree to rules that I have listed for peacefully resolving the conflict.  A great idea is to adopt the physicians vow about dealing with your conflicts;  “ First, do no harm.”

     When a spouse is angry with you, the first rule is to SHUT UP AND LISTEN.  I know that it is hard to do.  You need to let them get out everything that bothers them before you counter their arguments.  Once they are done, ask to repeat back what they said so that you and the spouse are sure that you understand the problem.  Then ask:  “In what way can we resolve this problem”?  This goes a long way to resolving the problem.  Calmly discuss solutions.  “A soft answer turns away wrath, but grievous words stir up anger” Proverbs 15:1


                                                    AGREE TO DISAGREE


     Too many times people are locked into winning.   The problem with winning is that there is also a loser who will feel humiliated.

  Better to “agree to disagree”.  In this way, neither party feels like they have “lost” the argument.

                                                        FLIPPING A COIN 

   If negotiating has not worked and the person is still adamant that they want a solution the Bible has a solution:  “The lot causes contentions to cease and parts the mighty.”  Proverbs

     Casting lots was a dice game, but a modern day corollary would be a flip of the coin to settle the issue.  You both have to agree in advance that this will settle the issue, and then stick to it.

                                             NEGOTIATING CONFLICT

     When you are in a discussion where you both have a point of view that you feel strongly about, there is another alternative.  You can agree to negotiate the argument for a peaceful settlement.  You can do this by adopting a 10 scale.  You each assign a numerical value form 1-10 depending on how firmly you believe your side is worth.  You have to give an honest evaluation.  Using a 10 where there is absolutely no room for negotiation, to a 1 scale where you could go either way. Come up with a legitimate number to assess your position.  Suppose your

spouse is at a 7 and you are at a 4 then you agree to give in to the spouse’s 7 to make for a peaceful resolution.

                                            SPLITTING THE DIFFERENCE

     Another good way to resolve the argument is to simply compromise half way between the two points of view.  Both parties feel like they got something and don’t feel humiliated.

                                    The Ten Commandments for Fair Fighting

1.     Never argue in front of the children, it harms and scares them.

2.     Don’t ever hit your spouse.

3.     Don’t curse at or call your spouse names, it is abusive.

4.     Don’t attempt to get your way by bullying your spouse.

5.     Don’t withhold sex to get your way.

6.     Do not scream at your spouse it is abusive.

7.     Do not interrupt; it is disrespectful, listen until they are done.

8.     Do not take revenge for perceived hurts.

9.     Develop a peacemaking attitude with questions like: How can we resolve this?     

10.   Don’t give people the “silent treatment”.  It is revenge and it is emotionally abusive.

I have re-written an old nursery rhyme that is more appropriate:  Sticks and stones can only break your bones but words can wound a spirit, break a heart or kill a relationship.

     Remember, your job as a spouse is to nurture your spouse.  You can’t do that when you are being self centered.  According to Dr. Laura Schlesinger, self centeredness is a leading cause of divorce.  You also don’t nurture your spouse when you attempt to bully them in an argument instead of peacefully resolving the conflict while respecting them and their feelings.

 Wherefore, my beloved brethren, let every man (woman) be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath:  for the wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of God.  James 1:19

     The big problem is that the vast majority of people don’t heed the above scriptural mandate.  Most people are doing just the opposite:  they are quick to anger, quick to speak and slow to listen.  If you can follow the scriptural mandate, you will be amazed at how much better your marriage works.

     Finally, if you can’t resolve an argument, then seek out the services of a marriage coach. Avoid marriage counselors at all costs.  The dirty little secret in the industry is that marriage counselors have a 75% failure rate according to some leading counselors turned Marriage Coaches like Dr. Willard Harley, author of HIS NEEDS, HER NEEDS and Michelle Weiner Davis, author of DIVORCE BUSTING. Marriage counselors have you come back for weeks and talk about feelings.  Coaches concentrate on resolving problems in a short period of time.  Ifyou need help, put into your search engine and look for marriage coaches, or just email me at

Parental Alienation Syndrome

January 22, 2010


    For all of you single dads out there, this is a topic that you had better be aware of.  It could get the better of you before you know what hit you.

    Parental Alienation Syndrome is basically one partner, usually the custodial mother systematically turning the children against their father.  It is insidious.  It shows up in children suddenly not wanting to come over for their court ordered visitation.  It might manifest itself in the children saying that they hate their dad for no good reason or made up reasons.  It can show up as a daughter falsely claiming that her dad sexually abused her.  The time to act is now.

     The first thing that you want to do is contact the family court that ordered the visitation.  Find out if they have what is called a visitation coordinator or expeditor.  If they do, contact that person immediately and enlist their help.  If not, you need to get your exe back into court.  You need to line up an attorney who has had experience and training in dealing with Parental Alienation Syndrome.  You will also want  to find a counselor in your area who has had experience and training in PAS as well.  The courts typically don’t want to deal with this and they will tend to want to refer the kids to a counselor.  You need to be prepared to give them a suggestion with a couple of names of counselors that you have already interviewed.  The court could also appoint a guardian at litem.  You want to ask that they court appoint someone who has had training in dealing with PAS.  Surprisingly, courts are very antiquated and are not up on this Syndrome.

     If you don’t get ahead of the curve you could lose your children’s relationship until they are grown.  There are a number of good books published on the subject.  You will want to buy and read the book published by the American Psychological Assn called DIVORCE WARS.  I would suggest that you read at least one other book which you can find on Amazon.  Just punch into their search engine PARENTAL ALIENATION SYNDROME.

     Now I must tell you to take care of yourself.  It is easy to get hurt from the hateful things that the kids say.  DON’T!

You have to understand that they are doing their mother’s bidding.  There is another similar syndrome called the Stockholm Syndrome.  It is similar in that once someone is held hostage over time they can identify with  their captors.

The most famous case of this was Patty Hearst.  You need to practice the upmost patience here and not get angry with your children.  It is the mother’s fault.  She has found an effective way to exact revenge on you for the marriage break up. If you would like to talk to me about it, you could drop me a line at and I will give you a half hour free consultation.

Coaching Versus Counseling

January 22, 2010

     There is a dirty little secret in the marriage counseling industry.  75% of all couples who go to marriage counseling end up being divorced.  There is a quiet revolution taking place in this country where  some forward thinking counselors are abandoning the traditional counseling methods and adopting a “coaching” style.  A couple of well known counselors have made the transition like Michelle Weiner Davis, author of: DIVORCE BUSTING and Dr. Willard Harley, author of HIS NEEDS HER NEEDS.

     Part of the problem is how services are delivered.  One hour once a week is insufficient to do the job.  Another part of the problem is philosophy of treatment.  Counseling concentrates on couples talking about their feelings.  Coaching concentrates on resolving the problem.

     Think about this for a minute.  If couples seek out marriage counseling, the marriage is likely in deep trouble  where the stress level is such that they are considering divorce.  Now think about the “medical model” for a minute:  If you had serious heart trouble, would you want to go to a cardiologist whose record is that 3 out of 4 patients under his care die?  If you had a very serious life threatening cut, would you be happy with a doctor who said, I am going to put one stitch in you now, and you come back in week and I will put another stitch in you and keep coming back once a week for the next 20 weeks and we will have you all stitched up?  If you had Strep Throat would you be happy with a doctor who says that he will give you a little antibiotic and keep coming back for 20 weeks until the infection is cleared up? Would you want accept any of those treatment plans

     Would you accept firemen coming out to your house and telling you that they are going to put a little of the fire out and that they would come back the next week and put a little more of the fire out and keep coming back until the fire is out? There is no other profession that attempts to resolve a problem utilizing this paradigm.

     The reason that it is done this way is not because it is what is best for the patients, but it is what is best for the insurance industry who will only reimburse for one hour once a week.  Actuaries  (these are guys who are the bean counters for the insurance companies) have figured out that couples will abandon the process long before they resolve the problem thus saving the insurance company money.

     Another part of the problem is the philosophy of counseling style where the counselor assumes a neutral position. Mediation services don’t follow this style.  The mediator takes two opposing sides and takes charge and is a referee suggesting alternative solutions to both sides and maintains order during the process.  They also roll up their sleeves and over the course of several hours resolves the problems or makes great strides in resolving the problem in a minimum of sessions in a very short period of time. Couples don’t need to talk about their feelings, they need to resolve the problems.  They need to be taught relationship skills.  There is an old Chinese proverb which states:  “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”.  Couples need to be taught conflict resolution skills which do not come naturally.  What comes naturally is fighting.

     Going back to the medical model, you don’t leave a patient with a high fever for weeks at a  time, you treat the fever and what is causing the fever in a short period of time.  Couples in crisis are having the equivalent of serious fever.  They are in stress because the “Fight or Flight Syndrome” causes huge adrenaline rushes which can’t be easily sustained over weeks of time.  The stress is very hard on the body and is a leading cause of heart disease.  The collateral damage happens to the children in the family.  The toxic mood in the house is equivalent to torture for them because they are helpless and can’t do anything about it.

     Clearly the treatment model for counseling needs a paradigm shift.  We need to first resolve the problems in a short period of time, teach couples conflict resolution skills and relational skills and to lobby the insurance industry to adopt a different reimbursement model.  Insurance companies need to pay for hours of service rendered and not dictate to the counselor how he structures the time element in the therapy.

     As a couple, you need to seek out a marriage coach to help you resolve your problems.  You will have to pay for it out of your own pocket, but it is a much more effective therapy and far cheaper than divorce. 

    Most coaches will deal with couples by phone or on the internet by Individual Messenger (IM).This saves time and money.  Many couples don’t like to drive to an office.  This way you can deal with your problems in the comfort of your own home .

The author of this article can be reached at marriagecoach1@yahoo.

Men Take Care of Your Wives in The Bedroom

January 18, 2010

I am a marriage, relationship and sexual coach.  In talking to my women clients, I am surprised at how many of you are lousy in bed.  The amount of sexual ignorance out there is staggering.  When you consider that there is no school for sex out there, I guess I can understand.

Men, what surprises me is that sex feels so good, so I don’t understand why you want to rush  it.  Women are tired of the wham bam, thank you maam version of sex.  Sex feels good, slow down and take your time.  You want your women to talk dirty in bed, you have to get them sufficiently aroused to be motivated to talk dirty in bed with you.

You know what a woman’s favorite 4 letter word is, it is time.  Time to give them the foreplay that they need to become sufficiently aroused to have an orgasm.  Too often you guys get off and leave your wife unsatisfied and frustrated while you turn over and go to sleep.  How would you feel if she got off quickly and turned over and left you unsatisfied?

I can help you with that.  I am coming out with a book entitled; STOP HAVING LOUSY SEX.  You can drop me an email at and I can help you become a hero in the bedroom.  Imagine your wife bragging on how good you are in the bedroom instead of complaining to her girlfriends about how lousy you are in the bedroom.

I will even give you a half hour session for free.  Think about it

How To Tiger Proof Your Marriage

January 18, 2010

     It is true that there are jerk men who feel the need to assuage their egos by carving notches in the bedposts.  If you are married to this kind of guy, my heartfelt concerns are for you.  These guys never get filled up because they lack self respect.

     For the rest of you, the answer is easy;  satisfy his needs.

Almost all of you have had the fantasy about living happily ever after.  Too often that fantasy tends to be self centered where you see the “Prince Charming” sweeping you off of your feet and paying rapturous attention to you and pampering you and taking care of you.  In talking with my female clients, they never took into consideration what their responsibility was in taking care of the prince to maintain the happily ever after.

     Men are really, really simple.  They have 3 basic needs, Respect, sex and food.  According to Dr. Harley of His Needs , Her Needs, he would also say recreational companionship.

     Man’s number one need is respect and admiration.  Now we are living in a time of rampant MISANDRY.  I suggest that you look it up on Wikipedia, it does a good job of explaining it.  Basically it is reverse sexism towards men by women in our society.  You can see it in the commercials.  The man is portrayed as this helpless boob who has once again gotten himself and/or his family into trouble yet again.  Then the “heroic woman” swoops in to save the day, all the while tossing off sarcastic and condescending remarks to her husband.  You man needs your respect and admiration. He needs you to be his biggest cheerleader and he wants affirmation for how hard he tries to take care of you and the family.  If you don’t give him respect, he will look for it elsewhere.  You need to be his best friend and talk to him with respect at all times.

     He also needs sex with you freely and lovingly given.  Men get the bulk of their affectional needs through sex with their wife.  Studies indicate that 60% of  married women with children, inflict a starvation diet of sex once a week or less on their husbands.  Now we can all agree that no woman should be forced to have sex against her will.  What amazes me is the number of women who have no problem forcing her husband to do WITHOUT SEX AGAINST HIS WILL.  Trust me, this breeds real resentment towards the wife.  Every time he is forced to masturbate alone, it chips away at his affection for you and builds resentment.  He feels as though you took vows and violated them.  You vowed that he could have you and hold you. (euphemism for sex).  In fact the dictionary backs this up.  Look up the word unfaithful and it talks not only about cheating but being unfaithful to your vows to satisfy your mate. You need to give him sex freely and lovingly and also endeavor to give him the things that he asks for in bed.  I can help you to get over your turnoffs to certain activities through a series of exercises.  If you don’t give it, he will look elsewhere.

    Now I have sympathy with young new mothers who feel exhausted.  It is easy to put your husband’s sexual needs at the bottom of your priority list.  AVOID THIS RELIGIOUSLY.  You need to always put your husband’s needs at the top of your priority list.  Make the relationship important and everything else falls in behind.  He will accept a quicky  when you are tired and be very grateful.

     Now I understand that a lot of your husbands are lousy in the sack.  This is because there is no school for sex that they can go to.  It is easy to reject his overtures when you are tired and he does not take care of your needs.  There is a solution for that.  I am a marriage, relationship and sexual coach. I can give you help.  I am also coming out with a book entitled: STOP HAVING LOUSY SEX.  Believe me, he will become a hero in the bedroom when I am done with him.  All you have to do is to drop me a line at and I will even give you a half hour complimentary session.

First post on my new blog

January 15, 2010

This is an exciting time for me.  I have much to share with you.  I am a marriage, relationship and sexual coach.  I am offering a free service similar to Ann Landers or Dear Abby column.  The difference is, that I will be able to deal with all of your relationships including your sexual relationships.

I have a Bachelors Degree with a double major in Behavioral Science and Bible.  I attended grad school for Clinical Psychology and also attended nursing school.  Because of my education, I deal holistically wtih all 3 aspects of our being: mind body and spirit.

I am a featured expert on and  I have also contributed to

You can also read other things that I have had published on the web by googling my professional email address at

So I am officially open for business, so please send me your questions for a free answer.  You can check in daily for new entries

Hello world!

January 15, 2010

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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